Will you give information about not keeping one's promise and breach of faith?

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Is it regarded oppression and wrongdoing if a person breaks his promise and depresses some people because of it? Is it appropriate to say destiny (qadar) prevented me from keeping my promise? There are some people who want to be freed from responsibility by saying this was the act of qadar.
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The religion of Islam introduced many principles like the consciousness of Islamic responsibility, altruism, generosity, sincerity, loyalty, keeping promises, chastity and decency, which will make a person act sensitively to his environment and think of others before himself. On the other hand, it prohibits attributes like egoism, stinginess, keeping silent in the face of injustice and being indifferent, which would cause him to act indifferently to his environment and even to harm his environment.

If a person breaks his promise though he is in a position to keep it and attributes it do qadar, he is regarded to have committed a sin and to have violated other people's rights. Therefore, he needs to repent and ask for forgiveness from those people.

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