10- Satan does not allow man to confess his mistakes

Satan does not allow man to confess his mistakes

Satan not allowing man to confess his mistakes

Satan causing man delusion about not allowing him to confess his mistakes

One of the important delusions of Satan is not to allowman to confess his mistakes until the way to repentance and taking refuge in Allah is closed. 

With this delusion, Satan provokes the evil-commanding soul and egoism of a person. A person who is deceived by this delusion starts to defend himself like a lawyer. He virtually thinks he is free from all mistakes. 

Yes, a soul that obeys Satan does not want to see its own mistakes. Even if such a person sees a mistake, he interprets it through hundreds of explanations. He does not and cannot see his mistakes since he looks at his soul with consent. He does not confess his mistake since he does not see it; he does not repent or take refuge from it.  

For, man likes his soul naturally. He loves himself more than anything else. He sacrifices everything for his soul. He praises himself as if he deserves to be liked by Allah. He acquits himself of all of the mistakes. He does not think he deserves to make mistakes. He is sure of himself and he likes himself. He virtually becomes putty in Satan's hands.

The way of getting rid of this delusion

“Therefore, justify not yourselves.” (an-Najm: 32) As the verse expresses, it is necessary not to justify yourself, that is, not to acquit your soul. 

A prophet like Hz. Yusuf (pbuh) says,“Nor do I absolve my own self (of blame): the (human soul) certainly prone to evil, unless my Lord do bestow His Mercy.” How can we acquit our souls since Hz. Yusuf does not absolve his own self?

A person who accuses his soul sees his mistake. He confesses his mistake. He repents to Allah for his mistake. He takes refuge in Allah from the delusions of Satan. Thus, he gets rid of the evil of Satan.

Not to see one's mistake is a bigger mistake than that mistake. Not to confess one's mistake is a much bigger mistake.

If a person sees his mistake, it will no longer be a mistake; if he confesses it, he will deserve to be forgiven.

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