Are mutations a means for chain of causes for natural selections?

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Are mutations a means for chain of causes for natural selections for Allah’s wishing to create some living beings as handicapped and disabled? Did Allah Almighty associate the living beings that He wished to create as handicapped and disabled with causes through mutations?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Did Allah Almighty associate the living beings that He wished to create as handicapped and disabled with causes through mutations?

Allah Almighty is the owner of absolute justice, goodness and beauty.He wants all of His slaves to follow the straight and true path; He rewards one good deed of theirs with at least ten thawabs He sometimes increases it to thousands. He records only one sin for their bad deeds and sins; He sometimes does not record them at all. He sometimes forgives one thousand sins of man in return for one good deed of him.

As for the handicapped and disabled people,the disabilities originate from people's own mistakes. That is, Allah virtually addresses people as follows: “If you sow wheat in the field, I will give you wheat; if you sow chickpeas, I will give you chickpeas. If you leave it empty, I will not give you anything.”

For instance, if a woman takes some wrong medication when she is pregnant or if she takes some medication in order to have a miscarriage or if the baby remains without oxygen during birth, some bodily and mental disorders will occur in the baby.

If the mother eats haram food or has some forbidden food like alcohol and pork, some disabilities may occur in the child. 

That is, man has the choice here. Since this world is a place of testing, Allah Almighty creates a reason for everything.

There is a subtle point to pay attention here. It is the expression in the question. Allah Almighty does not want to create people as disabled. We make ourselves deserve it.

There is one more important point that needs to be paid attention here. Allah Almighty promises that He will give a lot of rewards in the hereafter to a disabled person in return for the troubles in this world; if he knows Allah in the world and obeys His orders, by transforming this unfavorable situation into a favorable one with His mercy.

One of the points that mislead man is that he wants to have all of the good and nice things in this world. He complains a lot when a thorn pricks his foot or when he suffers from a minor disorder. In fact, the real life is the life in the hereafter. The life in the world lasts at most 80 years. It will end after a certain time even if it is a troubled or disabled one. However, life in the hereafter is eternal. Therefore, it is always necessary for man to take into consideration life in the hereafter related to man. 

A disabled person who knows Allah and fulfills His orders may undergo some hardships in this ephemeral world but he will attain salvation in the eternal life.   If that person were healthy, he might plunge into the worldly life brought about his health and beauty and forget about the hereafter; after the short worldly life, he might live in Hell forever, suffering agonies troubles and hardships.

We do not know whether he would attain salvation if he were healthy. Allah knows all of them; therefore, He makes him move away from worldly life through some reasons and makes him attain salvation in the hereafter, which is the eternal life.

We need to be sure that whatever Allah does it is good for us. We need to beg Him to save our otherworldly life and ask help from Him; and we need to accept gladly whatever comes from Him and whatever He gives us.

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