If it is in accordance with the wisdom of Allah Almighty that the innocent, like the wicked ones, are also exposed to some sorts of calamities, what are the shares that they receive from His justice and mercy?

First, we must point out that there is a huge reward from Allah Almightys Mercy for the innocent in such calamities and disasters. Because the possessions that those innocents had had become charity on their behalf thus get immortal and their lives which ended as a result of those disasters earn them a kind of martyrdom for an eternal life. Certainly, this reward is not small in return of tiny and temporary troubles.

Those who tyrannize over people are sure to suffer for it thoroughly in the Hereafter, if not in this world. In this regard, justice will prevail. As for those tyrannized, they will avenge themselves on tyrants; also will be given never-ending bounties in large numbers by Allah Almighty since they were tyrannized for no guilt in the world. When those innocents are asked of their conditions in the Hereafter, they would reply, We have been heavily rewarded here with too little trouble in the world, and besides tyrants got what they deserved. We are very much pleased.

In addition, those who suffered from such troubles may be given various gifts as a sign of Allah Almightys mercy.

Nobody is wronged by Allah Almighty. In addition, He never ignores the punishments of the wrongdoers, just delays it. No one can show more mercy than He can and no one can go further in punishment than Him.

One cannot show mercy more than Gods.
One cannot rage more than Gods

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