Does Allah create the movements in our bodies every moment?

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- Or, are our bodies programmed? Do they work on their own?

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They are definitely created every moment. This issue can be viewed through the following example:

The colors and lights that we see in a mirror and the heat we feel come from the sun and they are continuous. If the sun ceases to send them for a moment, nothing will be left in the mirror.

The universe and the things in it are manifestations of Allah’s names. If those manifestations continue uninterruptedly, those beings will continue to exist; if those manifestations cease, those beings will disappear.

For instance, all lives are manifestations of the name Hayy (the Ever Living One). If Allah stops the manifestation of His name Hayy in a being, its life will end.

Similarly, all beings continue living and their needs are met thanks to the manifestations of Allah’s names all the time and continuously.

This reality is expressed as follows in Risale-i Nur Collection:

“The realities of all beings and of the universe are based on the Divine Names… one group of the most learned of the saints stated that the Divine Names constitute the true reality of things, while the essences of things are only shadows of that reality.(Sözler, Otuz İkinci Söz, Üçüncü Mevkıf)

The existence of the realm is a reality; it is based on the name Mujid (the Creator/Inventor). It is a reality that every being is given a form, a shape in this realm; this reality is based on the name Musawwir (the Shaper of Beauty). It is also a reality that every shape is formed in the most beautiful way; this reality is based on the name Muzayyin (the Adorner). Color has a different place in this adornment; it is based on the name Mulawwin (the Giver of Color). The reality of death is based on the name Mumit (the Taker of Life) and the reality of life is based on the name Muhyi (the Giver of Life). It is possible to give more examples.

This issue can be viewed through the name Qayyum (the Self-existing One):

Qayyumiyya means the existence of everything thanks to Allah’s power. That is, everything, from atoms to galaxies, exists and moves thanks to Allah’s power. If Allah removes His power from this universe and beings for a moment, everything will be destroyed.

Thus, if Allah’s attributes and names withdraw from this universe for a moment, the universe will be destroyed. It is not possible for the universe to create itself and exist; similarly, it is not possible for the universe to be left unattended after being created by Allah in terms of reason and verses and hadiths.  

Everything needs to be like a deity – God forbid – for those deeds to happen on their own without the manifestations of Allah’s attributes and names.

For instance, an atom can make a move only when it is in compliance with the plan and program of the universe. Then, one will say either, "An atom knows everything like a deity and acts accordingly" – which is impossible –  or "This atom is a weak official acting under Allah’s control and instructions based on the mystery of  qayyumiya."

For instance, the plan of the atoms working in the human body is interlinked with the general plan of the body. That is, when an atom moves, it acts in compliance with the general plan and balance of the whole body.

If it acts without a plan and randomly, the system and balance of the whole body will collapse. Therefore, an atom has to act in accordance with the general system and harmony of the body in all of its moves. 

It is necessary to say either the atom has some knowledge that knows the body and an eye that sees and hence it acts accordingly or it moves based on the plan, instructions and creation of Allah, who has endless knowledge and sight, for the atom to do something like that. Since an atom cannot know the whole body and the relationships between the body and the universe, it means the second option is valid: it moves based on the plan and instructions of Allah.

As it is seen the example, an atom makes that great move based on Allah’s knowledge, will, power and qayyumiyya. If Allah withdraws from an atom, that is, if He removes His knowledge, will and power from an atom for a moment, can an atom make that great move? The fact of both tawhid (oneness) and qayyumiyya exist here; it is not possible to separate them from each other. It is possible to give more evidences and examples.  

Allah created all of our organs along with this realm, which helps them operate. That is, He created both the sun and the eye, both the air and the lungs. We do not do anything in their creation and operation.

Likewise, man’s spirit is also a creature of Allah; its functions occur thanks Allah’s grace. Man thinks, uses his memory, hears and sees thanks to Allah’s grant and will. Related to all of those deeds that take place inside and outside us, we have only a small part: to use our will in a good or bad way.   

After we tend to do something and use our partial free will to do it, that deed is created by Allah’s universal will, comprehensive knowledge and power.

Accordingly, we need to use the right of preference given to us in accordance with Allah’s consent, not with the desire of the soul.

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