Belief in Qadar E12: Why can't we understand the issue of Qadar?

In this video, the terms that are necessary to know about the issue of Qadar have been discussed. After the concepts of "time" and "pre-eternity" are defined, Allah’s attribute of pre-eternity are explained with 4 examples. The most important cause for misunderstanding the issue of qadar (destiny) is confusion about the concepts of "time" and "pre-eternity" and the misinterpretation of them. People live in time and place and so they evaluate every event according to time and they make a mistake by assuming "pre-eternity" as the beginning of "time". Misunderstanding qadar is the result of this wrong comparison. Time is an abstract concept. It starts with the creation of the universe and many events happen in it. Time is divided into three parts: Past, present and future. This division is for creatures. Namely, the concepts such as century, year, month, day, yesterday, today, tomorrow are in question for creatures. Pre-eternity does not mean before the beginning of the time. In pre-eternity, there is no past, present and future. Pre-eternity is a station where all times are seen and known at the same moment.

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