If the fungus species has thousands of genders, how can the verse ‘We have created everything in pairs’ be explained?

The Details of the Question

- It is stated that there are 3-4 genders in the ant species called Pogonomyrmex.
- On the other hand, it is stated that there are 28,000 different genders of the Schizophyllum commune fungus species.
- Then, how should we understand the phrase "We have created everything in pairs" in the Quran?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

There is some information pollution in this question about the gender of living beings, in other words, the sexual structure because the sexual structure and reproduction method in plants, animals and humans are certain. There are not thousands of forms of gender as it is claimed.

There are two types of gender structures among living beings. One is male, the other is female. There are two types of reproduction. One is sexual reproduction and the other is asexual reproduction.

Sexual Reproduction

It is a form of reproduction that occurs when the mother and the father or the female (♀) and the male (♂) sexes come together.

Asexual Reproduction

It is the generation of new individuals from one gender without the different genders coming together.

There are different forms of both sexual and asexual reproduction. For example, these two types of reproduction are seen in the fungi mentioned in the question: Sexual and asexual. In sexual reproduction, plus and minus, that is, male and female genders come together. Asexual reproduction occurs through structures called spores.

Sometimes many individuals can be found together in small creatures. They are expressed with the words colony or poly (many). Whether it is a colony or a single individual, the gender form is the same. So, it is either (♀) or (♂). Besides, these two genders can be found in the same individual.

28,000 is the number of spores, not different genders, in the Schizophyllum commune fungus mentioned in the question. The cultivated capped mushrooms have black segments under their caps. When that mushroom is washed, the water becomes pitch black. It is the spores that give the water the black color. Half of these thousands of spores in the water have a plus (female) characteristic and half have a negative (male) characteristic. A new mushroom is produced from each of these spores, which are very small, in a suitable medium.

In conclusion, two genders are in question here.

Similarly, suppose that there are two thousand flowers on an apple tree. Each flower has both male and female organs but there are not two thousand genders. There are two genders. Male organs and female organs.

There are two types of flowers on a walnut or hazelnut tree; one is male flowers and the other is female flowers. Otherwise, there is no gender difference as much as the number of flowers on the hazelnut tree. The same holds true for ants. They also have male and female genders. Their reproduction is either sexual or asexual.

Humans normally have either a male or a female characteristic. There are no fifteen hundred genders in a community of fifteen hundred people. If this community consists of only men, one gender is mentioned, and if there are women, two genders are mentioned.

To put it briefly, there are two gender structures and modes of reproduction in all living beings, and they are no different from what Allah states in the Quran.

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