What kinds of purposes and benefits are there in handicaps, illnesses, and troubles?

Out of our nature, each one of us yearns for what is absent in us. Besides, the one who possesses perfect health does not appreciate the value of what he has and most often stays blind to it. It would be wise to explain the issue with this example: A child who cries because he does not have shoes suddenly sees a handicapped child who has no legs. Astounded, he wipes his tears and thanks God saying O Lord, thanks be to You that I have legs; how fortunate I am indeed, please forgive me and thus finds peace. So, man must be thankful for his state. He must know well what he has and appreciate its value.

To sum up, in deprivation, we should find consolation by looking at the ones who are inferior to us; and in property and knowledge, we should look at and endeavor to keep up with the ones who are superior to us.

Humankind has always sought justice in this world. One thing to know first is that there is by no means real justice in the world. The absolute justice will be seen on the Judgment Day. The world is a place of instruction and test. Here are many complicated issues our minds cannot penetrate, our feelings and senses cannot discern. Let us give some examples.

In the realm of lights, visible lights occupy just the % 4 of the sum. The others are Alfa, Beta, Gamma, Radio, Television, IKS, Ultrasound, Infrared, Ultraviolet, Mion, Laser, Radar, etc. These are comprised of cosmic rays and are invisible in nature. Therefore, we have just % 4 visible areas and % 96 invisible. Thus, even the things we suppose to see fall into a doubtful rank statistically. In other words, we can see very few things.

As for our sense of touch, it is not possible for us to know by touching many small beings our eyes cannot see and such great bodies as far away galaxies and planets.

The power of our other senses is more or less just as weak and cannot suffice for us to understand everything.

However, above our senses is the greatest possession of us that we call mind. We are obliged to complete our many deficiencies by it. Thanks to our mind, many gadgets have been developed and it has been possible for us to know and perceive certain mysteries with it. Nonetheless, mysteries are not few.

Again thanks to the mind, we can observe the reasons of certain imbalances seen on earth. For instance, let us think over a baby who is created as lacking an organ from birth.

As some people think, such a birth is not by any means the injustice of God. Here are great lessons for a wise man.
Just like for the salvation of the country many people sacrifice their lives and others can continue living on that land thanks to the martyrs and the patriots

In this world, which is the property of God, God Almighty wants the continuance of the human generation and their peace. For this reason, it is ordained that people give thanks and be glad for their states. Someone who is generally sound will suppose that everyone else is also sound. It can only be possible by seeing handicapped people to discern that a complete body is a sheer blessing. Therefore, the handicapped, who we see as poor, have great services for the humanity to find the way of guidance. For this reason, I am of the opinion that they are so pure and valuable people in the presence of God as martyrs are. However, humanity is far from understanding many other purposes similar to this. The handicapped and the ill themselves may be oblivious to this ordainment of God Almighty.

Therefore, to repeat, there is no injustice in the states of the ones born with handicaps and the ones handicapped afterwards. There are just meaningful services and deep purposes in question. On the one hand, it is ordained that other people offer thanks for their states and have peace of heart by seeing them; on the other, it is admonished that man must get protection from alcohol, cigarette, drugs, being exposed to dangerous rays, illnesses and other harmful things, otherwise the babies of those people who do not get protection will be handicapped like them.

In spite of these favors of God, the number of unwise, insensible, selfish, and thankless people is increasing with each day, and the number of handicapped youth is increasing proportionately.

In the same way, it is known by all that all actions against the orders of God such as illegitimate births, divorces, adoptions, and family discords result in the increase in youth problems. But, if man, in the face of these wonderful examples of lesson in the world, still searches for peace of mind and happiness with his insensitive and in a way blind state, he will surely find none. If the young generation, by seeing the faults of mistaken parents, does not head for the right way, we would have to be more pessimistic about the coming generations of the humanity.

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