Does asking questions and searching of what we do not know harm our Belief?

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Does asking questions and searching of what we do not know harm our Belief?
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Belief is not harmed by asking questions and learning. You can learn anything you want that stick in your mind and bother you. Doubts concerning belief do not harm belief.

Abu Hurayra (RA) narrates: Some companions of the prophet (pbuh) asked him:

Some of us have delusions (waswasa), normally we are sure that uttering these things are considered sin. “The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Are you afraid of this really? Those who were there answered,

“Yes!..” then, He said:

“In fact, this (fear) comes from belief (delusions do not harm)”. (Muslim, Belief 209 (132) Abu Dawud, Adab 118 (5110))

In another narration He said: “Praise to God who turns the trick of Satan into delusion (waswasa)”.

A riwayah of Muslim that was recorded from Ibn Masud is as follows: “They said:

“O apostle of God, some of us have been hearing such inner voices that, instead of uttering them deliberately, we prefer to be burned until the coal ceases or thrown to the earth from skies. (Do these delusions harm us?) The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) answered:

“No, this (fear) is the indicator of pure belief.”

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