If everything is created in pairs, why does a worm species have 3 genders?

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- It is stated in the Quran that We have created every living being in pairs but according to some research in California a worm species has 3 genders. What should we think?
- Some deniers use this to say that there is a scientific error in the Quran. Will you search this issue and give an answer about it? How should we answer deniers?
- Does verse 49 of the chapter of adh-Dhariyat really contradict science?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

The gender mentioned in the worm in California does not contradict the Quranic verse, "And of every thing We have created pairs." Scientists explain creation in pairs as follows:

Plus-minus, positive-negative, beautiful-ugly, proton-neutron, female-male, etc.

What the Quran mentions is that the gender is created in pairs; the pair or alternative of the male organ is the female organ.

Some trees have only female flowers and some trees have only male flowers. In some trees, both male and female flowers are present on separate branches. Some trees have male and female flowers together. They are called hermaphrodites. Some trees may have both hermaphroditism and male or female flowers.

Worms also have both hermaphroditism, that is, having male and female organs together and also male organs.

In general, female and male organs called hermaphrodites are together in worms. In addition, there is also the male organ.

It is reported that both hermaphrodite and separate male and female organs exist in the California worm in question just like some plants.

As we have just mentioned, such a gender had already been known in plants.

For more informartion, please click on the links given below;

How should we regard the existence of unicellular hermaphrodite creatures though it is stated that all creatures were created in pairs?

According to the following verse, are there pairs of atoms, bacteria, viruses and snails: “And of everything We have created pairs: that ye may receive instruction”? (adh-Dhariyat, 51/49)

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