Satan’s Ways of Deluding and Penetrating into Man

Satan tries many ways, intrigues and tricks in order to deceive man. The most important ones of those intrigues and tricks are as follows;

1. Lust and wrath... They are the biggest ways of entry for Satan.

That is why, the following is stated in a hadith:

“Satan penetrates into man’s body and circulates in it like the blood circulates in the body. Narrow down his ways through hunger (fasting).”(Ihya, III, 61.).

The biggest way of Satan’s entry into man’s body is lust. Hunger alleviates lust.

2. Jealousy and ambition... When a slave becomes ambitious about something, he no longer sees the justice and hears the truth.

3. Greed... Satan makes man love something through various forms of hypocrisy and tricks. He makes man greedy. What man is greedy about becomes kind of his god.

4. Haste... When one is in a hurry, he cannot have time to think. Satan can delude him at that moment.

5. Fear of meanness and poverty... That fear prevents man from generosity and calls him to accumulate wealth.

Sufyan Thawri said: “The strongest weapon of Satan to entrap man is the fear of poverty.

6. One of the doors that Satan penetrates into the heart is the fanaticism of sect and denomination. Thus, Satan leads man to develop a grudge against those who are not in his sect or denomination and to despise them. It is a very dangerous state. It leads both sinners and worshipping believers to destruction.

It is a bad characteristic to despise people and seek their mistakes. However, Satan makes man like those bad characteristics by showing them as good ones under the cover of serving religion. Man thinks he does something good by doing so and feels happy and joyful. As a matter of fact, he is entrapped by Satan. 

7.     Another way that Satan deceives people is to make people involved with the differences of opinion and sect among people, rumors about them and unnecessary things.

Ibn Mas’ud narrates:

“A group of people gathered together in order to mention the names of Allah. Satan tried hard to break them up but failed. Then, he went over another group that was talking about worldly affairs. He brought about trouble among them and made them fight. What Satan aimed was not to break them up but the group that was mentioning the names of Allah. He managed to do it. Those people saw the fight and ran towards them to break up the fight; then they did not go back to their group and dispersed... Thus, what Satan wanted took place.”

8.     Another way that Satan penetrates into the heart is to lead some people whose minds narrowed because of their ignorance and heedlessness and because they indulged in sins to think about matters about belief that they cannot comprehend and to make them doubt about religious matters.

9.     Suspecting others... Satan leads a person who starts to think bad things about others to backbite them, or makes him not heed his rights. He makes him insult and despise them.

First and foremost, it is necessary to avoid states that will make others suspect you and think of bad things about you in order to stop that delusion of Satan. Then, it is necessary to try to think of good things about others and avoid suspecting them.

The ones mentioned above are not Satan’s all tricks, delusions and ways of penetrating into man. They differ a lot depending on people, ages and conditions.

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