What happened in the first seconds of creation? Will you please give information about the creation phase by phase?

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Is the universe really infinite or just too big? Where is its beginning and end? These are the questions that have preoccupied the minds of the thinking people most for ages. According to the materialistic understanding nourished by atheism, the universe does not have a beginning or an end. Until the early years of the twentieth century, it was a dominant idea that the universe was constant in time. However, these understandings were radically altered by developments in science in the early 20th century. The universe was constantly expanding. The universe had a beginning as well as an end.

In the 1920s, space scientists were busy with examining the closest surroundings of space. Optical devices were not as advanced as they are today; electronics and computer had not been in our dictionaries yet. The lunar and solar eclipses were the high-level topics of astronomy at that time. It was believed that the universe consisted of only the Milky Way. In the US, the 2.5-meter diameter mirror telescope was the world’s most advanced telescope. Dr. Hubble used it.

   1.1.1.The First Seconds of Creation     

              It is definitely not possible to repeat the conditions of the moment of creation on earth. However, it is possible to prepare some conditions in the early stages of the universe by giving subatomic particles extremely high velocities and to observe the behavior of the particles under those conditions. Or, at least the incidents that cannot be observed can be predicted thanks to the calculations and formulas of the observable conditions. The first seconds of the Big Bang, the tables and explanations about its first years and first centuries are the results of those observations and calculations.

              The expert scientists working at the 27 km long CERN accelerator station in Switzerland collided electron with anti-electron and eliminated both; then, they examined both the character and behavior of the light that was released. Based on the outcomes, they reached the results of the first creation of the universe. Very interesting results were obtained. First, they dealt with the time scale. Physics has three basic constants. They are; Planck Constant, Velocity of Light Constant and Gravitational Constant.

                     Using those three constants, it is now possible to calculate the tiniest “indivisible” part of time, space and energy.

Physics equations tell us that time will shrink to 10-43 seconds, which is the smallest possible time interval and that a time interval smaller than that cannot be found in the universe. This fact tells us that time intervals cannot be infinitely small and continuous no matter how small they are and that even the shortest time interval will be finite in mathematics. How can we comprehend the smallest time interval of 10-43 seconds? It is definitely not possible.

In the smallest period of time when creation started (10-43 of a second), the temperature was extremely high (1032 degrees). If we compare it to the highest temperature that we can detect at the present time, which is billion (109) degrees, we can understand to some extent how high the temperature at the time of first creation was.

In the range of 10-43 seconds, the density is extraordinary, as is the gravitational force. It is the period in which everything resembles a dough between amorphous abstract and concrete. We call this period “Planck circuit”. If we move one more step and reach the 10-37 second of creation, the temperature is still extremely high (1029 degrees). There are no atoms yet. The strong core force, weak force and electromagnetic force, which are the basic forces that keep the universe alive, are not separated yet; they are integrated.

                It is possible to watch what happens over a time period of 10-9 seconds, or one billionth of a second, in the famous CERN particle accelerator in Switzerland.  Experts report that they obtained a high temperature of up to 1015 (1 000 trillion) degrees in the experiment. The electromagnetic force and the weak core force are about to separate from each other.

                The stages above try to explain step by step the indeterminate and indescribable “characteristics” before the start of the creation process. In the periods that followed, we can say that the creation of the physical universe began to take shape. One of the best scientists who narrated the story of the creation of the universe is Steven Weinberg. In his book called “The First Three Minutes” Weinberg discusses the developments from the first explosion of creation to the period when galaxies began to form in six stages. Let us now follow the exciting stages of this creation together.

            1.1.2. The First Six Days of Creation

In the first 10-2 seconds of creation, the temperature is 100 billion degrees. In this period, the “first universe” and the radiation energy are in the state of “cosmic soup”.

                The First Period: Creation starts with an exceptionally high temperature. In the first 10-2 seconds of creation, the temperature is 100 billion degrees. In this period, the “first universe” and the radiation energy are in the state of “cosmic soup”. Particles like protons and neutrons that make up the atomic nucleus are not visible yet but the process of creation has become evident. We see only the electron and its opposite positron (anti-electron). We are in a very small period of time, one hundredth of a second, but creation takes place so fast that energy, matter and density are physical quantities now. Matter is partially shaped and dimensioned. It is estimated by means of fine calculations that the universe at that time was expanded to 4 light-years. The density is exceptionally high like the temperature in the first moment of creation According to the calculations of experts with the formula E=mc2, the density is 3.8 billion kilograms per liter.

                The tiny nucleus of universe, which is extracted from the darkness of non-existence into the light of existence in a very short time, one hundredth of a second, grows so fast that it has reached 4 light years in that tiny period of time thanks to the hand of an infinite power

The temperature has dropped to 30 billion degrees; neutrons and protons, which are atomic particles, have started to appear. Electrons, positron, neutrinos and antineutrinos are in a state of mixture together with photons.

              The Second Period:This phase includes the incidents that take place in a time period of a tenth of a second. Despite such a short period of time, the changes are sudden and dramatic. The temperature has dropped to 30 billion degrees; neutrons and protons, which are atomic particles, have started to appear. Electrons, positron, neutrinos and antineutrinos are in a state of mixture together with photons: 38 percent neutrons, 68 percent protons… With the emergence of protons and neutrons, it is understood that quarks and gluons have been created in the meantime.

Sufficient “coldness” to bring the neutrons and protons together to form the atom has not been reached during this period.

                The Third Period: In this period, when the first matter of the universe is very compact, the temperature value is quite high. Although it seems to have decreased compared to the second period, the temperature is 10 billion degrees now. Mass density is 380,000 times higher than that of water. Sufficient “coldness” to bring the neutrons and protons together to form the atom has not been obtained during this period.

                The Fourth Period:  The most distinctive feature of this period is that the temperature has been reduced to 3 billion degrees by the Perfectly Wise Creator. The universe is now about 14 seconds old, and the expansion is still going on at an incredible pace. When electrons and positrons (anti-electrons) are brought together for a purpose, both of them are “destroyed” and “energy” emerges in the form of photons.

This is the period when stable atomic nuclei such as hydrogen and helium nuclei begin to be formed by the divine power. In other words, a proton and a neutron have been in an environment where they can stand side by side for the first time. With the formation of extraordinary attraction, the tendency to resist the great spreading speed has begun in those two particles, whose masses are between existence and non-existence. Since almost all of the mass in the atom gathers in the nucleus, the nucleus is the “representative of matter”. The atomic nucleus represents such a dense material structure that only one teaspoon of the substance (protons and neutrons) in the nucleus weighs one hundred million tons. Since the elements of the nucleus are “imprisoned” in a much smaller volume than electrons, their velocity is also unusually high compared to electrons. The nucleus particles have a velocity over 60,000 kilometers per second. The high speed of the protons and neutrons shows them in an unimaginable form of drops of a boiling and bubbling liquid.

  As a result of the science-based experiments and research about atoms and their nuclei, the knowledge we obtain about matter reveal that matter is concentrated in small drops that are distant from one another. The proton and neutron, in other words, the structure of the nucleus, are likened to extremely dense foam droplets that constantly boil.

The next step after the creation of atomic nucleus particles, which consist of neutrons and protons, is to adjust the number of those particles. If that adjustment had not been made as a necessity of mercy and virtue, neutrons and protons created at very close proportions and all atomic nuclei in the universe could have been transformed into helium nuclei. The sun filled with helium would not have been able to shine in the sky and no lights of life could have been sent to this living planet, which is 150 million km away. For, helium is not fuel for the stars as large as the sun; it means the ash that remains. Much larger stars and powerful explosions are necessary to burn this ash.

                As soon as one second has passed after the creation of the universe, the temperature has been reduced to 30 billion degrees; in the meantime, the stabilization process started and neutrons began to transform into protons rapidly. The hydrogen-helium ratio observed in the universe today corresponds to the calculations made regarding this balancing.

Fourteen seconds after the creation, the temperature was reduced to 3 billion degrees, and the process of the creation of electrons was completed.

                Fourteen seconds after the creation, the temperature was reduced to 3 billion degrees, and the process of the creation of electrons was completed. The positive electric force in the universe was stored in the protons created previously; the negative electric force was distributed to the electrons. Thus, the enormous electric force in the universe was completely neutralized; everything was arranged perfectly and in a wonderful balance. As many electrons as protons were created.

                The Fifth Period:The temperature of the universe in this period was reduced to one billion degrees. This temperature is 60 times the current temperature of the center of the sun. The time period from the first period to this period is calculated as 3 minutes and 2 seconds. In this period, photons, neutrinos and anti-neutrinos were dominant.

                The Sixth Period: Up to the 35th minute, when the temperature was decreased to three hundred million degrees, the raw material of everything in the universe was made ready. Temperature was no longer expressed in billions, but in millions. The decrease in temperature is the most distinctive characteristic of this period. Electrons were collided with positrons to generate photon energy. The rate of the existence of electrons is slightly higher than positrons. This surplus was arranged so that it would be equal to the number of protons afterwards.

From the first moment of the universe that started with the Big Bang to the period when it began to take shape, there are basically six different periods. The Quran states that the universe was created in six days as follows:

                “Your Guardian-Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is firmly established on the throne (of authority): He draweth the night as a veil o´er the day, each seeking the other in rapid succession: He created the sun, the moon, and the stars, (all) governed by laws under His command. Is it not His to create and to govern? Blessed be Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds.”1

                In this realm where the solar system and the earth had not been created yet and the term day also differed according to each celestial system, the term day means cycle, era and period.

                On the one hand, the Quran explains the facts that regulate the deeds and behaviors of people; on the other hand, it draws attention to the secrets in the universe and asks people to read it like a book and to reveal the secrets in it by searching.

When we consider the “short history” of the universe from the first creation to the present day, basically six different phases or days draw our attention.2

1st Day

The first one billion years of the creation, the period from the time when matter and energy were separated to the time when the universe became transparent, constitutes the first day.

2nd Day

The period that lasted up to 3 billion years, when atomic nuclei heavier than clusters of matter were synthesized and the anterior galaxies were created, constitutes the second day.

3rd Day

The galaxies recorded by the Hubble Space Telescope in the Deep Field research came into being and the universe began to take shape gradually. On the third day of the universe, which reached 5 billion years, galaxies with heavier atomic nuclei similar to ours started to be created.

4th Day

This period continued until the universe became 10.3 billion years old. The process of the creation of galaxies similar to ours but with heavier atomic nuclei was completed in this period and the galaxies became quite distinct.

5th Day

At this stage, the creation of our solar system together with its planets of rotating around orbits began. This process lasted up to the age of 11.5 billion years of the universe.

6th Day

On the last and the sixth day of the universe, life began to be distinct and finally man was created.                   

The universe, which was originally created as a nucleus, was transformed from shape to shape with the power and wisdom of the Creator, who manifested himself in all things with His work, in billions of years. The evolution phases reached its target. It finally reached the fruit of life through the stages that required a highly sensitive plan and program. The universe and its contents were created in stages. The series of events from the simple to the perfect observed in all works of art became the stage of different manifestations of power in the march of existence. Yes, the universe was not created all of a sudden. The six-period creation of this tree of universe became manifest on man, who was its fruit. He also underwent six stages:

                A ‘nutfah’  taking space in the womb, a sticky state called ‘alaqah’, a piece of chewed called ‘mudghah’ the bones (‘izam’) forming the skeleton of the body, the meat (‘lahm’) dressed on the bones, and finally ‘human being’, who was created with a completely different form.

In short, the universe and the guests in it were created stage by stage and they slowly move toward a point of perfection with a spiritual program called “predestination” (qadar) That is, they were created gradually. We understand the steps of this march when we talk about education and perfection. Perfection is the story of the amorphous energy dough forming the atomic system from phase to phase in the first creation of the universe, and from there to the stars and celestial systems, just like a fig seed becoming a fig through various stages.

                It is not possible to fit “education” and “perfection”, which teach us many realities like knowledge, wisdom and mercy, into a soulless and faint word like “evolution”. Moreover, atheism, which tries to abuse the theory of evolution for its ideology by using chance/coincidence as a basis for its philosophy, shows that it remains out of scientific data and thought by accepting the pre-eternity of matter like the atheist thinkers Before Christ.

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1al-Araf, 54.
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