12- What does Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) say about delusion (waswasa)?

What does Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) say about delusion (waswasa)?

Delusion comes from belief

We are completing this work with a hadith hoping that it will be a cure for delusion and we entrust you to Allah…

Some of the Companions of the Prophet (pbuh) asked him, “Some delusions come to the minds of some of us. We think that it would be a sin to utter them” Hz. Prophet (pbuh) said, “Do you really feel such a fear?” They said, “Yes, we do.” He said, “It comes from belief.” In another narration, he said, “Praise be to Allah, who transforms the trick of Satan into a delusion.”

The narration reported by Ibn Masud reported in Muslim is as follows:  They said, “O Messenger of Allah! We sometimes hear such words coming from inside us that we prefer burning to ground or being thrown down from the sky to uttering them deliberately.” Hz. Prophet (pbuh) said, “This is the expression of real belief.”

Yes, it should not be forgotten that burglars will not enter an empty house and pirates do not attack a ship that does not contain a treasure. When we are exposed to such a delusion, we need to know that Satan comes because we have belief. Therefore, we need to praise Allah due to the treasure of belief in the ship of the heart, to understand very well the tricks of Satan, who tries to steal our most valuable treasure, and to take refuge in Allah Almighty.

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