Why does Allah create disabled and mutated living beings?

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Why does Allah create disabled and mutated living beings?
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We will deal with the issue from a few viewpoints and leave it to you to synthesize the analysis.

1. The universe is the property of Allah. He has the right to do whatever He wishes in His property. It depends on His decision what living beings to create and how to do it. Allah imposed some laws like growing, development, differentiation and reproduction regarding creation and He attributed these laws to certain causes. These laws are valid for not only human beings but also all of the other living beings. 

Allah gave every living being an ultimate point, which is the most developed and most suitable for that living being. It is called the perfection point, that is, the perfect state of that living being. There is a perfection point for a tulip, rose, nightingale, cow, fly, horse, etc. There are certain causes and laws for that species of living being to reach that perfection point.  If these laws are not obeyed, that living being dies before reaching the perfection point. It does not matter whether it is a human being, plant or animal.  

For instance, some faults occur in the structure of a living being that cannot get enough water or food. The degree of this fault and illness is directly proportional to obtaining the substance that this living being needs. 

Similarly, some changes called mutation can take place in a living being that becomes exposed to radiation in the embryonic phase. Disabilities and abnormalities can occur in that living being depending on the length and magnitude of the radiation. A living being can be exposed to radiation or similar chemical reactions in natural environment or in a laboratory.  

For example, some chemical experiments applied on rats or rabbits in laboratories can cause them to be disabled in some way or other. All of the changes and differentiation that can occur this way are issues of research and investigation.    

After this preliminary knowledge, we can go back to the question, “Why does Allah create disabled and mutated living beings?” There can be two answers given to that question:

Firstly,no matter how much you change the causes and laws, every living being is created in the perfect way. Secondly, when you intervene in the causes and laws, you will get results based on what you do. 

What is happening in the universe now is the second answer. That is, God Almighty answers our question. Is it not more appropriate for His wisdom and justice?

For instance, we wander what will happen if we apply a certain amount of x-rays on the mouse embryo in the uterus. We will find out when we do it. The result will probably be a disabled or ill mouse.

God Almighty attributed everything to a law and cause. Some deformities or illnesses occur in the individuals in the realm of living beings based on whether these causes and laws are obeyed or not. You can also call it an answer to a question. In the realm of the living beings, the answers to the questions are obtained through experiments and applications. Allah's wisdom, justice and sovereignty in creation necessitate this.  

2. Allah is the only owner of the property. He governs the world and the hereafter. The owner of the property does whatever he wishes in his property. He constructs a building on his land or plants something if he wishes. He cannot be regarded as wrong or responsible because of what he does.

Allah has one thousand and one names; each of them wants to be manifest through a different art, manifestation and reflection. 

For instance, the name ar-Razzaq (the Sustainer) wants the existence of the living beings that need sustenance; similarly, the name ash-Shafi (the Healer) wants the existence of ill people and illnesses. The differences in the universe originate from different manifestations of these names. 

Works of art need to have different esthetics, and contrasts so that Allah's endless knowledge, power and wisdom will be understood fully by conscious beings. As the scientific rule, “Everything is understood by their opposites” necessitates, contrasts are necessary in beings. Thus, the facts that are called relative truths will appear and the difference between different arts will be understood. From this point of view, it can be said that beautiful things need ugly things so that their beauties will be understood; similarly, perfect things need incomplete things so that their perfection will be understood.

Allah dressed the bodies of humans and animals as clothes of their spirits. He made the spirit a model to show the manifestations of His various names. He wanted to tailor the shirts of bodies in different forms by shortening, lengthening, reducing and cutting on the flexible model of the spirit that could fit all kinds of molds. This difference aims to show the manifestation of many of His names like divine knowledge, power and wisdom. Accordingly, every being including a lame and blind person is a wonderful work of art; they reflect Allah's knowledge, power and wisdom. The things that seem to be deficient for us are indeed wonderful works of art.

All of the beings except human beings, who are gentle, coy and a bit spoiled, are satisfied with their state. For instance, no ant complaints that it is not an elephant and no fly complains that it is not a camel. Every being knows that they are grateful to their Lord and thank Him based on the degree of their value.

From this point of view, it is necessary for lame people to understand that they need to be grateful for their state with the consciousness of belief, to think that they will get great rewards in the hereafter in return for their deficiency in this ephemeral world life, to know that a person who gives away one but receives one thousand is not a loser but a winner and to thank their Lord. 

Animals, whose spirits are immortal, thank their Lord due to their existence even if they are lame. It is possible to understand this fact from the following verse: “…All beings declare His glory...” (al-Isra, 17/44)

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