Is it always so difficult to be on the right path? Why do some people have more problems and why is their testing more difficult?

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Is it always so difficult to be on the right path? Why do some people have more problems and why is their testing more difficult?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Since people were not created in the same nature, it is the necessity of the divine wisdom that their testing will be different. There are thousands of feelings and emotions in man. For instance, the feeling of compassion in women is more than in men. Thus, it is understood that the divine wisdom necessitates different testing.

The more difficult the testing, the more reward is given. When a person gets 50 in a difficult test and another person gets 100 in an easy test, their level may be the same though their marks do not seem to be the same. One of them may look superior to the other in terms of quantity but they may be equal in terms of quality. Sometimes one misfortune a person suffers may make him get more rewards than a person who suffers ten misfortunes. What matters is to be able to understand the inside of the affair.   

One of the most manifest realities of the universe we live in is the relativity of its realities. This universe is not a place that can be easily and definitely divided as either black or white, either beautiful or ugly, either good or bad and either bright or dark. On the contrary, black and white, beautiful and ugly, good and bad, bright and dark have degrees.

The question, ‘why was the universe created like that?’ has been answered commonly as follows by the honest hearts and straightforward minds for centuries:  Because the aim of the creation of the universe is realized only through such gradualism. This universe was created by a Being that wants to see and show His beauty, His absolute and limitless names and attributes; man, who was created by Him so that he will realize this aim, can fulfill it only in a world of relativity and gradualism.  For, man has limits originating from the fact that he is a creature; his knowledge, perception, point of view, will, power, etc. are limited. Therefore, he cannot comprehend the Being that created him and the universe through his knowledge, will and power. He cannot recognize and describe the truth when he sees it in its absolute and limitless form. In that case, instead of seeing the truth in its absolute form, he is exposed to blindness caused by dazzle; similarly, when we look at the sunlight, our seeing capacity decreases and our eyes are blinded. Therefore, Lord of Majesty, who created man and the universe, created the world by hiding the appearance of His strength and his grandeur; that is, He made his absolute names and attributes be manifest in a relative and gradual way.

That is the cause of the existence of opposites in the universe. The Being that created this universe created it in a stunning variety by mingling the opposites like beautiful-ugly, good-bad, benefit-harm, perfect-incomplete, bright-dark; He enabled us to to recognize his absolute names and attributes through that relativity.   

Therefore, man can classify the beings in the universe in terms of, say, beauty through adjectives like very beautiful, beautiful, not bad, ugly and very ugly. When man moves one step further, he has a property that makes him notice the beautiful aspects in the things that he does not regard as beautiful.   

When we have a look at the world of humanity, we see different reflections of that relativity that surrounds the universe among human beings. People are not equal to one another in terms of strength, mind, emotions, ethics or beauty. People show a variety of opposites between strong and weak, clever and stupid, good and bad, emotional and indifferent, beautiful and ugly, etc. There are people that serve as models of high ethics for the whole world and there are people that everybody avoids due to their immorality. There lived people about whom sagas were written; on the other hand, there lived people who could not even move their fingers. There were people who were so beautiful and people who were notoriously ugly.

Man does not object to the nice and beautiful aspects of this painting of gradual manifestations very much. His mind admits this mystery of relativity but the conscience of man asks questions regarding the negative aspect of this painting.

The testing of man starts at this point.  He either realizes that this ephemeral world is a testing hall and tries to recognize his Lord and to worship Him with the tools and abilities given to him or cannot take that step and is drowned in the sea of questions.

We should state that God treats man with His mercy. For instance, the people who were not informed about the true religion will be saved. The troubles and illnesses that a person suffers in this world will be atonement for his sins. Every affair whose inside we cannot understand will be in favor of man. God promises Paradise to people who see it and do not rebel against Him.  

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