The Fallacy of Reincarnation Part 4 : Does reincarnation comply with the mind and reason?


Now, let us show in items that the mind and reason reject reincarnation:

1- Even if one out of a thousand people experienced reincarnation, it would be a great number compared to the population of the world. However, the number of those who claim it can be counted on the fingers of one hand. This proves that reincarnation is not true.

2- We want to ask the person who believes in reincarnation: Resurrection after death will be through both the body and the soul. Both will be punished and rewarded. How will a soul that entered thousands of bodies be revived and accounted? 

3- If you answer as based on the last body, we will ask: If a soul that changed ten bodies and the first nine bodies were cruel but the last one was righteous went to Paradise as a righteous person, would it not be cruelty not to be accounted for the oppressions he made in the first nine bodies? However, Allah never acts cruelly.

4- Or, think of the opposite. If a soul that changed ten bodies and the first nine bodies were righteous but the last one was cruel went to Hell as a cruel person, would his worship in the first nine bodies be lost?  However, Allah says, “Then shall every soul be paid what it earned.”

That is, that resurrection takes place through both the body and the soul makes reincarnation impossible.

5- It is known that the inherent properties and qualities of things cannot be separated from them; the inherent qualities of a species cannot be transferred into another species. For instance, a person is not the same as another person in terms of his knowledge, creed, intelligence, etc. The decent soul of Imam Ghazali is different from the other souls. If there were reincarnation, more Imam Ghazalis would have come to the world. However, there are not any Imam Ghazalis except the original one in the pages of history. This proves that reincarnation does not exist.

6- If the souls became perfect through reincarnation and all of the souls that were not perfect attained perfection through this journey, for whom was Hell prepared? Who will be tortured there?

7- If our spirit had lived in other bodies before this body as the reincarnationists say, now we would know what we did in our previous bodies. However, none of us remembers anything like that. This proves that reincarnation is nonsense. 

8- According to the belief of reincarnation, the number of the souls in the universe is definite. Then, the population of the world would be the same and there would not be any increase in it. However, the reality is just the opposite. 

9- Belief in reincarnation does not comply with the reality of the prophets being sent and the divine books being sent down. If the souls came to this world repeatedly to attain perfection, there would be no need to the prophets and divine books. For, Allah Almighty sent them for the development and perfection of humans and to make man turn toward the eternal life. If reincarnation could do it alone, why were the prophets and divine books sent?  It means reincarnation is contradictory to the reality of the prophets being sent and the divine books being sent down.

10- The statements of the Quran and the other divine books that sins can be forgiven through repentance make it unnecessary and meaningless. Allah can transform all sins into rewards at once without such a long journey. That is, reincarnation is contradictory to the vastness of Allah's forgiveness.

11- Among the people who were subject to prophets and who followed them were some people who did very bad deeds previously. After a long and dirty past, they reached a lofty level that surpassed that of saints. What is the point in coming to the world repeatedly in other bodies though it is possible to reach to the summit of perfection at once, which fits Allah's grace more?

We can present some more evidence regarding the nonsense of reincarnation. However, since it has become as clear as the sun, we do not need any other evidence. We stop here and move to some questions asked about reincarnation and their answers.

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