How can we take refuge in God?

Satan, just because he is the enemy invisible and where he can come near to you is unknown; taking refuge in God from his delusions and tricks is very important matter for unable beings like us. There is no escape from Satan for humans. If salvation is to ever come to us then examination secret of the man in this life must be abrogated, which is contrary to the creation wisdom. So, Satan bothers humans with endless delusions and tricks throughout their life times.

Messenger of God (peace be upon him) states on this matter as, Every one of you has personal satans.

There are many ways to keep Satan away from you and to weaken him for a believer. Messenger of God (pbuh) states, A man can weaken Satan, as he makes his camel thin in a journey.

The misgivings of Satan can only be dispelled by commemorating God and appealing for His help. In the interpretation of the Surah Al-Falaq, Mujahid says, Satan who is Hannas (to enter a place for giving Waswasa- whispering doubts, misgivings) settles in the hearts. Whenever God is commemorated, he escapes, and turns back when the soul is in negligence. It is almost like the fight of the darkness and the light. Remembrance of God, wards Satan off. And the following verse points out this very truth once again, Satan has subdued them and so caused them to forget remembrance of God. Those are the party of Satan. Be aware: the party of Satan, they are the losers (the self-ruined). (Al-Mujadilah Surah, 58:19)

There are so many Quranic verses about taking refuge in God from Satans harm. Some of those are:
And if a prompting from Satan should cause you hurt (as you carry out your mission or during worship or in your everyday life), seek refuge in God. He is All- Hearing, All-Knowing. (Al-Araf Surah, 7:200)
And say: My Lord! I seek refuge in You from the promptings and provocations of the satans (of the jinn and humankind especially in my relations with people, while I am performing my mission). I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they be present with me." (Al-Muminun Surah, 23:97-98)

In these verses, it is pointed out that Satan usually comes near to you and gives waswasa (doubts, misgivings) while in worship so keeps you away from good deeds and impels you to sin.

Especially, when Quran is recited, he casts different doubts into the mind and heart. He even urges you to spell this cannot be the way to recite Quran and dissuades you to give up reciting. We are asked to take refuge in God against the tricks of him:
So when you recite the Quran (as a good, righteous deed), seek refuge in God from Satan rejected (from His Mercy, because of his evil suggestions and whisperings during the recitation). (An-Nahl Surah, 16:98)
Students who seek to receive an education and people who want to worship must seek refuge in God from Satans molestation.
And if a prompting from Satan should stir in you (when carrying out your mission or during worship or in your daily life), seek refuge in God immediately. He is the One Who is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing. (Fussilat Surah, 41:36)

There are no limits and categories of Satans thoughts. He likes to involve in and implicate everything. If he finds something that we have done similar to his, he perceives them as signs and he becomes so delighted, because he has plans on us. When he makes us to sin at the first time, as if he wins a victory, screams delightfully. Once you will step up the first stair, which Satan called you for, climbing the second will be easier.

Taking refuge in God is not only peculiar to the common person; Prophets, holy men took refuge in God from Satan and by supplicating, they rushed to the door of Gods mercy. Anyhow, in the Quran:
Say: "My Lord would not care for you were it not for your prayer. Now that you have denied (His Message), the inescapable punishment will cleave to you." (Al-Furqan Surah, 25:77)
Your Lord has said: "Pray to Me, (and) I will answer you." Those who are too haughty to worship Me will enter Hell abased. (Al-Mumin Surah, 40:60)
To Him alone is made the call of truth and the prayer of truth addressed. Those to whom they invoke and call others (to invoke), apart from Him, cannot answer them in any way – (so that he who invokes them is but) like one who stretches out his hands to water (praying) that it may come to his mouth, but it never comes to it. The prayer of the unbelievers is but destined to go to waste. (Ar-Rad Surah, 13:14)
With above-mentioned verses, believers are invited to supplicate to God and to take refuge in Him. After all, supplicating as, For the sake of God, most humbly and in awe, not loud of voice while in neediness and in abundance is a duty for us and our Rab (Cherisher and Sustainer) requests it from us. For, supplicating is worship (duty) at the same time.

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