Does Satan have power to impose on humans?

The Quranic verse, Assuredly, Satans guile is ever feeble draws our attention to the weakness of Satans deceits and tricks. It is announced in many verses of Quran that Satan has no authority over humans. (Chapters, 14:22; 15:42; 16:99; 17:65; 34:21)

This situation is very important for the responsibilities of humans. If Satan would have such an authority, humans would offer an excuse before God such as, O God, You set Satan to bothering us. He took our will from our hands. He urges us to sin. However, the only thing that Satan does is to give the feeling of apprehension, to show sins and unfavorable things as if they are good. Anyone who fall into this apprehensive state of mind becomes a sinner and anyone who does not fall for (Satans tricks) he/she ascends before God.

The basic strife against Satan is to oppose to his instructions. That is why; this very enemy should be well known. The ones, who cannot distinguish the source of inspiration that comes to their heart; either from Satan or from (another) angel; mostly fall for Satans tricks. Human heart is the battlefield of Angels and Satans inspirations.

The believers, by taking shelter In God, should save themselves from Satans suggestions. And if a prompting from Satan should cause you hurt (as you carry out your mission or during worship or in your everyday life), seek refuge in God. He is All- Hearing, All-Knowing. Those who keep from disobedience to God in reverence for Him and piety: when a suggestion from Satan touches them – they are alert and remember God, and then they have clear discernment. (Al-Araf Surah, 7:200, 201) By this way, the believers are under the protection of God. Even if Satan assails them by giving suggestions, they by bringing God to remembrance, regain consciousness and do not fall for Satan. They become free from apprehensions and clearly see the reality.

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