Spiritual Aspect of Consciousness

Does Consciousness Develop?

Relationship of Consciousness with the Universe and Quantum Dynamics

Relationship between Brain and Consciousness

Consciousness and Belief

Relationship between Matter and Time

Relationship of Consciousness with Time and Space

Consciousness is a Step between Spirit and Body

Connection between Mind, Feeling and Spirit



According to the medical definition, consciousness is being aware of the stimulants through five senses, being alert and controlling one’s behavior and attitudes.  Sleep is a change of consciousness; alcohol and drugs, hypnosis and meditation spoil consciousness. What is meant by consciousness is to be able to perceive through senses. The concept of philosophical consciousness for man means being aware of his existence. There exists consciousness directed toward meeting basic needs in animals. There is no consciousness in plant life.

There exists will in consciousness; therefore, consciousness affects our decisions. After we perceive things with five senses, our brain processes the information that is sent to it and proceeds in the direction of the decisions it makes. In consciousness, to be able to conduct “the behavior directed toward the purpose” is in question. To think about thought which is the activity of high consciousness is a characteristics of man.

Consciousness, which is expressed through the word “cognition”, is the mental activity and high brain functions that concern the processes of thought, decision-making and attention of a person. It is consciousness that directs the processes that can be summarized as “quest for meaning with the perception of time and existence”. This consciousness, which makes man real man, has high functions and it means being able to discern abstract concepts.

In some diseases, consciousness is spoiled. A person who has dissociated identification disorder has a different personality in the morning and a different personality in the evening. They are personality types in which it is possible to see very different personality characteristics; for instance, dependent on the one hand and conciliatory on the other hand. The state of those people who have different personality in different places is called multiple personality. Different links of the brain function differently and different personalities occur. This is called identification change though a person has consciousness.

Spiritual Aspect of Consciousness

When we focus on the issues relating to man’s perception of the universe and himself while studying consciousness and when we research the connection of consciousness  with the brain, we can see that genetic traits come to the forefront. We can say that when the concept of abstract thought, which is present only in man, is spoilt, some deviations in consciousness occur and we can see that those people have problems in their social relations with others.

In an experiment with monkeys, the acts of monkeys were determined before the monkeys moved their hands or arms. Before the animal conducted the act that it planned, the areas of the brain related to that act were seen to be active, which revealed the consciousness that was used while making decisions.

Descartes divided the universe into two: mind and matter. However, today, scientific realities show that the universe cannot be divided by such sharp lines. Darwin, who was affected by matter after this division, sanctified matter and dialectical materialism emerged. The thought of explaining everything through causality turned into philosophy and a new belief. Therefore, consciousness has become a field in which not only philosophy but also psychology and physics have been interested. Especially quantum physicists are very interested in consciousness.

While choosing information, man shows inclinations regarding the decision he will make and the brain records it. In the state that is called “Lunch syndrome”, when a person who sits at a restaurant hears his name or hears something that he is interested in, he starts to listen to the talk at that table. The brain decides about which stimulant to turn to. There is a saying in Turkish, “A person who has no intention of praying has no ears for the call to prayer”; it means a person will not hear what is said about a topic that he is not interested in and that he will be very good at something that he is interested in.

When the area of interest is parallel with the area of effect, consciousness steps in and becomes more effective. Psychological consciousness goes into action regarding issues in which emotional intensity and mental concentration are in question and it determines where consciousness will be directed to. The information that is chosen brings about purposeful acts since it will make the brain open for this information. For instance, a mother who is sleeping soundly does not hear anything but she can hear her baby’s crying. The consciousness of the mother is closed but she opens herself to some perceptions.

Man has alert consciousness with which he uses to control the events around him and which he directs. It is an open active field like the cache memory in computers. Along with the program that is active, there are several other programs working in the background. Those programs are like the unconscious in man; a person can use those programs when necessary. For instance, while driving, several acts like holding the steering wheel, looking at the road, pushing the gas pedal and putting the brakes on are carried out almost automatically; we can drive where we want though we think about other things. The slips of tongue used in therapies are good examples of it. They are unconscious signs (like saying ‘same to you’ instead of ‘rest in peace’ to express condolence).

Unconscious signs used in therapy are thought to be related to some materials other than consciousness. They originate from the work of preconscious thinking. A person recalls them when he wants. Slips of tongue are like that. A repressed fury and enmity that have been experienced against somebody but that have been forgotten and ignored and that have been driven away from the area of consciousness can be expressed in the form of a slip of tongue. Especially unsolved traumas, mourning, childhood experiences and shocks are driven out of consciousness after they are experienced and their connections with consciousness are thought to have been cut off. However, it is like a dormant volcano. It sometimes becomes active and tries to express itself unconsciously through various ways though it is not expressed consciously. Those states that are expressed in the form of slips of tongue or complexes (for instance, some people acting with a superiority complex) are states that have not been solved outside consciousness and that have been repressed wrongly. Even if a person thinks that he has forgotten about that incident, it will continue to affect his attitudes and may cause him to act wrongly. A person who feels fury against his father can furiously treat a person whom he likens to his father; without any reason, he can say, “I did not like this person at all.” This thought will not usually have a logical explanation. However, this fury occurs because he associates that person with his father.  It is something unconscious.

Preconscious thinking is related to the information that is recalled. At this point, the concept of selective consciousness is in question; a person can perceive other things while he is doing something. It is difficult for a person to discern, on his own, the things that take place outside his consciousness. Therefore, professional psychologists can find them through the links in the attitudes.

Does Consciousness Develop?

While the concept of consciousness is explained in terms of plants, animals and humans, it is remarkable that human consciousness is not fixed. Since there is no development regarding awareness and alertness in plants and animals, it is not possible for their consciousness to develop. However, regarding human consciousness, the mental factor is effective and it enables a person to acquire new knowledge.

When we examine human consciousness, we notice that it occurs in various phases. For instance, there are important differences between childish consciousness and the consciousness in which abstract thinking forms. We can say that this consciousness develops in various stages.

For humans, acting upon the data they have can be defined as development in the level of consciousness. One of the important characteristics in man is obtaining the thoughts that he gives importance and the thoughts that are dominant. This property is related to the development of consciousness in man.

Consciousness is closely related to man’s forming an area of interest. It is possible for a person to develop conscious behavior in the areas where he focuses his mind and concentrates his emotions.

The Relationship of Consciousness with the Universe and Quantum Dynamics

The answer to be given to the question whether consciousness is something that is produced in the brain or not is important in understanding consciousness. The brain hosts consciousness as the mediating organ of our personality and soul. Whether the brain produces consciousness or not has been discussed by scientists recently. Consciousness is defined like that, acting upon a materialistic presupposition. When we look at it through quantum dynamics, we can see consciousness as a part of the universe because quantum physics asserts that the universe originated from thought. According to this assertion, there are no individuals. While classical physics tries to explain many things through materialistic thought, it has become easier to understand the mysteries of the universe through quantum physics.

Consciousness perceives something; then, the mind shapes and interprets it. Although we do not know what electricity is, it is a reality that we do not deny because we can see what is done by electricity. Then, it is not possible to say, “Electricity does not exist.” Consciousness is just like that.  We understand that consciousness exists but we cannot see how it works. It shows that every man acts as a conscious being. A person shows that he is an individual through the mechanisms of refusing and accepting.

Although a balance has been established between consciousness and actions in quantum physics, there is an imbalance in terms of individuals. Beyond a holistic perception, actions depend upon “the theory of chaos”, which is related to what will happen the next day here. Classical physics holds the view that everything is individual and is dominant over his destiny. However, classical physics, which thinks through limits, cannot decide about tomorrow. The existence of man will be more important in quantum physics, in which control is prevalent contrary to classical physics, in which uncertainty prevails. Quantum physics, which uses the mind as an instrument and describes man as “the master of thoughts”, studies intentions in man; it states that there is a psychological attraction between what man intends and the thing and that life forms in the brain first.

In quantum physics, when a person has an accident, it is expressed as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This thought forms a high concern in man; as for materialism, it makes dialectical explanations through the connection of causality. There is a similar study in quantum physics. In laser light, photons act in the same place, for the same purpose and with the same rhythm. Thus, photons lose their individuality. However, in normal light, photons move toward any direction they want without losing their individuality. It is possible to eliminate individuality and to form a big power through laser beams. When we observe the universe, we see that every living being is like a photon. When a person acts individually, he stops at a certain point; when he cooperates and interacts with others, he can move further. The same thing is valid for the brain cells. Working in cooperation with others forms consciousness in man. For instance, in schizophrenic patients, the brain does not work cooperatively. There exists uncontrolled activity. While one part of the brain produces imaginations, the other tries to perceive the realities. Since there is lack of harmony between two regions of the brain, the acts of the person changes in such a way that they are defined as different and strange.

Classical physics defines matter as the sum of the components of a whole. However, man is a being that classical physics cannot explain with his thought, speech, and producing concepts though he is made up of inorganic matter rather than the sum of the components of a whole. The best example of it is the billiard ball. A person who plays billiards hits the ball with such an angle that he gets points as a result of three or five hits estimated beforehand. His concentration when he hits the ball with the help of wave function directs the ball to where he wishes. Hitting the ball by calculating the probabilities and the place where the ball will go is called “movement accompanied by the wave”. Classical physics and mathematics show the components of a whole under the light of models but they cannot explain the spiritual dimension in man.

Quantum physics is based on the principle of a single neuron’s establishing five to ten thousand connections simultaneously. There are connections on the neurons called dendroids; there are neurons that originate from the brain and go to the spinal cord in the form of a single cell with a length of one meter. However, this neuron reaches there through thousands of connections.  This information proves that the neuron was placed there by taking into consideration the whole neurons. It is not possible for a neuron to proceed so systematically without knowing physics, mathematics, chemistry and similar branches of science.

This state, which is called “the Quantum effect”, denotes that the neuron acts by considering the whole and that while acting with the reason that the universe is single and indivisible, branches of science like materialism, physics and biology act on their own, without being controlled and by forming out of independent particles. The concepts of language and thought do not comply with what materialism says. Language and thought are not composed of uncontrolled particles. It is necessary for man to know existence, philosophy, physics, chemistry and other branches of science in order to produce thought and to express it. Even man’s ability to talk is within a hole. It is not possible for speech to occur by the gathering of letters independently and without being controlled; it is necessary for man to add meaning to them. It can only be explained by the thought “the universe is an indivisible whole” in quantum mechanics.  Here, we see the presence of the feeling of inspiration. Long-term concentration and making mistakes are necessary for the formation of inspiration in man. Negative experiences and mistakes related to the issue will appear as inspiration and then experience as a result of the accumulation related to the issue. Subatomic particles are known as the characteristic of quantum mechanics. When cell was discovered, it was said to be a very big discovery in the first years; then, atom was discovered; it was stated that atom was the last particle that could not be divided. However, further studies showed that atom could be divided and that subatomic particles existed. This discovery caused great disappointment in the world of science. However, the most important property of science is that it continuously improves and changes itself.

In the past, the concept that the universe was constant and unchangeable was accepted and Einstein stated that there was no movement faster than the speed of light. However, now, the world of science shows that radiant power and radiant beings move ten thousand times faster than the speed of light. These explanations show that feelings and thoughts have a flow that moves faster than the speed of light. It is shown that the concepts of feeling, thought and soul are in fact a band of energy and that each of them has a meaning in the quantum holism.

Relationship between Brain and Consciousness

An electromagnetic concentration occurs in the mind of a person regarding the issue that he is interested in. There are microtubes in brain cells. These little ductules and psychons, which are defined as the mind that is not material, stimulate the nerves through quantum leaps and cause an action in the brain. For instance, as soon as a person thinks of lifting his arm, the region of the brain related to lifting the arm is activated. While instant quantum leaps take place in the brain, oxygenation and blood building up activation take place during “lifting the arm”. Even when man intends to eat, the region related to eating in the brain becomes active; a person whose blood glucose level goes down and becomes very angry loses his appetite after eating. Although what he has eaten is still in the stomach and has not increased the glucose level by mixing with blood, the person feels full because the brain receives the message that he is full.  People who fast may have some difficulties in the first few days when they fast with belief and desire, but they do not feel hungry after they get used to it. However, if a person fasts unwillingly, he will feel disturbed because he has not recorded that knowledge in the brain.

The brain is an organ that programs itself; electromagnetic activation takes place in the brain. In the universe that is in the quantum, when man intends an individual being that has a special signal, and an issue, the power in the brain that is located in the brain and that we can define as energy that is not matter will activate the relevant regions and transform magnetic energy into electrical and chemical energy.

It is known that intentions and thoughts form psychon and it activates the microductules in the cell and ignites the neurons that have been chosen. Thus, when man lifts his arm, the region related to it in the brain becomes active. This state, which is called “the union of all perceptions”, is the explanation of consciousness by quantum physics.

Consciousness and Belief

Along with being a biopsychosocial being, man is also a spiritual being. We explain our biological existence with physics and chemistry; but when we want to explain our psychological existence, thought and language are also involved. While explaining thought and language as holographic units, we can regard them as part of quantum and mass energy.

It is clear that thoughts and feelings are an energy exchange among units in the universal flow. At this point, man has a confirming role. Being aware of the existence of the universe will necessitate thought; since man has thought, he will have the feeling of losing his control when he notices that his own power is limited and insufficient. If man believes in a supernatural force and surrenders to Him during this anxiety, his burden will be lessened.

Man starts a quest of meaning in order to cope with the feeling of danger that he feels when faced by uncertainty; he fights against unconsciousness with the desire of believing in a holy power that has power over everything. With this desire of belief, man starts to regard everything that he believes will be beneficial for him from trees and cows to the sun. They all originate from the presence of consciousness and the tendency to have concrete thought. The desire to concretize is one of the weaknesses of man. Consciousness tries to explain everything; regarding the issues that it cannot explain, it makes interpretations with the need of attributing himself to a power outside him with a quest of meaning. This need leads man to belief. Man can console himself against fears thanks to his belief and find the answer to his quest for meaning.

Urartians saw the emergence of the sun after a short rain; they saw the sun in a region where there were few clouds and thought of worshipping it. The reason why Urartians sanctify the sun is the fact that they believed it was very beneficial for people. To attribute this sanctity is important in activating man’s power of consolation. In Japan, there is a temple of crow. Those who throw some stones into the temple are relieved by believing that this money will save them for the whole year.

Meaning, consolation and quest for life after death are present in consciousness. If man did not have the desire to learn the cause of everything and how things happen, if he were not a being that tries to get warm in cold and tries to regain his health when he is ill, the desire to improve the civilization so much would not be present. Man spread to the remotest parts of the world due to the quest of meaning and tried to change the conditions of those places. These quests show that his power is limited in return for his unlimited desires.

We know that there is a region in the human brain related to happiness and that becomes active when it feels that his individuality combines with the universe, he eliminates the questions in his mind and feels that his desires and needs have been met. Needs have to be present for happiness to be active in this region called God center. The existence of the region in our brain that perceives sleep necessitates sleep; similarly, the region related to belief in the brain will distinguish between the one who finds it and the one who does not in return for the existence of an external power and the desire to introduce itself. Therefore, apart from the quantum mass energy of the universe, the existence of a superior computer technology and a power that manages it is discussed; it is talked about whether this power controls the universe with its quantum energy after forming the universe. When the quantum energy of man leaves him, man dies. This is something like saying, “Man dies, when spirit leaves him.”

With his quantum energy, man can be anywhere through his digital code. It is possible when we think of the universe in a mathematical and electrochemical model. This concept, which religions call god, is called “external power” now.

Relationship between Matter and Time

Does man learn the concept of time later or is this concept inherent in him? Man has two kinds of relationships with people: concrete and abstract. Abstract, symbolic and conceptual thought, and production of language will not develop without synthesizing.

Man develops by acquiring knowledge. This state, which develops as concrete and abstract duality, is like the array of 0-1 codes in computing. The digital code formed by this array becomes transportable by being transferred in the form of digital code, image and sound. This means the combination of the concrete and the abstract by the computer. Does the human mind combine the concrete and the abstract in the same way?

Concrete means evaluation in the form of quality and abstract means evaluation in the form of quantity. Human brain tends to believe in the concrete, that is, what it sees through the optic eye. On the other hand, it is difficult and troublesome to believe in the abstract. Man wants to believe readily in what he sees since he has the tendency to prefer easy things; therefore, he tended to worship the idols he made himself. In Egypt, tons of gold was placed in the graves of the Pharaohs and their bodies were mummified so that spirits would not leave the bodies. They are the most distinct indications of focusing on the material and the concrete.

While Egypt and the West focus on the concrete, the Far East focuses on the abstract. Monotheistic religions combined the concrete and the abstract against those tendencies, which tended to trivialize matter. It is possible to see belief systems that regard suffering and enduring difficulties as a sign of maturation like Hinduism, and other belief systems that regard everything as love.

We can see the combination of matter and spirit, the synthesis of the theses related to real existence of the universe in monotheistic religions. The difference between the concrete and the abstract in religious literature is as follows: The one whose existence is certain is the Creator; the one whose existence is possible is matter. Theories were developed acting upon this postulate.

When we bring the energy in the universe to the forefront, we can notice how important such a big ego is. This external ego is a consciousness; man, mountains, stones and all of the other living beings are small consciousnesses in the presence of it.

There are beings like matter and atoms that exist in the energy band though they seem to be non-living in the existence in digital format. After that come the energy bands in which living beings like plants and animals are located. We can mention plants and animals as beings that have limited wills and that have consciousness. Man as an intelligent being is located at the top. At this point in the hierarchy of existence, consciousness together with the mind makes a distinction. Abstract thought produced by consciousness through the mind is in question.

It is the being that combines the existence in the universe and the existence under it. We can think of a tree in order to understand it. The whole program of the tree is concealed in its seed. After the tree yields its last product, it writes some information in this product about the continuation of its generation. The one that created the tree created it by aiming the seed. Besides, all of the work program is arranged accordingly. When we look at the universe, we notice man, the last product of this tree of creation. We look for the ideal one among human beings.

The being that was chosen as a role model and that was determined as an example in the creation of the universe is man. For instance, a project is developed for a factory and a program is given; then, everybody is asked to produce that product in the way it is shown. Consequently, the factory that produces the best product in compliance with the patterns that are given is chosen to produce it.

Relationship of Consciousness with Time and Space

In human beings, there is a memory under the ego which is away from the concepts of time and space. This memory is also related to the dreams of a person. In dreams, time and space, two opposite things that have no connection, stand side by side. Therefore, dreams are the functions of this memory.

In the holographic quantum universe, human mind acts like a shop window. This is also a shop window between matter and quantum holism in our brain and a place where our perceptional data combine. For instance, if a person made a robot and taught that robot a language and that made another robot but did not teach it a language, the second robot which is not taught space time story would not speak that language even if it has the same physical properties as the other robot. It is like a computer; a computer will not work if software is not installed even it has all electronic circuits.

Computer engineering has two bases. One of them is electronic engineering and the other is mathematics engineering. Electronic engineering is primarily interested in the hardware and circuits of the computers. Mathematics engineering deals with software only. In man, software is realized through mathematics models. The other is related to electronic, mathematical, biological and chemical circuits. When you teach a robot space time difference, you will have taught it the reality of matter.

When Pygmies, who have never left the jungle in Africa, are taken out of the jungle, they think the herds of large animals that the see at a distance are ants. Pygmies, who do not know the concept of distance, think that buffalos get bigger as they approach them. This example shows that man learns the concepts of space and time after birth.

That man comes to the world with a consciousness shows that he is born with a knowledge of time and space. This abstract knowledge is written in the brain. It is said that such a memory is not in the brain but in the space time.

Man is a being that is always in interaction with the quantum universe. In fact, our ego is not alone and it is not independent from the universe. Our Consciousness takes a place in space time. There is a consciousness that controls it on its own body. Thus, man can rule over his brain. This human consciousness enables human development and can be explained by quantum reality. Its existence enables a person to interact with space and time.

In this state, which we can summarize as non-material mental units, quantum vibrations that take place in space time establish connections with the dendrons in the brain. Psychons, which we can describe as non-material mind, exist in space; vibrations, which establish connections with the neurons in the brain and ion channels, exist in man. We are free within the boundaries determined by Him in the universe that we establish connection with the quantum universe.

When man dies, his connection in the quantum breaks and he moves on to another dimension. They all show us that a power outside the universe formed the universe like that. When man sees three bricks on top of one another on the road, he will definitely say that somebody put the bricks on top of one another. Then, when we attribute a magical power to time with quantum thought and say that it is on its own, it means we actually ignore that time is a movement.

Consciousness is a Step between Spirit and Body

Man is a being that adds meaning to everything and that is aware of his existence. Consciousness is one of the properties that distinguishes man from the other living beings and the most important and distinct property forming the difference that distinguishes him from the other species. Consciousness, which is also defined with concepts like awareness, is present in man through metacognition genes. Consciousness is a step between spirit and body.

Connection between Mind, Feeling and Spirit

Men view themselves and events with three different eyes called the eye of the mind, the eye of the heart and the eye of the spirit. The mind searches the relationship of cause and effect in everything and asks itself, “What am I thinking?” The question of the feeling is “What am I feeling?” As for spirit, it tries to realize what it understands from what it sees. The other beings apart from man think and learn within certain boundaries but man responds to events and situations through those three faculties.

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