How should we regard the existence of unicellular hermaphrodite creatures though it is stated that all creatures were created in pairs?

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How should we regard the existence of unicellular hermaphrodite creatures though it is stated that all creatures were created in pairs?
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One of the timeless scientific truths that the glorious Quran informs us is the issue of the creation of everything in pairs. The verse, ‘And of everything We have created pairs: that ye may receive instruction.' (az-Zariyat, 51/49) is of great significance in that it expresses this truth. It is possible to see this truth everywhere and in everything, from particles to planets, from systems to galaxies. Human beings and animals were created in pairs. Plants were also created in the same form.

The same state exists everywhere with male-female and inseminating-being inseminated. Although there exists pollination in plants, it is not possible for them to continue their species unless the male seed meets the female seed. Similarly, when the human body is examined, it will be observed that the same law is valid there because atoms, which are the building blocks of the body cells, are made up of some positively and negatively charged particles.

The Quran expresses this apparent truth as follows: ‘And of him He made two sexes, male and female.' (al-Qiyama, 75/39)

The verse, 'And it is He Who created fruit of every kind in pairs, two and two.' (ar-Ra'd, 13/3) reminds us that fruits are created in pairs (male-female). The word “kull” in the verse means everything. The word kull modifies the noun that comes after it. It is called a noun phrase. The second word in the phrase is either marifa (definite) or nakra (indefinite). If it is definite, it includes all parts of a being. If it is indefinite, it includes all members of that thing. In the verse, “shay’” (thing) is modified by nakra. Therefore, it is understood that everything (all of the things) is created in pairs.

In the chapter Yasin, the following is stated: ‘Glory to Allah, Who created in pairs all things that the earth produces as well as their own (human) kind and (other) things of which they have no knowledge.' (Yasin, 36/36); thus, the phrase,”created in pairs” is explained here. In the verse, at first the fact that everything was created in pairs is presented to the attention, then it is emphasized that all of the beings that grow in the ground like grass, flowers, tress, etc are included in the scope of this general law as female and male.  

'As well as their own', that is, the things in your own are also in pairs. You were created in pairs as male-female, and your bodies were created like that. They also have positive and negative values.

By the expression, ‘who created in pairs things of which they have no knowledge’, the Quran reminds us the following: 'Human beings and animals were created in pairs as female and male; similarly, plants were created in pairs, too. Therefore, no reproduction takes place among them without insemination. However, there are more pairs that you do not know now but will know in the future. Your present science and research facilities are not enough to determine it. However, in the future, science and technology will develop and you will see that many more beings have been created in pairs. We created everything in pairs from the great system and galaxies to the attraction and repulsion between the stars and the sun and from it to the smallest realm, to the elements in human beings, animals, plants, seeds and atoms.'

Maurice Dirac, established the fundamental principle of the creation in pairs with the discovery of elementary particle positron. Electron is one of the fundamental elements that constitute atom. It has the smallest electric charge unit negatively. Positron has a mass as big as that of electron but it is an elementary particle carrying positive electric charge unlike electron. 

According to the rule of creation in pairs, which is one of the fundamental structures of physics, when a particle is created at any point in the world, its twin, that is, its opposite, comes into existence automatically. The most famous ones are as follows:

1) Positron, the opposite twin of electron.

2) Antiproton, the opposite twin of proton.

3) Antineutron, the opposite twin of neutron

4) Antineutrino, the opposite twin of neutrino.

When matter is examined more deeply, pairs are seen again. As it is known, every matter consists of atoms; and atoms consist of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons and neutrons consist of particles called quarks. They are also in pairs as follows:

up, down;

strange, charm;

top, bottom.

The existence of the top quark, which was the last one to be discovered, was known theoretically. According to the standard model, particles had to be in the form of pairs too. There had to be a quark that would increase the number of quarks from five to six. Acting upon this fact, 440 scientists discovered the top quark in 1995 as a result of hard work that lasted 17 years, making a breakthrough in discovering the secrets of matter.  

The positive charge of atom is in its nucleus, and its negative charge is in its other parts. Then, there may just as well be atoms whose nuclei are negative and whose electrons are positive. That is, opposite twin of matter may exist. The experts of this field accept the existence of antimatter in our galaxy, which consists of stars, the sun, gas and dust. Maybe some of the star systems that astronomers see through telescopes are comprised of antimatter only. The fact that there are two kinds of electricity, as positive and negative, which has a fundamental role in the creation and running of the universe, was discovered in 1733. Like electrical charges repel each other and opposite electrical charges attract each other. It is also known that a magnet has two opposite poles as south and north. No matter into how many tiny parts you divide a magnet, two different poles form each time. That is, it is impossible to form a magnet with one pole. Like poles repel each other and opposite poles attract each other just like the charges in electricity. Our world is like a huge magnet; it has two opposite poles as north and south. We have seen above what the Glorious Quran said many centuries ago; that is what science says. Although so many centuries passed and science has developed so fast, nothing has changed much. What the Quran said then was valid for the science and mentality of that time and it is similarly valid for the science and mentality of today. They all show that the Quran is a miraculous word of Allah, who is the sultan of pre-eternity and post-eternity.

There are pairs of cells in hermaphrodite beings, too.

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