Can you give some information about reincarnation? How can we prove that it is a wrong belief?

The false belief that says souls travel between bodies is called tanasuh, with its common use reincarnation. According to this belief, bodies are just like moulds of souls. A soul migrates from a mould to another, from a body to another. The soul of a man, after leaving the body, enters into a body of an animal, which lives in sky, on earth or in the sea and then goes to another animal, after that enters into a body of human being and goes on.

Even some ancient tribes believed that the soul had migrations from a body to another, first to mines later to plants and after that to human beings alternately. Pythagoras tried to give a philosophical form to it by saying the soul changes its body until it prevails upon the matter. This belief dates back to ancient times and mainly primitive people having simple beliefs accepted it. Those, who did not believe in the Scriptures and who are far away from notifications of prophets, became obsessed in this belief since they couldnt understand Gods eternal and permanent stages in hereafter, or since they thought they would quieten the outcries of eternity in their natures and satisfy their wishes in this way, because they couldnt understand these with their narrow minds. In time, it is even covered with a view of philosophy.

A Brief History of Reincarnation:
There are different views about where reincarnation appeared first. According to some sources, the source of this theory is Egypt. Historian Herodotus also had the similar thoughts. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that the soul of a dead person continued his life in animals bodies, especially birds and snakes. Egyptians used to believe that the soul entered into an animals body immediately after death and after visiting bodies of many animals, it came back to his own body (body of human).At the age of Pharaohs; this belief effected construction of the pyramids.
In some sources, it is said that Pythagoras carried that outmoded belief to Greek people and via Greeks; it was carried to the West.
In the Orient, It is seen in India widespread. People who believed in hot zones of rivers Ganj and Sent used to believe that souls would live in bodies of birds after death.
When investigated, it is seen that this false belief also existed in religions of primitive tribes before ancient Egypt and India. Similarly, we can see traces of reincarnation belief in totems.
Early people used to believe that souls migrated not only to human bodies but also to animals, plants, and lifeless existences. So, migration of the soul to another human body was called Nash, migration to an animal body that is suitable for features of his soul was called Mash, migration to plants was called Rash migration to mines and lifeless stuffs was called Fash.
This false belief appeared in ancient Greece, Egypt, India, China, and Iran in different ways. For example in India reincarnation belief was generalized to all existences and turned into mystic forms in Buddhism and Brahmanism. In conclusion this belief was accepted; Souls who dont have sins and are clean reach nirvana and sinner souls live in bodies of animals until they get cleaned.
Ancient Egyptians accepted it as a migration only from human body to animal and from animal back to human body.
In ancient Greece, as far as understood from history of philosophy, it was tried to cloth reincarnation a philosophical form by first Pythagoras, Plato, and later Neo-Platonists.
This belief, originated in Egypt, was put into mystic form in India, philosophical form in Greece. It was given the cover of ethical profession and religion in Iran. This belief had believers in religious groups like Zoroastrians and Mazdaki.
In Iran, this philosophy, dating back to ancient history, passed to some branches of Shiite. Unfortunately, even this science and information century, we encounter people having these beliefs. Those people are the ones who are in primitive ages in mind and who suffer depression in upheaval of present world.
We see that reincarnation belief which existed in ancient Greece, India, Egypt and in Mesopotamia lost its effect slowly by spread of heavenly religions especially Islam and faded away from the life of thoughts totally.
We sometimes encounter people who want to re-exhibit this sophistry. First of them are French Charles Fourrier and Pierre Lerou. Both them are strict socialists. They do not believe in souls regarding their ideology. These materialistic people strictly follow the reincarnation belief to harm the belief of hereafter thus finding reasons for their perverted ideologies.
Now they are materialistic tricky (people) who believe this superstition who want to disseminate and propagandize it.

Evidences Indicating Invalidity of Reincarnation
Reincarnation that is opposed to faiths and essentials of all heavenly religions has no scientific base. Total number of believers of reincarnation is so low that it is not worth counting statistically. Before the proves that rebut the assertions I want to mention that; All the existences in the universe from stars to motes are under the possession and domination of an absolute Will, comprehensive Knowledge, prevalent Power signs of an order. That means, all existences do exist and stop existing by Gods actions and regulations. They become active by permission of absolute Knowledge and Will. That majestic Sun those vast systems have moved and done work without fail since they were created, and this shows that souls and bodies cannot be without control, cannot defy the system. Notion of reincarnation that takes the soul out of the system is diametrically contrary to wisdom of God is a big slander to His holy attributes like beneficence, generosity and benevolence, munificence.
Wisdom and Mercy of God rejects that nasty superstition. Will the heavenly Power that make man vicegerent and sultan of world, that assigns heavens and earth to his service and create him in a high rank, perfectly and bestow him with comprehensive capabilities, make the soul which has those properties travel into the bodies of mice, dogs, snakes even monkeys? Will his justify and wisdom, His mercy and compassion, benevolence and bestowment let this be? Will that situation befit to His reputation.
Our religion gives so much value to human that it does not let graves be stepped on. How can God who does not let bones and soils which have bones in it be stepped on make souls of man travel into bodies of animals?
Will God put soul of man, who gets angry when called dog into a body of a dog and let it be tied to his sons door or put it into a body of donkey and let it carry his son on his back.
Notion of reincarnation is also opposed to promise of God .Requirements of His demands and prohibitions will certainly come true. He promises paradise for believers, He will carry out this promise. He will punish wicked those denying His deity, non-believers and discard sowers of dissent with eternal torment. Believers will be rewarded and non-believers and discard sowers of dissent will not be able to escape from torment with their notion of reincarnation.

Notion of reincarnation is also opposed to the fact of existences of prophets and Holy Scriptures. If souls were without control and were free in their moves, we would not need prophets and Scriptures. The greatest assertion of the Prophet after existence of God and divine is to make people believe in eternal life, hereafter. God sent them to provide human race with progress and maturation and to turn their views of life towards the direction of eternal life. Reincarnation is diametrically contradicted with the facts of existences of Scriptures and assignments of the prophets.
Holy Koran, which tells that man is created as a fortunate existence and heavens and earth, day and night, animals and plants are given to his command and he is assigned as a vicegerent to earth and was created in highest rank as a noble existence and some sort of angels strive to take care and protect him, and that he was rewarded to have an eternal life and that believers will be in paradise and non-believers in Hell permanently, completely rejects the notion of reincarnation.
After some explanation about inconsistency of reincarnation, let us to expound the subject in detail.
Inconsistency of Reincarnation in Respect of Logic and Law:
If reincarnation existed and was real, it would include all people. Majority of people would be supposed to remember ex-bodies they lived in and to remember actions they did when they were in them before moving into their present bodies. Demonstrating a superstition that billions of people do not live, know and believe has no value in aspect of logic. For what reasons is this superstition put into peoples minds? To tell the truth, it is thought provoking and teach lesson.
There are three groups of people claiming about reincarnation. These are a few children, psychopaths, and ideological tricksters.
So far, only a few children have claimed that they lived in different bodies. But the remarks of the children who are only about six and seven have no value in respect of law and science, because, they are not adults. No assertion can be proved by the remarks of the children who live their childhood that cannot distinguish the right from the wrong that cannot perceive the difference between right and wrong. They may be under some psychological effects like making the surrounding busy with them and gathering attention, getting prestige, being known, and getting well-done. Therefore, their fantastic and trivial remarks cannot have scientific and legal value.
According the researches, total number of the children who are claimed to have had reincarnation is not more than three or five. The evidence that all the supporters of reincarnation rely on is just the illogical remarks of those children.
To tell about psychopaths, these are mentally ill; their remarks have various contradictions. It is clear that it is nonsense to have comment on remarks of those people. Their declarations are legally invalid and are not taken seriously.
The third group that accepts the notion is insincere and trickster people who have actions for a certain ideology. Some materialistic and irreligious people who dont believe in God and in hereafter make up unreal events and use some people like a tape recorder and cause unrest in the society for money and for their benefit to deliberately spoil the society, to damage peoples faith and break religious tendencies.
As a consequence, we cannot call that superstition which is based on unfounded assertions of a group of psychopath and some trickster people as a reality.
Reincarnation Is Opposed to Laws of Creation:
There are numberless laws that sustain the order of universe and that are made for continuation of life. Harmony, discipline, order, and balance are sustained with these laws. Maker of these laws that include the entire universe and that sustain the balance and embrace all the universe is God.
Laws seen everywhere in the universe like laws of rate, balance, mercy, compassion training shows that nothing in the universe from stars to atoms is free. And that rejects notion of reincarnation. Let us mention on three of them in short.
Reincarnation is opposed to Law of Rate and Balance in the Universe.
All the things in the universe are the results of a planning and programming. A dress sewn with care makes known a fitting book, skill, knowledge and measure of the tailor, likewise measure, tidiness, harmony, esthetics of all things created in the universe make known law of measure and balance, it shows justice, knowledge, wisdom and will of God. When we have a careful look on the universe, we will see that these two laws are recourses of beauty, harmony, balance, and measure and attraction of all things. Because, beauty and esthetic require a careful measure, a precise instrument, a high harmony and accord.

We will try to explain the law of balance with a few examples.
There are some laws that help man live .Catabolism of fats and nutrition in the body and turning into energy occur in an absolute balance. There is also balance between the sun and the earth, the ebb and the flow of the tides indicates that the balance between the moon and the earth. Useful and harmful microbes multiply in a balance. Multiplying of all animals also occur in a balance. Then it is certain that there is a law of balance in the universe, and nothing can go out of it.
Movements of the earth, occurrence of the seasons occur according to this law. System of all atoms is connected to the law of balance. All the places in the heavens, all the systems of galaxies stand in a balance. As it is seen, there exists a law of balance that embraces all parts of the universe.
The law of balance has versatility like physical balance in the universe, biological balance, the balance between the body and the soul.
Catabolism and transformation of fats and nutrition in bodies of all living beings is in an absolute balance. Birth, growing up, nourishment and eventual death of all living beings indicate biological law of balance.
When it comes to physical balance, all places, galaxies, and milky ways in the heaven exist by the law of physical balance. From atomic systems to solar systems are all included in this law. Physical structure and balance of all bodies are arranged according to their duties. For example, physical structures of the sun and the moon suitable to their duties that are substitutes of their souls. One of them cannot substitute the other.
We see that the universe is totally measured and balanced by a divine pair of compasses and underwent a perpetual control and watch in his prevalent pincers.
The law of balance exists between bodies and souls of all animals. God clothed each soul with a body that is suitable for its character and nature. For example, body of a sheep is suitable for its easygoing soul. That soul cannot be a monster even if it takes head and claw of a lion.
Souls of animals have differences among them. For example, souls of a gazelle and a lion, a fish and a bird are different in nature, and wish, shortly in character, they have different degrees.
The laws that occur comprehensively in the universe show that God does not drop the soul of man whom He created perfectly, into the lowest level. He never puts the soul of man who lives in a palace into a hare living in its lair or into a frog swimming in the lake or into a cat chasing after a mouse. These treats are contrary to the law of balance explained above.
2-Reincarnation is opposed to the law of difference.
God preserves personality and character of each animal. We call it law of difference
Each specious in the universe has its own nature. Character of a creature cannot be transformed to another character. The natures of living beings cannot be transformed to their opposites. They never lose their features. For example, features of an apple cannot leave the apple itself. They cannot be taken out. It never becomes a pear or cherry.
This law is also valid in the sun, stars, rivers, mountains, because, in the universe, each creature is unique in its personality. For example, there is no other Ararat mountain or the Nile on the earth. Even seas preserve their personality and do not mix each other.
This law works so effectively and delicately that not only all specious even each living beings is different from the others in marked differences, peculiar features, distinguishing properties. For example, each man has differences from the other people in creation from his face to his fingerprints. This law is made to protect the law among the existences. If all people had similar sorts of features, nobody would know no one, unrest would occur and the law would be spoiled and invalid.
It is known that features and characters of existences cannot be separated from their disposition. Let us think about a bee and a fly, they have different body structures and they are different in detail. For example one of their foot structure is not similar to the other ones., they are distinguished in various features.
Apart from their organs, they are also different in soul and capabilities. A soul of one of them likes garden of flowers while the other one likes sewerage. With this binocular of example, we can look on other specious of animals. No animal can leave its peculiar features and migrate to another specious. This condition appears more clearly between human beings and other animal specious.
If a soul of a man travels into an animal body, he would go with his mind and thoughts, with his way of speaking and writing, with his sense of art and capabilities, shortly with all his features. Then, there would be philosophers, scientists among the animals. They would have culture and civilization, art and literature.
As the law of difference requires, there cant be reincarnation from human to human as well as between animals and human beings and from animal to animal. A man cannot have an absolute resemblance to another man with his knowledge and mind, trust and belief, his intelligence and mercy, his devotion and heroism. For example, Imam Ghazali has a sublime soul and conscience, and then if reincarnation were real, we would have lots of Ibn Sinai, Plato. However, that has not happened in real. A man keeps his disposition and personality both in school life and after graduation and this shows that all his features will be preserved after death. He, with this disposition, will account for his life in small details in the Great Judgment. Gods lofty justice will come so comprehensively that not only human beings but also even all animals will resurrected with their own dispositions and undergo a judgment. Realization of this truth requires the law of difference.
The greatest aim, wisdom, and result of the law of difference are in the hereafter. In the hereafter on the scale called mizan which sins and good deeds of humans are weighed as Koran says, whoever does an atoms weight of good and evil will see it. Because of this accounting, each person who has right for paradise will have different favors and bounties according to his deeds, good actions, and duties. And each person from the people of Hell will suffer torment according to his quantity of sins and faults. Realization of this truth requires preservation of each person his disposition and personality and distinguishing from other living beings.
Reincarnation is also opposed to the law of sustenance, which is the law of Gods giving creatures necessary things for continuances of their life.
Sustenance of each specious is allocated according to disposition personality and importance of that specious. Since God gave man the highest rank which includes the conscious, mind and faculty of speech, he gave the most exceptional, extraordinary and nutritious bounties to him. For example while a chicken is fed with fodder and millet, a man eats chickens and eggs. While sheep eat grass and straw, a man eats meat and drink milk. Even in life, we regard protocol in invitation and acceptance, so Munificent One will of course; will not put him into body of an animal. His wisdom and mercy will not let this happen.
Reincarnation Ruins Honor and Value of Humanity
God created man in the highest rank. He assigned all plants and animals as servant for him. For example, a tree with its fruits, a cow with his milk, and sheep with its flesh are made to work for the service of him. He is the ornament of the universe and vicegerent on the earth. God created the palace of universe with all the things in it, organized, and coordinated it for man. Greatness and majesty of this palace shows honor acceptance of that guest and shows importance of him for Allah.
Man is created to believe in and worship for God. Regarding this wisdom, he is bestowed with precious properties and comprehensive faculties. Yes man has the supreme trust that heavens and earth cannot bear. Of courses, man who is the result of the universe must have a greater and more important aim than the universe.
This aim is, as mentioned above, acknowledgement of God and trying to be a loyal slave to Him. To assent to Him and try to gain His consent and thus gain the right to live in paradise and have an everlasting life both in soul and body.
This false belief of reincarnation is opposed to character and the reality of human being and is opposed to the value given to him. All-Compassionate who gives that value to human being doesnt humiliate, diminish and devaluate his soul by lowering its level and never puts it into a body of a weak animal which serve to him. He does not lower the soul, which is created in value of brilliant, to the level of coal.
The Notion of Reincarnation is opposed to the Demand and Will of God.
Administration of God comprehends all the things. Human being, like all the creatures, is not out of this administration.
Man is in a constant change with his thoughts, tendencies, and wishes. All this changes occur both in respect of time and in respect of place. The fact that we know and live currently is mentioned by God in many verses in different aspects. We mention some of them in translation.
We created man from an essence of clay; then turned him into a sperm drop in a safe place; then changed the sperm drop into a clot of blood and clot into a piece of flesh; then turned the piece of flesh into bones; then clothed the bones with flesh and brought him forth as quite a different creation. So blessed is Allah, the best of creators. Then after that, you will surely die. Then surely you will be raised upon the day of Resurrection.
These verses show that man is under the administration of only God in all situations, levels, and phases he underwent from the creation until the day of Resurrection. In these verses, secrets and wisdoms pertaining to creation are told in nine levels.
God says that when there were no mould and shape o man and without need of a human seed, He created Adam (pbuh) from an essence of clay faultless and without copying.
He declares the creation of white blood, sperm that moved into womb for continuance of human generation. He legalizes the continuance of the generation. He clearly shows His great power.
He says that disposition of man was turned from a sperm drop to a clot and shows advance and training in the change.
Then, he states that this disposition was turned into apiece of flesh from a clot of blood.
After that, shows to mind the columns and pillars that consist of framework of body. That is the phase of way into creation of bones from a piece of flesh.
After this phase, by stating that the bones were clothed with flesh, He again shows the beauty and the wisdom in His administration to our conscience and minds. With the sentence of Then we built him with a totally different creation and invent by showing all material and spiritual gadgets given to man, He expresses how man is created as a delicate nice and perfect being. Now, creation of man is completed, the creation man who is a criteria for realms in the universe and who is a criteria for actions of God and who is the list of things that belongs to the names of God and that has the worth to wonder at, and who is a masterpiece of creation with his body and build, his perception and sense, his conscience, soul and heart. God who gives these properties to human being is, of course, best of creatures. Would God, who creates man in that high rank, drop mans level to animals.
He says that we will be made to die by His will.
The nine stages mentioned in the verses show that no stage of life, no moment of life is out of Gods administration and will. The wisdom behind Gods creation of man in such a high rank is to commit to him supreme trust and great offers.

It is for him to register his being vicegerent on the earth with his will, life and philosophy. It is for him to show his candidacy for eternal bliss with his belief his moral values his actions and life. Of course God will leave man to his own devices neither in the world nor in the in the hereafter. By the demand of verse of Koran, Resurrection will come true and each person will account for his actions. One of the greatest assertions of prophets is the hereafter. Apart from this fact, three fifth of Koran mention about the Resurrection and the hereafter. Apprehensions of supporters of reincarnation have no value against the fact which is as clear as sunshine.
The False Belief Reincarnation is Also Opposed to the Will of Man:
When we regard migration of a soul from a body of any animal to another and then from there to other bodies as an idea, we have two possibilities.
Reincarnation occurs either in permission of Gods demand and will or occur by the souls own prefer and will. Impossibility of former one has been understood by above explanations. As for the second possibility, we have two ways; the migration of a soul from a body to another with his prefers and will. Soul has this migration either consciously or unconsciously. If soul has no conscious, it is impossible for him to have preference, because his actions are out of mind and conscious. The possibility of soul is choosing a body with his will is a shameful sophistry based on numberless impossibilities. To explain more:
To claim that soul has the control his will means accepting that soul has the ability for having preferences He has ability to prefer, then it will be accepted that soul has conscious and reasoning. Considering that soul had a conscious and reason, then it would never prefer to enter into a body of animal. We can infer that, it is impossible for soul of human being to move into bodies of animals and plants.
Let us assume that a soul migrates to bodies of animals by his will. Then we have hopelessly confused problems. For example, according to this theory, the soul must be ready around the testicle or gene and chromosome of numberless animals, which live in weather on land and in sea. Not only a human mind but also even an animal cannot accept such a false illogical idea. Another idea that is illogical; a soul must be ready in the place where parents have sexual relationship at the time of mating. Then where is the turn of duty of the soul at that time.
The soul either waits or inside, there appears these paradoxes: we are to accept that an agreement was made between soul and male and female genes accumulated in uterus, womb, sexual organs, sexual desire, energy for sexual desire, the body generating that energy, the food that feed the body shortly between these and the universe. Impossibility of this is so clear. For example, male and female genes work according to law of desire and appetite. However, this law is comprehensive. To give that law, which comprehends all layers of life, under the serve and will of a weak soul and male and female genes is madness and rejection of God. At this point, questions and impossibilities go on endlessly.
It is a known fact that grows of the body in uterus is dependent on the law of growing. Since body has order and system relatively, creation of it requires endless knowledge, power and will. The plan and the program of the body, which is bestowed with fine wisdom and is created with order and importance, cannot belong to a weak and ignorant soul.
When this sophistry is accepted, how will these questions be answered? Suppose that a soul finds seeds of the animal he likes. Does he himself find out whether it is male or female or make it learn in lab? Does he himself make them male or female or he sometimes enters into bodies of male and sometimes into females, thus, he lives as a male for some time and female for some? On the other hand, if he is male, he always enters into a male body, if female does he leaves as a female all the time. When he was born, why cant he remember his past, his bodies in which he had lived as a male or female? When billions of people cannot remember such kinds of things and how can a few children and some psycho-maniac remember them.
When more-than-one souls wish for the same uterus, are the disagreements sorted out by draw-lots, by fights or by persuasion? And why can a soul need a body of animal?
As it is understood from what we have told so far, the notion of reincarnation is false, baseless, and invalid and a sophistry in respect of wisdom, truth, reason and in respect of mind and conscience. Again, from the explanations above, we see that the notion of reincarnation is opposed to laws in the universe, all languages of wisdom and truth speak clearly that it is a false belief. On the other hand, the notion of reincarnation is a teasing against wisdom and justice, mercy and munificence of God the most high.
Let us think over it; what can be falser than this notion. Such a notion is a real ignorance, prejudice, and fanaticism.
Reincarnation is Also Opposed to Soul-body Relationship:
Let us ask a question to the supporters of reincarnation: Each home is constructed according to importance of the person living in it. Palace is built for sultan, cage for canary. This home-resident relation exists between souls and bodies in advanced level. God created the body of sheep suitable for its lovely and created the body of lion suitable for its wild soul. Examples of this are equal to the number of species even equal to the total number of living beings. God clothed the soul of human, whom he created as a candidate for everlasting bliss and who is bestowed with mind, memory, dream, and many other faculties, with the body, which is most suitable sublime duties like worshipping, contemplation, and gratitude. It is known that features of a disposition cannot leave that disposition. According to the fact that when a soul of human migrates to a body of an animal, he will want to think and contemplate and wish to tell what he knows and exhibit his abilities. Since the body he lives in will fodder suitable in no aspect, he will not be able to continue his life. A soul who is bored and depressed sometimes even in human body will, of course, not be able to live in animal body.
Those who are obsessed with the notion reincarnation put this important guest, who leaves earth when he does this duty , into cages and make him be afraid of human being, sometimes put him into a lion and make him chase after gazelles, and sometimes put him into frogs and make him live in water. They put sometimes sand sometimes fodder, grass, and straw before that important guest. They reject the wisdom and are opposed to truth. They put that important guest, who eats chicken in life, into a body of a chicken and make him eaten sometimes by people sometimes by foxes. They put the cockroachs soul into the body of tiger, who is afraid of everybody and every voice and who is satisfied with what he finds to eat and make him active and hero and make him be fond of gazelle flesh.
And again, supporters of the notion put a soul into several bodies in a day, for example, into the body of a goat in the morning, into the body of an ox in the late afternoon and into the body of a cow in the evening, finally they send him to bed as a monkey.
According to the supporters of this notion, the tiger attacking to a gazelle today was maybe a gazelle itself, or the supporter of this sophistry was maybe a snake yesterday. Maybe poisonous ideas of the supporters were left from the period of being snake.
As a conclusion, perfect harmony and order between bodies and souls show that God never puts souls of human beings, who he created as a centre for the universe and made him civilized innately, gave him mind and knowledge and assign him vicegerent for earth and commander over other creatures, into bodies of animals and never let him travel between plants and mines and never humiliates him.

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