Some people suffer troubles and misfortunes in this world while others do not. Are those who are not hit by misfortunes very lucky?

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Some people suffer troubles and misfortunes in this world while others do not. Are those who are not hit by misfortunes very lucky?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Due to the nature of man, every individual feels the need of what he lacks. On the other hand, a person who has everything does not appreciate what he has and usually is unaware of those bounties like a prodigal inheritor. It will be appropriate to explain the issue through the following example:

While a child who has no shoes is crying, he suddenly sees a crippled child without feet. He becomes terrified, stops crying and says "O Lord! Thank you that I have my feet; I am so lucky; please forgive me..."; thus, he becomes content.

Then, people should be thankful. They must know well and appreciate the value of the things that they have.

To sum up, we should look at those who are inferior to us and console ourselves. We should look at those who are superior to us in terms of wealth and knowledge and try to catch up with them.  

Man always sought justice in this world. First of all, it is necessary to know that there is no true justice in the world. Absolute justice will occur on the Day of Judgment. The world is a place of training and testing. Here, there are very complex issues that the mind cannot realize and that our feelings and faculties cannot understand. Let us give some examples.

Visible rays account for only about 4% of the lights. The other lights include  Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Radio, Television, IKS, ultrasound, infrared, ultraviolet, Mion, Laser, Radar and other cosmic rays; they are invisible. Then, we can only see 4% of the lights and cannot see the remaining 96%. Therefore, statistically what we think that we see remains uncertain. That is, we see very little.  

If we consider the sense of touch, it is not possible for us to recognize so many tiny beings that our eyes cannot see and the big beings like the galaxies and planets in the distance.

The power of our other senses is as weak as the sense of touch and it is not enough for us to understand everything.

However, beyond the emotions, we have a very valuable being called the "mind".  We must complete our weak aspects with it. As a matter of fact, many devices have been made and many unknown things have become known thanks to the mind. However, the number of the unknown things is not few.  

Thanks to the mind, we can also examine the reasons of some imbalances in this world. For example: Let us think about a baby that has been created with a congenital limb deficiency.

As some of us think, the birth of such a baby can never be called "God's injustice". There are great lessons for those who use their mind regarding that baby; there are signs in this painting for a person who uses his mind.

Many people sacrifice their lives so that their country can be saved, and others can continue to live on the territory of the country thanks to martyrs and veterans.

In this world, which is the property of God, God Almighty wants the humankind continue to exist and live peacefully. Therefore, other people are expected to thank and be content with their situation.  In general, a person who is healthy and sound thinks that everybody is healthy and sound. One can notice that his healthy and sound body is a grant of God only when he sees handicapped people. That is why, the people who are considered as poor and handicapped people by us serve humanity greatly so that they will find the way to salvation.    Therefore, I think they are blessed people like martyrs and veterans in the sight of God. However, man is far from understanding the wisdom behind this issue and similar ones. The handicapped and diseased people themselves may not be aware of this preordainment of God Almighty.

Then, we will express it again: There is no injustice in the world regarding the case of births with congenital defects or those injured later. There are very significant services and profound wisdom regarding their cases. On the one hand, other people are expected to see them and thank God and feel content. On the other hand, people are reminded that they should avoid alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, exposure to harmful radiation, diseases and other harmful things and hazards, and that otherwise their offspring might be deformed as the handicapped people.

Despite those grants and bounties of God Almighty, the number of unwise, thoughtless, emotionless, ungrateful and selfish people is increasing along with the number of handicapped people day by day.

Likewise, it is known that the illegitimate adoption, divorces, severe conflicts in the families, which are contrary to the orders of God, increase juvenile delinquencies. However, if man still looks for peace of mind and happiness with his numb and so to speak blind state despite those wonderful exemplary situations, he will not be able to find them. If the young generation does not see the mistakes of their parents and if they do not walk in the true path, it is necessary to be even more pessimistic for the future generations of humanity.

We have stated that troubles and misfortunes are the price of the mistakes that believers made in this world. However, sinless and innocent people are also affected by those troubles and misfortunes and their lives and property may also be harmed. At this point, the question that comes to mind first is, "is it not possible that only the sinners be affected by them not the innocent people?"

The following is stated in the verse,

"And fear tumult or oppression which affecteth not in particular (only) those of you who do wrong and know that Allah is strict in punishment.."(al-Anfal, 8/25)

There are certain lessons that we must take from this verse. However, the first thing that comes to mind is "why misfortunes also affect innocent people along with oppressors." In other words, when a misfortune occurs, the baby is thrown out with the bathwater; that is, the innocent people also lose their lives and property.

The answer to it lies in the fact that this world is a place of experience and testing. That is, if misfortunes hit only the oppressors and sinners and the innocent and sinless people were protected from them, a situation opposite to the mystery of testing would occur.

"An earthquake happens and only the sinners die under the buildings that collapse; the other people are saved; a flood hits a place and the oppressors are drowned but the innocent people are saved by an unseen hand. The sinners who hear about it start to repent because they think that they will be hit by misfortunes if they do not repent."

As a necessity of testing, when a misfortune occurs, it encompasses both the good ones and the bad ones together. Thus, the mystery of testing is not lost. If the good people were to be saved and only the bad people were to be harmed, the mystery of testing would be lost. People who have spirits like Abu Bakr and people who have spirits like Abu Jahl would be in the same level.  Therefore, innocent people are sometimes exposed to oppression. However, misfortunes become atonement for their sins and increase their ranks.  If those who are exposed to misfortunes are children who are not of age yet, it is expected from the mercy of God Almighty, who doesnot neglect to reckon even a very small good or bad deed, to give them more happiness than other children in the hereafter.

Regarding these misfortunes, great rewards of God Almighty’s mercy is in question for innocent people. The ephemeral goods of those sinless and innocent people become sadaqa and are transformed into permanent goods; their lives that end make them gain a kind of martyrdom that enables them to have an eternal life. Doubtlessly, it is not something unimportant to gain a great and eternal happiness in return for a small and temporary pain in the world.

Those who oppress others will be punished in this world or in the hereafter. Therefore, justice will be carried out. Those who were oppressed will get their due from the oppressors and they will be rewarded by God because they were oppressed despite being innocent; they will be granted endless bounties. When those people who were oppressed despite being innocent are asked about their situations in the hereafter, they will say, "We received great rewards in return for little trouble and we saw that the oppressors were punished in return for their oppression; we are glad."

Moreover, those people who are exposed to such oppression might receive various grants of God as a sign of His mercy.  

God does not oppress anyone. He never ignores to punish those who oppress others though He sometimes delays it.

“No one can have more mercy than God.

No one can have more wrath than God.”

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