Question 73: According to the theory of evolution, the useful ones among random mutations were passed down from generation to generation, and living beings of today came into being.

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Question 73: According to the theory of evolution, the useful ones among random mutations were passed down from generation to generation, and living beings of today came into being. Natural selection, which is the elimination mechanism that forms the basis of the theory of evolution, is a blind and purposeless random process. There is no mercy in this process. If one says that a creator created and designed such a world, does it not mean to accept that this creator is also cruel?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Answer: Nothing in the universe is accidental or random because all beings are planned and programmed perfectly, the conditions necessary for each living being to live were prepared and the creatures were sent to the earth after that. The universe is not unattended and a product of coincidence as those who deny a creator claim. It is not the work of nature, which is blind and unconscious, at all either. It is the work of Allah, who has infinite knowledge, will and power.

You say, “The useful ones among random mutations were passed down from generation to generation, and living beings of today came into being.” Is there a single example about it? Where, when, and from what living being did another living being emerge with random mutations? Your excuse is ready. You will say,“it took place in a long period time” and try to get away. How do you know that it took place in a long period time?

How do you present such a thing that is impossible to be proved scientifically and that is completely imaginary, as scientific knowledge? You also know that a mutation occurs one in a million. It occurs in the form of minor changes in living beings like the occurrence of sheep with shorter legs than normal sheep. In other words, no other being emerges from the sheep by mutation; a sheep with some minor changes emerges. If that change occurs in a way to change that living being, it does not become possible for it to survive. It will die while it is still in the embryo stage.

They exposed unicellular coli bacteria and the multicellular vinegar fly to radiation rays in space since the 1960s. In 50 years, scientists subjected them to mutations that could occur in millions of years under normal conditions, but no change took place in those living beings. This idea, which claims that living beings emerged from one another by chance, you defend belongs to ​​400 to 500 BC; it is no longer valid. It seems that you are unaware of it.

There is no need to go to the first creation of beings to understand the creation of beings. The same beings are now created again and out of nothing in the most perfect way, with all their varieties and differences. Allah, who has infinite knowledge, will and power, created your cell in your mother’s womb and produced eyes, ears, hands, feet, lungs and kidneys from that cell and put them in their proper places, adorned them with faculties and feelings like mind, imagination, memory, curiosity and anxiety; Healso created your father and your mother, their fathers and mothers, and the first human beings Hz. Adam and Hz. Hawwa.

Look! Now you are not the same as when you were born. You have grown up and developed. All of your internal and external organs also grew in the same proportion and symmetrically. Who do you think did all this? Is it possible for them to happen by chance? Even soup does not occur by chance. Who does the necessary actions in the human body, in which three thousand different events occur in a second and is made up of about 100 trillion cells, and operates all kinds of mechanisms in the most appropriate way? Since we cannot do these things in our own body, it is not the frog in the swamp or the sparrow flying in the air or the horse in the barn that does all the deeds in our bodies down to the last detail. Who gave them to you?

Look! Before the young living beings are born, their sustenance is prepared in the mother’s breast. It is valid for us as well as for the sheep. If you were to exclude Allah and attribute everything to blind and deaf nature and to chance as an expression of random deed as denialist biologists do, how the location and shape of your ears, the structure of the mouth and nose, the arrangement and length of the hands, the shape of the feet and head be? Is not there a being that saved you from being a freak?

Is it possible to explain by chance or coincidence that every organ of yours is in its proper place and shape and structure as it is now? If you were to make stairs of even two steps, you would first prepare the mold. Where are the molds of these organs, feet and hands, kidneys and lungs? Do you not think at all?

What is the source of the feelings and thoughts, imagination and memories, curiosity and anxiety that are not found in elements? Who gave them to you?

You say “Nature selectsor eliminates beings.” What you call nature is air, water, soil, the sun, sea, plants, animals and people, and other beings. Is that right? You see that they are also created. You are the most intelligent and conscious one in nature. Let alone creating out of nothing, you are unable to manage yourself. It is under your control until you put the morsel into your mouth. Do you have a say after swallowing that morsel? Each of the elements in that morsel is distributed to various parts of the body. Although you have intellect, consciousness and will, you cannot control your own body; can the sheep control its own body? Or, can the sun create and manage all these living beings? Or does the water in the sea or the eggplants on the land do activities in this living world?

Are these not what you call nature and some laws that they are subject to such as growth, development and differentiation? The law does not do an activity. The owner of infinite knowledge, will and power do the necessary actions with those laws. May Allah grant you and those who worship nature by thinking like you mercy, rational and reasonable thought!

Do the creatures you see in the world and think they survive because they are strong have an eternal life? Have you ever seen such a powerful being that lives eternally? As you know, every living being eventually leaves this world. Since you have not given their life, you cannot decide how long they will live. This scene of life, which you see as a merciless struggle, is like a perfectly functioning factory set up for the order of the universe. If those who came to the world had not left with death, there would not have been room for you in this scene of life and you would not have come to this world. When you see those events, which your mind cannot comprehend, say, what Ibrahim Haqqi said,

“Let us see what God will do,

Whatever He does, He does well”

Do not intervene and let others intervene in the deeds of God. That load is heavy; you cannot lift it and will be crushed by it.

You say, “There is a merciless struggle in nature.”What struggle did you undergo to become a human being? Did you make oxen, cows, horses, sheep, chickens and fish your servants after fighting them? What battle did you win to make clouds, the sun, rain, barley, wheat, beans, tomatoes, melons, watermelons, grapes, apples, cherries, the air and water your prisoners? You hardly managed to stand up one year after your birth. You learned what is harmful and what is useful in fifteen years. Since you, as the most intelligent, conscious and resolute creature of the earth, did not fight in a big battle against the universe, tell me who fought this great battle?

There is not a struggle, but a mutual aid system that works in a very nice way in the universe. Living and non-living beingshelp one another. Rain is sent from the sky to help plants and animals; the sun warms the soil, plants and animals from the sky; in addition, it takes part in the preparation, maturation and cooking of food, and air is presented as a source of life to plants, animals and people through breathing. Plants are sent to help animals, and animals and plants are sent to help humans as sustenance. About one hundred trillion cells in human beings are always in contact with one another and help one another. Do you look through the opposite side of the binoculars since you perceive all this cooperation as a merciless struggle? Or has your realm of spirit become so dark since you see the day as night? May Allah grant you mercy!

You say, “There is no mercy in this process; there would be mercy if there was a creator.” Who feeds you and all your relatives and those you do not know with food beginning from the time of the mother’s womb? Who is the Merciful one who provides for you sustenance from chicken to sheep, from fish to bee, from apples to walnuts and pomegranates and gives you a stomach suitable for that sustenance and a good appetite? Who is the one that loves you very much and does not want to hurt you, does not make you even feel the shaking of the earth, which rotates with a speed of 108 thousand kilometers per hour, so as not to disturb you while sleeping due to His love and compassion, does not make its sound heard, puts the air you breathe under your command and keep sits mixture at a certain amount, makes day and night turn around you? Who is the one that created the sun, which cooks all your food and warms you, and made it your servant because He does not want you to be disturbed? Does the fact that all these blessings and thousands of more that we cannot count have been given to you not show Allah’s mercy, love, affection, kindness, mercy for you? Does the fact that all these blessings have been given to you show His hostility and mercilessness to you? Why are you so ungrateful? You thank someone who offers you a tea, but you do not thank the being that gives you all these blessings; are they not worth as much as tea since you accuse him of mercilessness?

Shall I keep listing? Look! He created you out of nothing; He did not create you as a tree or a stone but as a human being. He gave you all kinds of feelings and emotions, your mind and imagination fully. What else do you want? He nourishes not only you, but all beings in the universe with such mercy, compassion, grace, love and affection, makes you and them live, and when the time is due, He sends you and them from this world to recreate in the eternal world.

Look! He wants to give you more. He promises an eternal realm, the hereafter. He gives Paradise as good news. However, He states that He will test you so that you will deserve it and that He will test you through some misfortunes, sickness, richness and poverty; He gives you the good news that an eternal Paradise will be given to you if you fulfil His orders. He states that this world is temporary, that every being will stay here for a certain time and they will be removed from this world based on certain reasons.

It is He who creates all living beings and gives life to them; and it is He who removes them from this world. Property belongs to Him. He uses His property as He wishes. Why do you intervene in His actions and deeds in the universe with your knowledge that is not even a drop compared to His knowledge, which is like the sea? Was your mind appointed as the engineer of the universe since you want everything to be arranged according to your inadequate mind and idea? What do you think you are in the universe? Would the sun not rise if you had not been created? Would the wind not blow? Would the spring season not come? If you had not been created, you would not have lived in this world. That is all. Everyone should know their limits; they should not object to the events of the universe that they do not understand; they should not dare to speak in the name of science. Otherwise, if Allah’s hatred and fury are attracted by such quackery and overstepping limits, by strong language that target His existence, deeds and divinity, one can lose the eternal life of Paradise and go to the eternal life of Hell. Any sane person should tremble at the thought of such a bad ending.

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