Why does man blame qadar?

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9.1.5-Why does man blame qadar?

Question: Man wants to place the blame upon qadar, Satan and – God forbid – Allah for his mistakes and faults by saying, “I committed this sin because it was in my qadar, it was in divine knowledge. Otherwise, I would not have committed them. Satan and my soul, who deceived me, are to blame.I would not have committed them if Allah had not created evil.” How can the issue be viewed in terms of Satan’s delusions?

Answer: One of the most dangerous and important delusions and tricks of Satan is preventing man from confessing his fault. For, if man accepts and confesses his fault, he will ask forgiveness from Allah, give up his sins and mistakes and take refuge in Allah.

In addition, Satan provokes man’s egoism and makes him defend himself like a lawyer. Thus, man does not accept his mistakes and begins to see himself virtually as a being with no mistakes.1

However, infallibility and perfection are not in question for human beings. Everybody except prophets can make mistakes and commit sins. Man can improve himself by giving up his sins and mistakes and by reducing them.

Therefore, not accepting one’s mistakes and imperfection, and placing the blame upon qadar and others is one of the delusions and tricks of Satan in a way.2

A person following this path closes the path of asking for forgiveness and taking refuge in Allah, and closes the door of repentance; his egoism gets stronger and he eventually deifies himself. In this respect, he who obeys Satan does not see his own mistakes or he interprets them differently. In fact, he becomes a toy and puppet of Satan. However, even the Prophet Yusuf (joseph) stated the following:

“Nor do I absolve my own self (of blame): the (human) soul is certainly prone to evil.”

Actually, if man thinks a bit, Satan’s delusion and trick will be easily understood: If man accepts and confesses his mistake, he will ask for forgiveness, repent, take refuge in Allah and take precautions. Thus, he will get rid of the evil Satan and being his puppet. So, not to accept one’s mistake and to blame others like qadar, which is a kind of divine knowledge, is a sin bigger than the other sins one commits.3

Besides, man was given will to be responsible for his mistakes. Man wants to commit sins with his free will and commits them; therefore, he needs to blame himself for his sins.

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