The Fallacy of Reincarnation Part 2 : What does the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) say about Reincarnation?

“…So take what the Messenger assigns to you, and deny yourselves that which he withholds from you…”(al-Hashr 7) As the verse above orders, a Muslim has to take what the Prophet assigns him and must take what he withholds from him. For, the Prophet (pbuh) is the greatest interpreter of the Quran and the conveyor of the religion of Islam. 

Then, as Muslims, we need to apply to the Prophet regarding the issue of reincarnation; if he says take it, we need to take it; if he says do not take it, we must not take it.

Then, we ask those who advocate reincarnation: Can you report a hadith or a word from the Prophet regarding the issue?

They cannot report anything. Even if they search the east, west, north and south, and all of the words of the Prophet, they cannot find even a single hadith. If Islam had the belief of reincarnation, the Prophet (pbuh) would definitely have mentioned it. For, he is the teacher and instructor of this religion and we learn this religion from his hadiths. However, the Prophet did not say anything about reincarnation; he said that rewarding and punishing would start immediately after death in hundreds of hadiths, rejecting reincarnation.

Would it ever be possible for the Prophet (pbuh) not to know reincarnation and not mention about it if reincarnation was permissible and possible? Can there be anybody else more authorized and knowledgeable than the Prophet (pbuh)?

It is very interesting that those who speak on behalf of the religion do not take into consideration what the Prophet (pbuh) said regarding the issue and speak based on their own delusions. Can the religion be based on delusions only? How much to the point can an understanding that leaves the Prophet out be? If everybody judges based on their own delusions, why were the prophets sent?

To sum up, we say that reincarnation does not belong to Islam and the Quran. If it were so, the Prophet (pbuh) would definitely have taught his Companions and his ummah about it as he taught the other truths of belief. Since he did not teach it and did not say anything about it, the belief of reincarnation is wrong and non-Islamic.

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