Are we supposed to love Allah without seeing, knowing and having proof?

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How can this claim of atheists be answered?
Love Allah without seeing, knowing and having proof. He does not need it, but He created you to love Him. Then, He made you take an exam. He will burn those who do not love Him. He sent books to make us understand how perfect He is; the details are there. Your mind does not comprehend the issues that seem illogical; I am magnificent, but He has left gaps that mind cannot comprehend.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Such claims have no value in terms of Islam.

It is a fabricated excuse to say that Allah Almighty wants to be loved without being seen, known and having proof.

For, in terms of the universe of created beings only, the whole universe and the infinitely diverse beings in it are seen and known; and their existence is perceived definitely.

All of those beings that exist are full of knowledge and wisdom, beautiful art, and an infinite number of benefits and purposes.

The mind shows, science informs us and logic proves that all these meaningful beings must have a creator with a higher degree of knowledge and wisdom than themselves.

Nothing that exists is excluded from being produced in the course of time.

Thus, the things that are claimed to be the cause of each other are thought to be both producing and produced at the same time, which is nonsensical.  

Moreover, atheism claims to be “scientific” by adding a concept that is called 'coincidence/chance' and whose nature is not really known; it wants us not to see the magnificent beauty and the creative power that the mind sees and to deny our knowledge.

The existence of Allah Almighty is evident everywhere and in everything from a single cell or particle that is as perfect as a book, to the movement of galaxies, which is managed by perfect science.

He who closes his eyes transforms the day into night only for himself.

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