Quantum Electrodynamics

To Understand Man under the light of Quantum Physics

Operation of the Mind

Can Psychon be Spirit?

Discussions of God Delusion and Shallow Enlightenment

Hidden Agenda of the People of Shallow Enlightenment Regarding God

“Cern”, Allah and Radiant Beings

Freud’s View on religion

The View “Religion is the Main Culprit of Illnesses”

Is Religion an Obsession?

The View of Western Thinkers on the Problem of Evil

Examination Dialectic



Quantum Electrodynamics

The studies made in the fields of physics and mathematics in recent years extended to the field of neuroscience. Classical physics is not interested in the mind and consciousness but quantum physics has tried two explain these two concepts. For instance, electron movements explained electricity and photon movements explained light. With the resonance of photon, that is, its movement with the same rhythm like a dance group, laser lights appeared.

Computer scientist James Culbertson attracted attention to the relationship of space-time and claimed that conscious memory did not exist in the brain but in space-time, which was an association related to the concept of spirit. In the world of science, there have always been people who resist every new and different thing; there were also people who resisted quantum electrodynamics. Despite all resistance, those who claim that the brain works like a hologram turn out to be right.

To Understand Man under the light of Quantum Physics

Conscious memory in man is located in the constituent of space-time. This kind of consciousness is electromagnetic activation in the form of hologram that is not of matter, is not located in the brain but is under the ego, is executive and free of time and space.

The brain is the show window, the outward appearance in the holographic universe. Psychon, which is not material, stimulates the nerves through quantum leaps. Intention and thought spark psychon and psychon sparks the selected nerve cells through dendrons. For instance, the perceptions in the brain of a person who intends to lift his arm unite through animation and perceptions combine; thus, the ion channels dependent on voltage in the nerve cells start to operate. Classical physics cannot explain the whole which is more than the total of the constituents. Quantum physics functions to make sub-matter particles known. Sub-matter or anti-matter forms the property of quantum that is based on mechanics.

It has become easier to explain intuitions through quantum view. While this new information, which is like renaissance, tries to understand the mind, quantum electrodynamics mentions a system in which humans are present.

Human mind holds all of the alternative choices together. This state can help explain how inspiration forms after long unsuccessful researches. Cosmic intelligence, which we can call general thought and knowledge similar to quantum, gets access to knowledge archives by contacting a universal flow that moves faster than the speed of light as a result of the acceleration of the wave function during emotional focusing and mental concentration since there is no distinctive difference between mind and matter. This outcome is a different manifestation of the interaction of the holistic universe with the holistic neurological activity. When the brain holds all of the alternative choices together, it chooses one of the stimulants that is appropriate among them.

According to Herbert, quantum is like an insurance company. The total account is certain but it is difficult to make individual estimations. The average lifespan of people is known but the lifespan of an individual cannot be determined. Despite general thoughts and data, the quality of the information that is present in the file of the individual and that has been stored based on his own preferences can be known definitely after his death. At this point, consciousness and philosophy meet at a place where physics is present. The reality of these mental propositions that we can define as theoretical biopsychology will be clear in the course of time.

Operation of the Mind

Brain can be defined as the only means of connection between what is known and unknown. Its basic property is its ability to transform nerve cells. It operates like a transformation center and records the things that we see around us as colors in the form of electric signals. While recording, it uses chemical neuro-transporters. The brain makes the electrically transported frequencies among cells understandable.

In fact, the sinus frequency of the brain makes the things that we think we see through our eyes visible; in the ear, sound energy is transformed into electrical energy with the help of quartz crystals. The areas of the brain related to sound record the incoming signals. Similarly, the brain produces its own information, transforms this information into sinus frequency and transforms the thought into speech in the form of emotion, sound and talking.

Frequencies are written in the form of coordinates in the brain; when we present it to the universal flow, we can produce sinus frequencies suitable for it and present it to the universe. When we think of the place of consciousness in this system of the brain, we cannot say that consciousness is a product of the brain only; nor can we say that it is an abstract reality on its own.

The brain has both concrete and abstract legs; and both of these legs need to be together. Both electricity and radio frequencies are necessary for a radio to work; that is, the nerve cells in the brain need to produce electricity. On the other hand, the information needs to enter the brain like radio frequency.

Nerve cells produce electricity only not information. For information, notions and thoughts come from outside through sounds and images in the form of radio frequencies that vibrate the ion channels in the cells. The brain produces electricity and works like a conscious television with the signals that come through radio frequencies from the satellite.

Man is in exchange with universal knowledge; he takes energy through the food he eats and produces his own consciousness and ego as a conscious being. The question whether man has its own frequency code is a question that definitely needs to be answered. There are three-dimensional holographic images; so, it becomes apparent that man has a cypher and frequency code peculiar to himself and that it can be recorded through different angles.

The identity of man that we can call spiritual identity can be defined through three dimensional frequency codes. There exists massless energy called Psychon, which moves 50 thousand kilometers faster than photon, which is known to move 300 thousand kilometers per second; it is also called spirit. This information, which explains the thesis of physicists and the existence of the universe, is more significant because it exists in the mystical thought, too.

What mystical thought expressed thousands of years ago corresponds to what is expressed today. It is not possible for the people who lived three or five thousand years ago to know quantum energy. It will be reasonable to think that it is knowledge that was conveyed to humanity through messengers only.

The discovery of America is so fascinating; similarly, the theories about the universe are so interesting. The researches on how we perceive and how we think have increased recently. In the presence of so much data, to think that the universe came into existence on its own is not something reasonable. In this holism in the universe, everything is interrelated. Even if a person who notices this harmony and who lives with this awareness makes a mistakes in his relationships with nature and other people, he will act by discriminating between good and bad properties in order to get rid of it.

With the expansion of the boundaries of science, concepts like spirit have expanded in such a way to be evaluated in a form that will exceed the boundaries of the definition of personality. It is necessary to make new definitions of the concepts spiritual being and consciousness. These explanations should generally be thought within high-energy physics. High-energy physics will help us more to explain spirit.

The moment we understand that it is impossible to act independent of the whole, the theory of evolution will break up. Darwin believed in God at first; then, he asked the question: “Why did God commit so much injustice though He created such a perfect system?” Therefore, he said he had agnostic belief and that he could not say anything about the existence or non-existence of God.   If Darwin had found quantum physics, he would probably have said things that were more different.

To believe in the universe is a state that directs man’s life and all social activities. To lead an individual and selfish life with the thought that the universe came into being on its own sounds normal to a person. The evolutionists who regard the thought of not being reckoned as a good thing for themselves defend euthanasia. This understanding, which regards the mass that is not beneficial as unnecessary, is at ease because of the thought of not being reckoned by the Creator. If we attribute the existence of man to inorganic matter, we may think that we do not owe anything to the Creator and we may eliminate the thought of being reckoned. The philosophy of life will change in this way.

Modernism, which broke man’s tie with his Creator and the community, transformed him into a being that pursues his own interest. Not individuals but individualist people came into existence in the community because this state eliminated the consciousness of living together. Today, people suffer from the philosophy that vandalizes things, gives importance to violence and justifies pursuing one’s own pleasure, that is, humanism.

Can Psychon be Spirit?

Holograms are physical things. We can define these things as three-dimensional oscillographic recordings that form the full image of the whole. Physicist David Bohm (1971) said there had to be a memory under the ego that had no time and space. He claimed that memory recorded in the interference waves not in the nerve cells. Neurophysiologist Eccles introduced a new viewpoint for mind-brain interaction with the help of quantum physicist Friedrich Becke –without violating the law of conservation of energy (1992). Thus, the fine main structure of the cortex was combined with quantum physics at the theoretical level. According to Eccles, the main unit of the cortex is the dendrons, that is, neural networks. They represent the material brain. Psychons, which are regarded as the representatives of the mental brain and which are immaterial, are untroublesome particles that are much faster than photons. Psychons activate the micro ductules in the dendrons, the extensions of neurons. When a person intends to do something and thinks of it, the relevant neurons are activated through psychons and move. Thus, the unity of our perceptions forms.

The brain is always in a dynamic relationship with quantum resonance (Marsuhal 1989). Sir Roger Penrose, the physicist who wrote the book called The Emperor’s New Mind, put forward the relationship between the mind and quantum mechanics. Hammeroff (2003) contributed to the quantum model of consciousness introduced by Nick Herbert in 1993. He claimed that the micro ductules in the nerve cells of the brain could work like a computer network and the brain could operate with the movements of the ion channels that proceeded based on the voltage. Quantum mechanics explains that man has a mental personality rather than being an automatic and biomechanical being.

According to quantum electrodynamics, the universe is a single and indivisible whole like a hologram. The smallest part has the properties of the big part. General thinking similar to quantum and quantum leaps that take place in the form of inspiration are a reasonable thought. In conclusion, there is not a mind independent from the matter and matter independent from the mind. Matter is only a show window. Spirit can be a wave function. Ten-nanometer proteins consisting of miniproteins transport chemicals. The command to transport the chemicals of the feelings like love, rage, hatred, fear and confidence are given by our consciousness that is located in the quantum electrodynamics through psychons. Man’s free will acts with the paradigm of do-undo.

Quantum brain holds all of the alternative choices together. When an appropriate stimulant is received, one of the alternatives is preferred. The paradigm of reject-accept and do-undo in the decisions and preferences of man can be defined with the mechanic laws of quantum (Tarlacı 2006). Hawking, who is the founder of the theory of Bing Bang and who is against quantum electrodynamics, says that consciousness has no measurable properties and that it will be more appropriate to talk about intelligence, which can be measured. These words evoke the ideas of those who define quantum leaps as a “new legend” and who claim that nothing can move faster than light. Classical physicists used to claim that nothing could move faster than sound. When we view the result, we see that the thesis “The brain is not a closed system that contains energy and knowledge but an open system that produces abstract thought, symbols and meanings” is more widely accepted in science circles.

Science is continuously trying to seek innovation and the truth. Before the researches reached this level, people used to accept that the static universe model and indivisible atomic theories were the last realities that science reached. However, subatomic particles have been identified today. Thus, the duties of science to make new definitions acting upon proven coefficients, to develop logical hypotheses and to test reality were realized.

Discussions of God Delusion and Shallow Enlightenment

The only being on earth that is aware of its existence, that questions meaningfulness and that has the perception of time is man. Is man a product of “coincidental existence” or “a cosmic consciousness”? Honest researches reach the findings that confirm heavenly teachings in the end though they experience some fluxes and refluxes. The explanations made by Richard Dawkins in the interview broadcast on Al Jazeera television on July 21, 2008 are a good example for the issue: “I cannot believe that sheer chance could put together something as complicated as a dog or a human. If it really was a theory of chance, well, then any fool could see it would not work. If creation had taken place randomly, the extraordinarily complex and perfect forms would have been impossible to come into being. The idea that evolution is a random process is extremely ridiculous. I wonder if people really believe in this nonsense. If Darwinism were a theory that really explained chance, it is absolutely certain that it would not be of any use. Creation shows that those organs cannot have come together by chance and no logical scientist claimed the opposite.”
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Hidden Agenda of the People of Shallow Enlightenment Regarding God

The latest development in the science of biology and the existence of DNA confirm that the first existence had to be realized by an invisible cosmic consciousness. The works in computer technology and that wireless internet makes something invisible visible are important evidence for the existence of cosmic consciousness. It is possible that a cosmic and absolute mind that does not show itself directs the universe second by second without eliminating partial free will of people. Besides, it is a revolutionary discovery leading us to great consciousness that the strong feelings were shown scientifically to activate the mirror neurons in the brains of other people.

In this context, it is necessary to see how the ideas that have been politicized and regarded as “res judicata” in the definition of laicism and that are claimed to be unchangeable and undebatable are discussed in science circles. If we can affect other people with involuntary feelings through small but strong feelings, is it not necessary for us to justify Mawlana who argues that the power that makes the universe turn is love?

It may seem difficult to solve the mysteries of the universe through five senses but it is not difficult to see that we can solve this mystery with the help of the perceptions in our brain. The idea that the universe was designed by an external power is more logical than the idea of coincidental existence. The possibility of evolution can exist only under the control of this power.

However, shallow enlightenists sanctify their small minds so much that they find it more realistic to believe that God does not exist. It is a social reality that some shallow enlightenists accuse the people who say God exists of attacking them, that they stigmatize those who are against them as retrogressive; thus, they try to expand their area of living.  These scientists and jurists who talk differently based on the media they are in and who sanctify their individual interests are actually people of position that change their shapes based on situations. Some of them deceive people using the concept God, and others deceive people by the leaders that they describe as taboo.

Researching belief in terms of both scientific data and religious teachings will contribute to its soundness. The concept “investigative belief” used in Islam to describe the soundness of belief can be achieved through questioning. Technology, which is the greatest means of scientific studies, is impartial during questioning. The facts that are obtained are transformed into good or bad by people.

“Cern”, Allah and Radiant Beings

In September 2008, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) launched the experiment phase of a big project in which 1400 particle physicists worked and which would last fourteen years with a budget of eight billion dollars. The aim of the experiment was to test the particle current, which was faster than the speed of light. The fact to be revealed after the experiment was the form of the charging of the big energy that had effect on the transformation of the hydrogen, which is the smallest atom, into carbon. A reality about physics that I want to remind is as follows: the existence of subatomic particles that reach a speed faster than the speed of light in the cold level of the space, their movement and their being a big source of energy are the main knowledge of the Bing Bang theory. If the experiment, which was continuing when this book was printed, becomes successful, a power plant that will be enough for all Europe can be formed in the Alps. Human mind, which found nuclear energy by making electrons and protons crash, seems to be able to discover a new energy source by making protons crash smaller particles.

The minds who are interested in this discovery have some questions: Can the existence of a supra-experimental being be found? Can conscious radiant beings that are outside the range of man’s electromagnetic activation sight be seen at the end of the experiment? If the answers are yes, those who say, “there is no speed faster than the speed of light” will have to change their thoughts.

Psychon is the name given by quantum physicists to the parallel brain sitting, so to speak, in the driver’s seat, on our brain, which works chemically and electrophysiologically. That is, it is a mind that is not material. Mental units that are not material can be defined holographically. These units consist of three dimensional frequency codes. In laser, photons act resonantly and follow the same rhythm; thus, individuality disappears but power increases.

The renaissance that was realized in the field of physics through quantum tries to understand the mind. Quantum electrodynamics mentions a system in which humans are present and the human mind holds all of the alternative choices together. Since there is not a sharp difference between the mind and matter, wave function increases during intense thought, emotional focusing and mental concentration. The mind makes contact with a universal flow that moves faster than the speed of light and accesses the knowledge archives. This knowledge also proves that radiant beings can exist.

How does the quantum thought explain inspiration that appears as a result of long and unsuccessful works? According to this theory, there is a kind of intelligence that is the source of general thought and knowledge and that can be called “cosmic intelligence” in the universe. The knowledge that comes from this source forms inspiration. Cosmic intelligence can be regarded as evidence put forward by quantum physics for the being that is worthy of worshipping stated by religions, that is, Allah.

The holistic universe indicates the holistic electromagnetic function and the holistic electromagnetic function indicates the holistic space-matter being.  The holistic space-matter can upload the knowledge files to conscious memories through information source. If man is a conscious memory of matter, the existence of conscious memories that are as fast as or faster than the speed of light can be thought of. A conscious universe, that is, the state in which ALLAH is always in relationship with man or conscious memories in the form of spiritual beings, is something reasonable. It seems that scientific way, which is appropriate to the creed of oneness in the Quran, will be understood better through CERN.

Divine will interacts with the brain, which is a part of the holistic neural activity. The brain holds all of the alternative choices together. It chooses one of the appropriate stimulants. Thus, the partial free will of man takes place.

Freud’s View on religion

While dealing with the treatment of psychiatric illnesses, Freud was influenced by Darwin’s theory of evolution – just like the political scientists or the social scientists who were influenced by him. Freud’s theory became as successful as the thesis of Darwin in terms of influencing his contemporaries and affecting their works.  When Freud developed the method of free association in hypnosis and wrote interpretation for dreams, he was excluded, isolated and punished by his colleagues in Vienna. Therefore, he did not take part in the meetings of science societies and continued to work as a private doctor.

Freud became the founder of analytical psychology with his definitions of id, ego, superego, subconscious and the principle of pleasure. The first notion he defined among those concepts was the concept of “id”, which expresses subconscious motivation, and pursues desires and pleasures. While explaining id, Freud was inspired by Darwin’s idea of instinct in animals. He said ego developed after id and that superego was formed by the community. He showed the clash between id and ego as the source of neuroses.

Freud also argued that the basic instinct was sexual instinct (libido theory) and that conscience was not something inborn. Libido theory is the essence of psychoanalysis. The view that all of the accumulation of knowledge like art, law, religion and culture came into existence as a result of the clash between the environment and the sexual motives influenced all fields from literature to music and even to politics in the 19th and 20th centuries. Freud stated with his view of Oedipus complex that the male child felt sexual love toward his mother and therefore became an enemy of the father and that the child’s mental health would be restored if the boy killed the father in his mind. When he put forward this view, he was inspired by Oedipus, who killed his father and then married his mother, in the Greek mythology. He argued that our primitive ancestors killed their fathers and married their mothers. He also stated that a person who could not get rid of his commitment to his parents was a neurotic person.

In his book called Totem and Taboo, Freud says, “religion is the expression of the father complex.” That Freud tried to introduce psychological thought to everybody and that he showed the existence of an area that worked out of consciously was his subjective paradigm. Freud’s student Adler and his contemporary Jung, who named his subjective paradigm as the Old Testament (the Torah), introduced the New Testament (the Gospel) with their own views. However, the fact that emotional brain has been understood today and the latest developments in biological sciences show that the commentary of the last Testament (the Quran) is needed.

Adler objected to the central role of the sexual energy in the development of personality by adding the importance of the inferiority complex and Jung objected to it by adding the importance of the sexuality and collective subconscious. Definitions like biological sciences, genetic science and neuroscience, sexual energy, pleasures, consciousness and subconscious indicate the necessity of the initial arrangement and constant control of an external power. To define this theory as the belief of oneness will not be regarded as a transcendent claim. Before examining the relationship between the belief of oneness and psychology in detail, it will be useful to understand Freud’s view on religion fully. In this study, you will find the answer to the question, “if Freud and Darwin had thought about the belief of oneness, would they have changed their theses?”

The View “Religion is the Main Culprit of Illnesses”

Freud stated that religious belief expressed prohibition and therefore it was taboo. Besides, he argued that religion prevented pursuing pleasures and therefore weakened satisfaction and caused illnesses.

His successor, Jung, objected to it and said that neuroses actually were not bad things. According to Jung, ideal man is someone who sometimes suffers and resists pleasures. Unlike Freud, who aimed a carefree, untroubled man, Jung said that pursuing pleasures would not make a person untroubled but would bring up a person who would come into conflict with the community and therefore who would be a grievous individual. He also emphasized that it was wrong to separate libidinal energy from energies like superiority and aggressiveness and to reduce it to sexuality.

Darwin and Freud developed their thesis in the boundaries of evolutional knowledge based on coincidental existence, the urge of the instincts, competitive life, struggle for life and survival of the fittest. According to this thesis, there was hatred in the basis of love, evil in the essence of goodness and lust in the origin of the love toward close relatives. They mentioned an internal struggle out of which generosity emerged as a result of the feeling of guilt and religion emerged as a result of rage and hatred felt against the father. Humanist movement, which regarded it wrong to suppress feelings, started with this thesis of Freud. According to Freud, who is closely adherent to Darwin, there was no difference between an insect and a human. To say that the thought “do whatever you want; be free; break your chains and demolish the walls” will save a person from neurosis appealed to the ego.

Is Religion an Obsession?

When Freud defined religion, he used the term “obsession”. Ignoring the meaningfulness, healthy living and personal continuity tendencies of man, Freud said, “not being able to solve the father complex is the God complex”; he explained belief like that. He claimed that the female child fell in love with her father and the male child with her mother and that they would be bound to live with this neurosis throughout their lives since they could not solve this problem and that they would relieve themselves by replacing this complex with belief in God. According to Freud, a person kills his/her father mentally or puts him in place of God in his thought. However, he will become a real individual when he kills his father but does not believe in God.

Freud argues that when the child transforms his/her mother into an object of love and his/her father into an object of safety, it will be a valid thought for future ages, too. He attributes perceiving religion as a neurosis or obsession to the lack of self-confidence. However, the latest developments in biological sciences state that man’s power is quite limited and his needs are limited and that his energy is limited but his aims are quite high.

Especially the genes defined as “metacognition genes” that code and define beyond the mind enables questions like meaningfulness, past and future time, and existence to be asked. These genes show that man cannot live like an insect and that he has a quest of meaning. If we think that human mind works through special software like a biological computer, we will notice that religion is not an obsession but the answer to the necessity of personal continuation in man.

The line of Darwin and Freud, which depicts man as a being that pursues his pleasures and struggles for his own interests, leads man and the community to loneliness. It raised the level of the pleasure to be taken from life and increased consumption. The individual who regarded the purpose of life as being happy by satisfying selfish pleasures started to suffer agonies due to deaths and separations because he was left alone. The injustice that he suffered in the past, lack of his power and energy in the face of the concern for the future and the desire for eternity made him a more unhappy person. Freud’s interpretation of man – contrary to what was expected – caused an increase in depression. In conclusion, his view that religion is the first culprit of the illnesses was not approved by life experiences.

However, the stereotype of the religious person Freud depicts by establishing a connection between religion and obsession was seen a lot in the Middle Age in Europe. This understanding, which regarded man as dirty by birth and therefore was against having a bath, which sanctified spirit and regarded Jesus as “God”, was in the boundaries of obsession. Unhappy people assume an obsession and feel relieved temporarily; similarly, religious people thought about God obsessively and forgot about their daily problems. Freud was right if belief in God was explained like that. However, the understanding of the Creator expressed by the teaching of the Quran was not a being that punished. Islam regarded goodness essential in every issue and evil as exception. Besides, the only reason to believe in religion was not peace of mind. A person who wants a flawless belief should aim the love of the Creator, who will grant him happiness in the world and in the hereafter, and should turn toward God, who does not beget, is not begotten, has unlimited power, knows everything and controls everything. When this explanation is regarded as reference, it will not be appropriate to define the model of man who believes in the Creator, who is eternal and has high consciousness.

The materialist view said religion was an illusion. The view of thesis, antithesis ad synthesis put forward by Hegel dialectics said, “Everything contains its opposite.” These theses overlooked the reality that matter was the opposite of spirit. In the future, there would be a world in which science was dominant, and the problems of death, illness and war would be solved. However, basic biological sciences did not confirm this view.

Firs men and animists, who worshipped nature, believed that a tree, a stone, a toy, in short, everything had a spirit. The reason why Shamanists and American Indians did not harm nature was the fact that they worshipped it.

The View of Western Thinkers on the Problem of Evil

In fact, God and religion mean to be integrated in the existence system in the universe. During this integration, it is possible to encounter both goodness and evil. Evil is like a virus in a computer. If there were no hackers and breakdowns that occur from time to time, information technology would not develop so fast; similarly, if there were not the attacks of the evil, goodness would not develop. Devilish powers support darkness and divine powers support light. Man has the motive of personal continuation and the desire to live. Thanks to this, illnesses and controllable stress heal. It can even increase learning since it keeps man awake.

Freud, Darwin and those who follow them regarded God as a high king that stood in the sky and that was existent materially at a distance, and they regarded the universe as a system that worked on its own.  They asked the following question: “If God is so perfect as the religions say, why are there so many faults in the universe, why do children die in the world or why do the oppressed people suffer?” If they look from this viewpoint, they are right to object to the understanding of the frightening and punishing God, who sometimes sends hellfire onto us.

Darwin stated the following about the existence of God: Another source of conviction in the existence of God, connected with the reason, and not with the feelings, impresses me as having much more weight. This follows from the extreme difficulty or rather impossibility of conceiving this immense and wonderful universe including man with his capacity of looking far backwards and far into futurity, as the result of blind chance or necessity. When thus reflecting, I feel compelled to look to a First Cause having an intelligent mind ii some degree analogous to that of man; and I deserve to be called theist. This conclusion was strong in my mind about the time, as far a I can remember, when I wrote the Origin of Species; and it is since that time that it has very gradually, with many fluctuations, become weaker. But then arises the doubt, can the mind of man, which has, as I full believe, been developed from a mind as low as that possessed by the lowest animals, be trusted when it draws such grand conclusions? I cannot pretend to throw the least light on such abstruse problems. The mystery of the beginning of all things is insoluble by us, and I for one must be content to remain an Agnostic.

In the basis of existence lie higher organisms, that is, higher animals that developed after fights, starvation and deaths that took place in nature. Many powers of life were given to some living beings or one being in the beginning by the Creator; then, as this planet rotated in accordance with the laws of attraction, the most beautiful and wonderful living beings evolved from a single beginning and is still evolving. (Downs, R.B. 1980)

Dawkins quoted the following view of Albert Einstein in his book he wrote in 2007: “I don’t try to imagine a personal God; it suffices to stand in awe at the structure of the world, insofar as it allows our inadequate senses to appreciate it.” Immanuel Kant (1724 -1804) and David Hume (1711-1776) said, “The doctrine that existence is faultlessness is a peculiarity that is not overlooked.” These two philosophers stated that, “proving that pigs can fly ontologically is equal to proving that God exists”; they defended the view, “god does not exist because they could not explain the faults and waste in the universe. They used a reductio and adopted the thought, “Since the universe is defective; God is defective, too; such a being is an unbelievable Creator.”

Examination Dialectic

The story of famous sufi, Merkez Efendi, who lived in Topkapı, İstanbul, and whose name was given to the district where he lived and to the mosque where he prayed, is a concrete example to how Islamic thinkers view the problem of evil. Toward the end of his life, the teacher of Merkez Efendi asked three of his disciples a question and said he would choose one of them as his successor based on their answers. He asked his disciples, “How would you create the world if you were Allah?” The first disciple said, “I would eliminate all evil from the earth. Another one said, “I would let only goodness exist.” When it was Merkez Efendi’s turn, he uttered his famous sentence: “I would leave everything as they are (in the center).” Thanks to this answer, Merkez (Center) Efendi, who is reported to be given his nickname due to this answer, deserves to be the successor of his teacher.

This view, which was summarized by Merkez Efendi, shows that every evil has a meaning according to the teaching of the Quran. What is the mystery of the existence of the concept evil, which cannot be explained by the theses defended by Western thinkers? According to what the divine texts tell us and what man experiences by living, this mystery is the mystery of testing.

Man has very important differences from the other beings in the universe. We can list them as follows:

1. Unlike other creatures, man has consciousness.

2. He has the ability to discriminate between the good and the bad. He has free will. He also has a structure that stands up to God.

3. The aim of “obtaining meanings” is recorded in man’s genetic codes.

4. He has been informed through heavenly knowledge by the messengers about how to cope with the evil powers that will face him.

5. He has alternatives to be purified after making mistakes.

The Creator stated that He would address and show concern for people who believe in Him without seeing Him and who obey Him.

The target of being integrated with the Creator in the teaching of the Quran depends on the realization of the bond of causality that is present between His great will and man’s small will through “examination dialectic”. This is a view that is appropriate for the ontological stand of man.

The equilibrium put forward by biophysics and cybernetics indicates the existence of the Creator, who does not show Himself, does not need anybody, whom everybody needs, who does not beget and is not begotten, who has endless knowledge, will, wisdom and power. To adopt such a Creator and to understand Him with the perception of oneness adds meaning to life. If Freud had believed in such a power, he might not have committed suicide when he suffered from cancer of the jaw at the age of eighty.

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