Will you give information about the experiment showing that crimes decrease twenty-five percent with prayer?

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Quantum Physics

Let us move on to Quantum Physics. It is energy-based universe model. The journey of the radiated energy is important.

There is a book called İnanç Psikolojisi. It was published in 2010 and was later translated into English with the name “Faith in the Laboratory”‘ since faith was connected with the neurobiology of faith. It is being sold in amazon.com now. The graphics were also translated into English in the book. Energy is in question here; energy used with medical purposes. You see frequencies higher than 10, like 20 and 18. This frequency increases. According to some views, when man dies, his body lessens 21 grams. What happens? Does the spirit leave? What happens to 21 grams? The electrons stop rotating; it is said that electron loss occurs even though the matter does not lessen. Matter, gamma rays, x rays, ultraviolet rays, naked eye, infrared, radar, microwave, television, short wave, standard radio, astronomical radio, gravity, graviton particle are in question. Air is here; photoenergy particles, electron graviton, dark matter that attracts planets is a debatable issue.

Psychon is also theoretical knowledge, a hypothesis. Currently, the quantum energy band of the holographic universe is subatomic particle.

According to the atomic model, neutrons, electrons, protons show 4%. 94% is called dark energy. The nature of this is unknown. This dark energy is also called spirit or psychon.

We are where physics ends right now. For after the speed of light, physics ends. So what? There is a controversial important area called photon telepathy to see if there are radiant beings.

While the CERN experiment was being conducted in Switzerland, the photons in a laboratory in Chicago moved simultaneously independent of time. Thereupon, a matter-independent energy particle emerges. It is called the Hadron particle. This is the new field of quantum now. Why do I say quantum? What the bleep do we know? A quantum physicist, a theologian and a psychiatrist discuss consciousness together. As a result of the discussion, they decided to do an experiment. The experiment done in Washington DC is as follows:

8.1.5-Crimes Decrease Twenty-five Percent with Prayer

They wanted to do an experiment with a thousand Buddhist monks in Washington DC. They claimed they would reduce crimes by 25%. Then, they went  to the police chief. He laughed and said, “It sounds impossible like saying it snowed in July.

A thousand Buddhist monks went to Washington, DC. They prayed there for a month. They looked at the statistics a month later and saw that crimes decreased 25%. The theologian, the Quantum Physicist and the psychiatrist discussed the results. They came to the following  conclusion: Those prayers are directed to the energy and flow in the universe. Aggressive emotions in humans may have decreased and crime may have been reduced. We can explain it with quantum.

There is an experiment. You can object scientifically to the result obtained in this experiment. Scientific methodology was used because there was a supernatural reality; it was revealed. As well as revealing the supernatural reality, we can reveal the existence of Allah through scientific methodology. Therefore, this Congress of Creation is very important.

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