How could we warn those who despise, gibe at disabled people and sometimes hurt them with phrases like manufacturing defects?

Considering and describing people, who are humpbacked, crippled, deaf, dumb, blind, mentally handicapped and similar people as manufacturing defects indicate a serious weakness of belief.

Attributing mistakes to Almighty Allah who created man, who equipped him with perfect organs, who adorned him with intelligence, heart, spirit and thousands of feelings, and saying that He created incorrectly cannot be a word that a believer says.

First of all, no being and no man is a manufacturing defect and cannot be so. He is the Lord of All Dominion. He creates anything as He wishes. He possesses the judgment, He rules. He creates if He wishes, if not He does not create. If He wants, He endows; He takes back if He wishes; if He wants, He never gives anything. Who can influence Allah?

Even Prophets could do nothing. They consent to what He endows upon them. Jacob (UWP) remained blind for a long time, Moses (UWP) had a lisp, Job (UWP) lived with a serious disease for long years. Almost all of the prophets underwent torments and difficulties and hundreds of them were killed.
The Quran says:

Your Lord does create and choose as He pleases: no choice have they (in the matter):(Narration (Al-Qasas)28:68)

He it is Who shapes you in the wombs as He pleases. (The Family Of Imran (Al-Imran), 3:6)

Another aspect of the issue is that Allah is neither unfair to anyone, nor tyrannizes any of His servants.

The Quran says:

Allah is never unjust in the least degree: If there is any good (done), He doubles it, and gives from His own self a great reward. (Women (An-Nisa), 4:40)
We observe that when one of the organs of the physically handicapped people is imperfect, another organ of them is more developed than normal.

For example: we observe memories of blind people are retentive or people who cannot walk have developed handcraft and strong mental abilities.

As regards to mentally handicapped people, although those people seem to be aggrieved and imperfect in this world, when we consider the issue from the point of belief, different opinions can be observed.

Firstly, such kinds of people are not responsible before Allah; they do not have any responsibility in terms of religion. They are not subject to Allahs commands and prohibitions. Therefore, even though this world seems to be dark for them, their everlasting lives are bright and luminous.

Because they do are not guilty before Allah and do not have any sins, they are protected from Hell; they will not undergo torments of Hell. Almighty Allah will make them glad. As the verse indicates, They have a great reward before Allah.

As a matter of fact, this world life passes somehow; with pains, with happiness or sufferings. Everyone encounters difficult examinations. Many of them fail in those examinations; they darken their worldly lives and they lose the Hereafter.

According to the rule the suffering one demands reward, a disabled person, whether disabled congenitally or after birth, deserves a Divine reward from the beginning; a mentally handicapped man is not responsible in any way, either. However, if he has a physical handicap, he will acquire a reward in accordance with his belief and deeds provided that he shows patience, offers thanks to Allah, obeys Him and does not complain.

Almighty Allah commands:

Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere, (The Heifer (Al-Baqarah), 2:155)

On the other hand, the true disabled and handicapped people are the ones who are oblivious of belief and the true blindness and disability is not realizing the truth and goodness in this world, being deprived of the favor of the Quran and the guidance of the prophethood.

When the Quran tells about the blindness of belief, it draws our attention to the following expressions:
But those who were blind in this world will be blind in the hereafter, and most astray from the Path. (The Night Journey (Al-Isrá), 17:72)

He will say: "O my Lord! Why have You raised me up blind, while I had sight (before)?"

(Allah) will say: "Thus did You, when Our Signs came unto you, forgot them: so will you, this day, be forgotten." (Tâ-hâ, 20:125-126)

On the other hand, what have the ones whose bodies are healthy, organs are perfect, mental conditions are normal and whose physical conditions are nice done in order to have such good conditions? What efforts have they made? How did they possess such physically and mentally healthy bodies?

Did they have an opportunity to prefer coming to this world as human beings? A man could have been soil, rock, a tree, even an insect before coming into this existing world. However, in spite of all of those possibilities, we were born as humans by the mercy and favor of Allah.

No contribution and no effect of us is in question for the perfect and healthy conditions of our bodies and organs or the seeing ability of our eyes or hearing of our ears, the working of our brains and the orderliness of our life functions.

Therefore, man in any condition, in any time and in any opportunity should offer his thanks to Allah; he must realize the numerous bounties encompassing his life. He must be conscious of being a slave of Allah and should try to be close to Allah.

Otherwise, Allah forbid, he must not disobey Allah while evaluating the events and he must not make a mistake by assuming a behavior like examining Allah or like calling Him to account for and by overstepping his boundaries.

We have no right to claim anything from Allah. Nothing has been taken from us. Everything has been bestowed on and endowed with us as bounties, favors and gifts. The Quran commands:
But if you count the favors of Allah, never will you be able to number them. (Abraham (Ibrahim), 14:34)

There cannot be anyone who would say it is only a finger, it does not really matter if one had a thumb missing, which seems less important than eyes, ears, feet or brain?

As a matter of fact nobody can say I have been treated unfairly for something Allah did not endow him because whatever Allah endows with man is pure favor and grace. First of all, coming into this existing world from nonexistence is alone a bounty for everyone.

From this point of view, a man with two eyes has been bestowed on by Allah; has a man with one eye not bestowed?

A man who with two legs has been bestowed on by Allah; has a man with one leg not bestowed?

Anything Allah bestowed on is goodness and kindness; they are just favors and gifts. There is no meaning in the challenge, argue and rebel of a servant. Nothing has been seized from the hands of man. Everything is the property of Allah; He gives if He wishes or He does not give if He does not wish.

In the light of those previous explanations, if someone purposely and knowingly calls disabled and imperfect individuals as manufacturing defects, then it means he has challenge the command of Allah, has opposed the wisdom of creation and has committed a grievous sin.

If he has said it without thinking and if has been warned about it, he should vow not to do it again and compensate for his mistake.

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