Does every trouble and misfortune that hits man come because of his sin?

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Does every trouble and misfortune that hits man come because of his sin?
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The disasters and misfortunes that hit man can be due to the mistakes he made, due to a test or so that he will gain thawabs. That is, not all misfortunes that hit man are due to his sins. For instance, prophets are innocent but the biggest misfortunes hit them. As a mattear of fact, the Prophet explained the reason for the severe illness he suffered before his death as follows:    

The Prophet could not lie still in his bed due to the severity of his illness and the high fever. He was turning to the right and left in his bed. Those who were near him said,

O Messenger of Allah! If one of us showed that he suffered so much pain, you would scold him.”

The Messenger of Allah explained his situation with this answer:

“My illness is not like the ones that you know. Allah inflicts the most severe troubles, illnesses and misfortunes on His righteous and believing slaves. However, due to that trouble, illness and misfortune, He elevates the rank of that person and eliminates his sins.” (see Ibn Sa’d, Tabaqat, 2/207-208)

Umm Bishr, Bishr b. Bara’s mother, who visited the Messenger of Allah when he was ill, narrates what she saw as follows:

“I went to see the Messenger of Allah. When I saw the severe temperature in his body, I could not help saying,

‘O Messenger of Allah! I have never seen such a fever.’

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said,

‘Our illness is more severe than the illnesses of other people but the reward that we will get will be more.’ (Sa’d, Tabaqat, 8/314)

When a misfortune hits man, he knows in his conscience that it happened due to this or that mistake/sin.

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