Question 57: Is it appropriate to mention religion in scientific studies? Science is based on experiment and religion is based on belief. Therefore, science and religion always contradict.

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Answer: Why should science and religion conflict. Science is the work of Allah’s attribute power of God, and religion is the work Allah’s attribute of speech. Both are laws of Allah. The view of the positivist philosophy that dominates science has come to the end of the dead end since it deals with science only in its material aspect and neglects the spiritual field. In order to open this path, the realms of spirit and meaning of beings must also be taken into account.

New developments in science shows that one dimensional physical thinking is not enough1

The “quantum” world of atom, which we know as the basis and units of matter, actually displays a metaphysical structure and features. The “Tachyon Theory” has brought the universe and beings beyond light on the agenda of science. “Tachyons” represent an endless, non-decreasing form of energy.2

“Parallel Universes Theory” tries to explain that there are new universes and dimensions behind the veil.3

Physics and natural sciences, which examine the universe through various fine technologies, provide the opportunity to understand better the different universe dimensions revealed by the Quran, and the metaphysical beings like angels and spirits. In the light of these developments, we realize better that we are not far away from the “Divine” realms, where words become insufficient, meanings become depthless, and names become uncertain, and the metaphysical universes and that we live together with them.

The ​​”scientific understanding”, which was built only on the visible“shell” part of the universe, that is, the “physical” properties of matter, came to a deadlock at the end of the 19th century and the idea that everything was discovered and that only details remained became dominant in the world of science. Indeed, in terms of the science of Physics, Newtonian Mechanics was only one dimension of existence. However, new “worlds” appeared with the specific and general relativity theories developed in the first half of the 20th century.

These inventions led to important changes in our understanding of “matter”, “space and time”, and our viewpoints because according to new theories, the moving clocks could slow down, the rulers get shorter, the masses and speeds of the objects could increase. “Infinite spaces”, metaphysical space and worlds came to the agenda. With these inventions, the science of physics began to tested in the fields of philosophy and religion.

Quantum Mechanics, Hologram, Molecular Biology and Nanotechnology, which have been the most important and revolutionary inventions in these last fifty to sixty years, provide an opportunity to understand better what the system, creation and reality in the universe are. Quantum inspires not only the science of physics but also many art movements, sociological theories and different fields.

Quantum science gives us the opportunity to look outside the cage that we made with classical physics. The indivisible integrity of the universe and the connection of everything with everything, that is, the unity in the universe, is one of the topics that attract the attention of scientists the most. It is one of the greatest efforts of scientists to prove the Grand Unification Theory4 and the smallest part of the being called string,5 in which all beings are considered to be united in. The connection of everything with everything, and the unification and “oneness” of everything in one thing brought the reality of “oneness (tawhid)”, the reality of the uniqueness of the Creator, which is the greatest purpose and reality of the Quran, as the greatest reality of physics and science.

With the “Quantum” and “Hologram” theories, a holistic and spiritual universe model is getting stronger. A conscious understanding of the universe with vitality and spirituality is settling in the minds. As discoveries about quantum expand, it is better understood that we are on the verge of a different world. For example, the understanding that the world in which the atomic particles are located is shaped by the “observer” reveals an attractive scene and places the “human consciousness” at the center of the universe. The fact that there is no clear distinction between the observer and the observed in the world of particles, and the fact that the observer is the party that determines the event, elevates human thought and consciousness to the highest level.

Are Tachyons the building blocks of the metaphysical world?

The virtual particles, whose existence causes a lot of debate, become manifest in some laboratory experiments. This particle with strange and abstract character was given the name “tachyon”, which means ghost in Latin. This time, the experts analyzed the issue in mathematical terms, using Einstein’s equations and they reached a very strange solution. According to those solutions, if an object moves faster than light, physical properties such as mass, length, energy, and even time assume an abstract (virtual/imaginary) nature.

What can be the meaning of abstract mass? According to the “Theory of Tachyons”, which matured with the great contribution of scientists like Bilaniuk and Geinberg, anything faster than light and with a mass smaller than zero and with minus length and dimensions, that is, anything that is abstract can be regarded as tachyon; for instance, our feelings, dreams, memory, thoughts, consciousness, love, fear, excitement, hearing, seeing, tasting, etc.

A particle called “tachyon” that has metaphysical properties and speed faster than the speed of light thousands of millions of times is definitely not expected to be ready and available in our daily lives. Since the properties of these particles do not conform to the physical and mathematical structure of this universe, another realm, another time and space where another kind of energy is dominant should be considered.

The new meaning of existence; the theory of matter and spirit

This unchanging reality, which continuously change but seems unchanging since it flows on unchanging reality, consists of the properties related to the metaphysical dimension of existence. We think that the realities about metaphysics and spirit are only spirits, angels and the hereafter. However, contrary to what we think, spiritual realities cover a much larger area. “Physical” events and beings become metaphysical events with a “new” and a“right” view. For example, properties such as electricity, magnetism, attraction, light, color, temperature, even taste, sound, healing, smell and life are essentially beyond matter. Science can formulate the effects that are reflected outside and show the principles about their use. However, the nature and reality of the events are very different and there is no scientific explanation.

Giving a name to events is not an explanation for that being and event. Matter and atoms are not the source of any of the properties we have listed and not listed above; those qualities are not part of matter. Matter and atoms perform the task of reflecting only.

Some approaches and theories that these properties constitute the metaphysical aspect of matter have been developed recently. According to those approaches, whatever makes matter work is all spiritual, and matter serves as a mirror for them. In one of these studies, “the Diamond Theory”, which is based on the example of diamond, it is explained with a very simple view that the source of qualities is not atom and matter. Those fascinating glitters that dazzle the eyes do not come from the carbon atoms of diamonds. They come from an outside light source, such as the sun or a lamp. What makes a diamond and gives it magnificence, beauty and life in a sense is the light that comes from outside and reflects on it; a diamond without light becomes a dead body whose spirit has left.6

The light that seems to come out of the diamond comes from outside; similarly, everything that makes matter valid comes from outside, a source that we do not see; therefore, it must have a metaphysical reality. For, when we try to find these properties in atoms and molecules, we cannot find any of them. How can something that does not exist in the part of something be found in the whole? For example, smell, taste, color and other properties are not part of the atom. These properties are like a TV broadcast in a way. What is seen on the television screen is not the “property” of the screen and television; the smell, taste, color, art, etc. observed in a rose are not “properties” and “beings” belonging to the atoms that make up the matter of that flower either.

From this point of view, we can notice that even matter is made up of spiritual dimensions and that the things that give it characteristics and validity are metaphysical things. We may even notice in a small journey into the atom that matter itself is essentially a metaphysical structure.

Let us make a journey to atoms, protons and quarks. Let us examine the electrons first. Instead of the “solid units” and “particles” that we expect to find there, we find the fluctuations of the particles between existence and non-existence expressed by quantum, and energy type “radiations” and “vibrations”. We virtually meet a metaphysical world there. Thus, we can understand that even matter is not “matter”with a journey into atoms.

If the things that we call subatomic particles can form an image that exists and does not exist, and a particle can be both in one place and in another region as well as everywhere, its means that the laws of classical physics that we know and the principles of determinism become invalid in the subatomic world.7

How can a particle be in one place and another at the same time? The world of the atom is explained by quantum theory. Quantum is actually the discovery of another space and world. There is no difference between the fact that atomic particles are present in many places at the same time and that angels are present in many places at the same time.

In conclusion, even the laws of physics such as gravity, magnetism and light, whose existence no one doubts exist, have the quality of “light”. They can be everywhere even if they are not anywhere. If “luminosity”, which represents not being subject to the laws of physics and hence represents a dimension beyond time and space, is accepted as a dimension of existence, or rather if it is accepted bravely and confessed honestly, the way for physics will be cleared.

The New Meaning of Space and Time

We thought space as the room we live in, time as an object showing hours and minutes and mass and time as unchangeable absolute beings. Centuries passed. We reached the 20th century. It was understood that time had a speed. We understood that as objects “accelerated”, their time “slowed down” and “expanded”. The speed of light was also the flow rate of time. When that speed was reached, the “flow of time” stopped.

Yes, the developments showed the “light barrier” in addition to the sound barrier. When the speed of light was reached, time would be matched and time would stop.

Then, we discovered that time changed not only in relation to speed but also “gravity force” (general relativity). According to the “General Relativity Theory”, time was added as a fourth dimension to the three dimensions of space (width, length, height). Depending on gravity, we could get old late or quickly.

When we look in the light of these facts, there are points where time works differently in matter-dependent dimensions, and we can see in the beyond matter dimension the fact that there is a peculiar time dimension in grave, Gathering Place and Hell dimensions. When we wake up from a dream, that environment is perceived as a few seconds; similarly, there will be a different flow of life in the Intermediate Realm (Barzakh) and Paradise dimensions.

The “Big Bang” theory, which tells us that our universe emerged from a tiny core of creation from a single point, and the discoveries related to the continuous expansion of the universe indicate that the universe has a beginning and that it was created out of nothing. Behind the “perforated” space with the black holes, doors open to the “infinite spaces” at the point where physics ends. The fact that the process we call time, like matter, enters into another flow with the Black Hole gravity bring forward the realms of infinite and different dimensions.

The physical principles that were declared invariable and untouchable, and that were almost deified in the past caused the questions of philosophy and religion to come forward when those principles were turned upside down by black holes. Why was the universe created and why is it to be destroyed? Is there a new creation after the expected Black Hole apocalypse? These issues are not only included in religious conversations today but are inevitably among the discussion topics of modern astronomy centers. A star swallows itself, its own light, its own volume, place and time, assuming a totally different state. The stopping of time in the Black Holes or their assuming a different state brings the concept of eternity into mind and puts the infinite spaces or the hereafter and the realms there in our agenda.

In conclusion, the new developments in science increase the hopes that there will be a wider, brighter and more faithful future. For example, the quantum physicist Hans Peter Dürr expresses the ideas of many scientists. Professor Dürr emphasizes that our view on matter and the universe will change with quantum and he draws the boundaries of the expected world. He emphasizes that materialist and coarse perceptions will disappear and a spiritual, holistic, flexible understanding based on spiritual foundations will prevail. Dürr continues as follows:

Quantum physics tells us that reality is based on great consciousness and that it has logical integrity and unity at the same time. Another thing that quantum physics says is that the world and the future will be bright. Quantum offers us a world full of possibilities. Those possibilities encourage us very much and make us optimistic. Why? We learn with quantum that the world is much larger and vaster than we know and think. We do not shape the world but the world shapes us. In fact, we cannot see the ways out of the numerous possibilities that the world offers us. Therefore, unfortunately, we see the world of financial competition, with which we believe the consumerist western culture guarantee our lives, as the only way out; thus, we confine ourselves to a narrow cell. Since we look at economic requirements and laws of nature as if they are unchangeable and one-dimensional - like silkworms -, we trap ourselves in the cocoon of obligations we have constructed. The unbelief and selfishness caused by materialistic understanding prevents us from recognizing blessings and abundance. Since we do not know how to ask by relying on God, we become deprived of not only do what we want but also the happiness and peace that we miss.

The fact that people of our age became addicted to matter made them close their eyes to the truth and gave rise to the idea that the source of everything is matter and energy. Consequently, artificial compulsions that science conflicted with religion emerged, and unfortunately, they used science for materialism and atheism. The neurophysiologist Roger Sperry (1913–1994), the Nobel Prize winner in medicine in 1980, draws attention to the fallacy of the thesis that religion conflicts with science and states the following in an interview:

Science itself conflicts with materialism. Why would science and religion conflict? Essentially, this “conditioning that religion clashes with science”dates back to the times when materialist philosophy was accepted as science.

Badiuzzaman Said Nursi explains the way that sciences and philosophy need to follow with examples from the Quran and states the following in summary:

“For example, when the Quran mentions the sun, it says, “The sun is a revolving lamp”, indicating that it is a sort of mainspring of an order and center of a system. For, it does not mention the sun for the sun. For example, with the phrase The sun runs its course,8 it teaches Allah’s infinite power by indicating the wonderful system in the formation of winter and summer and day and night.With the phrase‘and (Allah) made the sun as a (Glorious) Lamp’,9 He shows us that the world is in the form of a palace, that the things in it were furnished for man and that the sun is a subjugated candleholder put under the service of man.  Allah’s infinite mercy and bounties are reminded with it.10

In conclusion, we see thanks to new discoveries based on metaphysics that, science is trying to get rid of the domination of the ideology of materialism, which does not want to see metaphysical realities. If this “struggle for independence” can be achieved, the divine “will”, whose existence is certainbased on experience, will show itself. Then, the distinction between religion and natural sciences will end; it will be understood that the universe and the Quran mention the same realities.

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