According to the verse, “And of every thing We have created pairs”, were angels created in pairs too?

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- According to the verse, “And of every thing We have created pairs: That ye may receive instruction” (adh-Dhariyat, 51/49) were angels created in pairs too? - However, angels and some unicellular creatures do not have gender. - How should we understand this verse?

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Being a pair is not used in the sense of male-female only. It also means that something is made up of two different parts. For example, humans consist of a male-female couple on the one hand, every man and every woman have a duality of soul and body on the other hand.

The concept of pair also refers to the dual system of the universe.

Cosmic Soup: The universe was created within the framework of this perfect dual/double system. In the first period of the universe, which we refer to with names such as “kneaded matter”, “first substance” and “cosmic soup”, which describes the first moments of creation, beings were created by being arranged according to a dual system in the form of “matter-antimatter”. Einstein’s famous “E=mc2 formula also shows that the universe was created from a dough consisting of matter-energy couple (see Niyazi Beki, Tafsir of ar-Rahman, p. 77).

Atomic System: According to cosmology experts, after the “cosmic soup” period, atoms, the basic substances of the universe, were created. An atom has a dual nature like living beings. For example, in order to create a proton, two photons carrying that much energy must come together. As a result of the collision of two gamma rays with mass energy, a pair of particles consisting of a proton and an antiproton is created. The proton has a positive electrical charge and the antiproton has a negative electrical charge. Its mass is the same as that of a proton.

Apart from the nucleus of the atom, electrons, one of the two important parts of the atom, were created together with the positron, which is its antimatter, that is, in pairs. Positive science states that the basic structure of the universe is the “atom” and that the atom consists of negatively and positively charged elements (ibid).

Angels were created from light. It means the dual system in light also exists in angels. Even though the particles that make up the light do not have a mass, they have an energy structure. In physics, the photon is the quantum of the electromagnetic field, the basic “unit” of light, and the basic particle that is the template of universal electromagnetic rays. Like all other elementary particles, the photon is governed by quantum mechanics and exhibits wave-particle duality. It shows that the photon has both wave and particle properties (Wikipedia).

It is understood from these explanations that the concept of pair, i.e., the concept of dual system, is valid for angels who were created from light.

On the other hand, since the angels, who were created from light, have the ability of embodiment, they can also enter into subtle bodies, like Gabriel (Jibril) entering into the shape of Dihya. These subtle bodies can include them into a double system.

Unicellular organisms are organisms made up of only one cell.

With AMITOSIS division, which is generally seen in unicellular organisms, the number of individuals of that species increases. The nucleus of the cell that divides by amitosis first elongates, and with the elongation of the nucleus, the nucleolus also elongates and is divided into two. It is followed by the division of the cytoplasm, resulting in two new offspring from one cell.

Unicellular division is called asexual division; division of other cells is called sexual division. Allah who created Jesus without a father, also creates a single cell asexually. However, this division is also a kind of fertilization and is included in the concept of being a pair.

To sum up, everything, animate or inanimate, consists of electrons, neutrons and protons. These three elements have their counterparts, which are antielectron, antineutron, antiproton. Accordingly, everything is in the form of a pair and has a dual system.

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