What kind of a realm appears when subatomic particles are viewed?

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2.2.7-Journey to Subatomic Particles

Let us make a journey to atoms, protons and quarks. Let us examine the electrons first. Instead of the “solid units” and “particles” that we expect to find there, we find the fluctuations of the particles between existence and non-existence expressed by quantum, and energy type “radiations” and “vibrations”. We virtually meet a metaphysical world there. Thus, we can understand that even matter is not “matter“ with a journey into atoms.

If the things that we call subatomic particles can form an image that exists and does not exist, and a particle can be in one place, in another region and everywhere, its means that the laws of classical physics that we know and the principles of determinism become invalid in the subatomic world.1

  How can a particle be in one place and another at the same time? The world of the atom is explained by quantum theory. Quantum is actuallythe discovery of another space and world. There is no difference between the fact that atomic particles are present in many places at the same time and that angels are present in many places at the same time.

In conclusion, even the laws of physics such as gravity, magnetism and light, whose existence no one doubts exist, have the quality of “light”. They can be everywhere even if they are not anywhere.

1. Quantum ideas strike at the heart of classical principles. An indicator that the quantum world is literally a metaphysical world is the famous "double slit" experiment. The particles (such as photons and electrons) that we think of as beads pass through two holes at the same time. You say, “How is it possible? It must have passed through this hole or that hole. Is there something that we donot realize something that we miss?” You try again. The result is the same. The particle passes through two holes at the same time. Here, the metaphysical nature of the atom shakes us once again. We see that electrons do not resemble tennis balls, and light is nothing like water waves. As we go deep down to the basis of matter, we will be surprised to see that there is a transition to the subtle/luminous property. You can easily access various videos and animations about the double slit experiment on the internet. One of them can be found at the following website: http://vimeo.com/2236536.

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