What we call time is the movement between two points because yesterday and tomorrow are dead. Even if we are living this moment, one hour later and even three minutes later is dead.

When the movement and vibration in the universe stop, time will stop, too. If quantum energy is disabled for a moment, everything will remain as they are. In fact, the existence of a superior power has the authority to stop this energy suddenly. We feel to be free but this freedom is freedom within frequency codes given to us. When we go out of this area, we can pay a price. Therefore, people are free but as it is expressed by the religion of Islam, they are “Abdullah”, that is, “slaves of Allah”. When movement stops in the universe, time stops, too.

Matter, movement and time are interrelated in the universe. When light falls on running water at night, we see continuous gleams. However, the gleam a minute ago is not the same as the gleam a minute later. They are not gleams that consist of the same materials. Time period is like that, too. We are living in the current period of time but the “we” an hour ago is not the same as “we” an hour later; there is continuous movement and change. Therefore, the universe is the flow of information among data.

The moment between the previous knowledge and the next knowledge can be defined as existence. Therefore, life means to live the moment, even the second. A similar case is film frames. When film frames move one after another very fast, they seem fast; however when we stop it, we see what is in one single frame. The universe is also in motion like film frames. Everything, including atoms, electrons and protons in atoms, the world, the solar system and the universe, is in motion.

Time exists because there is motion. Time is relative and the knowledge experienced now exists in the past as history and memory. The future will be added to our own personal background based on our will and different plans that we make by the steps we take here. At this point, we can say that matter is the flow of knowledge among the crests of waves. The representation of knowledge in space is time.

The knowledge limits of man changes with centuries. We know that in the Roman period numbers were counted up to ten and that more than ten was regarded as infinite. Some tribes in Africa know the numbers up to three; and beyond three is regarded as infinite. The concept of eternity changes based on our level of knowledge. What determines what is infinite and what is not is the transformations between the abstract and the concrete. The price of a work of art or a pen used by Shakespeare will increase due to being antique. A concrete thing increases in value as abstract. Although man is made up of concrete, inorganic materials, he becomes very valuable because meaning is added to him by being addressed by the Creator. However, it is a question of vision. He will increase in value if he is added value. If we consider man as a being that eats, drinks and reproduces by breaking his connection with the universe, man will remain at the level of  cats, dogs and other animals.

According to physicists, light is turning on and off between 0 and 1; likewise, according to those who deal with quantum, the universe is an existence that consists of infinite probabilities. According to philosophers, the universe expresses the existence that produces concepts regarding the issues like good and bad, beautiful and ugly.

When thought is considered as an energy band in the universal flow, this band has to move. If a factory does not operate it consists of a heap of iron only; however, if there is production there, we can mention the existence of that factory. The universe is also made up of matter but if it has no energy, it means it does not exist. Therefore, the being that created the universe continuously feeds it with energy and makes it exist. To know Him to be sovereign with this energy is a belief of oneness.

The theses that say the universe is a whole cannot answer the following question: “Why do evil and bad things exist if the universe is perfect?” Those who do not accept infinity as a time period will not understand the existence of evil and bad things. In such a system, the bad and the good struggle and cause the good to be pure. We can liken the situation to the following example: In a gold mine, there are gold particles in the soil; in order to extract, say, ten grams of gold from the soil weighing a ton, it is necessary to burn the soil or to scan the soil with cyanide. The same thing is valid in the diamond mines where diamond is dug out in a mixed state with carbon when diamond is separated from carbon.  Similarly, bad deeds come to the universe and then good deeds appear. For instance, when a peacock broods twenty eggs, only two of them are hatched and the other eighteen eggs decay. Those two eggs are more valuable than the other eighteen eggs because they continue the generation.

When we look at the universe, we may meet some beings that do not recognize the existence of the universe, that rebel or have evil attitudes. Since they become means for the development of the good, they are more valuable in terms of creation and existence than the majority that are harmful and do bad deeds. This is like the answer diamond to be given to the following question: “Are ten grams of diamond or ten tons of coal in a coal mine more valuable?” Likewise, quality and qualification are in the foreground in the universe, too. The existence of the diamond is more important than the weight of the coal. The state of being valuable that includes the existence in the universe can be interpreted like that.

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