Satan gives me delusions like “You are still very young”. How can I prevent him?

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I am a young person. Satan gives me delusions such as “You are very young. Who died young? Go and fulfill your illegitimate desires”. My life may end at any moment, but I cannot make my soul accept it. How can I solve that problem? How can I prevent those delusions?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Satan is a kind of spiritual being that has no ability to do good deeds and does nothing but evil. He was created in accordance with the secret of testing and so that man would reach a level worthy of Paradise as a result of his struggle with Satan in the world.

Satan asked permission from Allah to lead people astray with his delusions, and Allah gave him permission due to the secret of testing.

Satan declared that if he saw that people were on the straight path, he would intervene and prevent them from being grateful, would show them their sins as nice things and lead them astray, fill them with delusions, approach them from the front, back, right and left, and that he would cause Hell to be filled with people. “He (Satan) said: ‘Because thou hast thrown me out of the way, lo! I will lie in wait for them on thy straight way.’” (al-A’raf, 16)

Satan has many tricks and delusions to lead people astray. He uses tactics according to the state of a person. He tries to lead them astray by saying, ‘You are very young; enjoy yourself, have fun’ to some people, ‘Nothing happens if you sin only once’ to others and ‘Do it; Allah will forgive you’ to some others.

He addresses those who go astray with his delusions and fall into the quagmire of sins as follows: “Allah will not forgive you since you have committed so many sins.” Thus, he destroys their hopes and can lead them to denial.

Satan sometimes instills the thought “I wish this or that was not a sin” in man’s mind; then, that person gets used to sin and likes them; he starts to say that this or that is not a sin. Eventually, Satan can cause him to deny the existence of Hell, which is the place of punishment for sinners and can lead him to exit his religion.

Therefore, the Qur’an often mentions Satan’s tricks, stating that he is an obvious enemy.

Satan made good use of the time and permission he took to mislead people. The Quran informs us that he has achieved his goal as follows:

“But he did lead astray a great multitude of you. Did ye not, then, understand?” (Yasin, 62)

Satan’s methods and tactics of leading people away from the true path:

  1. He inculcates irreligion and atheism into man first. If he fails to do it,
  2. he will try to make man associate partners with Allah. If it does not happen,
  3. he tries to make man believe in bid’ahs. If it does not happen,
  4. he tries to make man commit major sins. If it does not happen,
  5. he tries to make man commit minor sins. If he fails to do it,
  6. he tries to make man be engaged in unnecessary things. If it does not work,
  7. he suggests man the least thawab he can get and the least sadaqah he will give.

He becomes successful in his effort in terms of many people but he cannot do anything to the friends of Allah with the help of Allah.

Allah warns man against the tricks of Satan, states that his tricks are weak and shows the ways of protection from him. We can summarize the ways of protection from Satan as follows:

1. To take refuge in Allah frequently through istiadha, that is, by saying “audhu billahi minash-shaytanir-rajim”.

2. Satan states the following after getting permission from Allah: “Then will I assault them from before them and behind them, from their right and their left: Nor wilt thou find, in most of them, gratitude (for thy mercies).” (al-Araf, 17)

Allah makes Satan forget up and down here. What is up is supplication and what is down is prostration. In other words, man can get away from Satan with supplication and prostration because he is in contact with Allah in both cases.

3. Man can be protected from Satan through knowledge and intellect. The Quran always invites man to use his intellect., All of Satan’s tricks will disappear through knowledge and reasoning. What Satan does is gift of the gab, decoration, and instant things. For example, fury is from Satan. When man thinks about the result of fury through his mind, his fury will fade away.

4. A good environment and making good friends also keep people away from Satan.

5. In addition, Allah created an angel of inspiration in every human being against the delusions of Satan. That angel inspires man to show him the right way against the delusions of Satan. Sometimes a person notices it inside him; he hears an inside voice whether he should do something or not. That voice belongs to the angel of inspiration.

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