Question 2: How did different races emerge if humanity came from Hz. Adam and Hz. Hawwa?

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Answer: Hz. Adam is the first man and the first prophet. Hz. Hawwa (Eve) is Hz. Adam’s wife, who was created from his body. Therefore, humanity starts with Hz. Adam. DNAs (Deoxyribose Nucleic Acids), which constitute the human genetic structure, are equipped with a vast information capacity. Some researchers say that if it were possible to transfer the information in human DNA to a book, only an encyclopedia of 100 m2 as tall as the distance between the earth and the moon could take this information. This evaluation may seem exaggerated at first glance but when we consider the information we upload to a flash drive or a DVD and the area it covers, we realize that it can be true.

In the genetic structure of our father Adam, the first man, the genetic structure of all his descendants, including all color and race traits, were present in the form of a password. There is nothing to object to it scientifically. Is it not true to say that the genetic structure of you and your spouse include the genetic structure of all your descendants to come up to Doomsday?

Since the beginning of the genetic structure of Hz. Hawwa is Hz. Adam, this evaluation is appropriate logically and scientifically. Who can deny the existence of the genetic structure of all grandchildren of Hz. Adam to come up to Doomsday in the genetic structure of Hz. Adam?

Another aspect of the issue is that not all color and race traits present in the genetic structure make themselves shown in the outer appearance that we call the phenotype. The ones that show themselves are dominant traits. Recessive traits have no effect on the phenotype. However, as reproduction continues in the same gene pool, that is, within the human community, recessive traits that get rid of the pressure of dominant traits appear in the offspring in certain proportions.

As a matter of fact, we experience a similar example of it as follows: We cannot see the stars in the sky during the day. However, we can see them at night. In fact, those stars are present in the sky during the day too. Nevertheless, they do not appear during the day due to the dominant effect of the sun.

Some recessive characters in humans are like that too. The fact that they are not seen does not mean they do not exist in the genetic structure.

Recessive characters emerge in the tribes and groups that are separated from one another and continue to reproduce within themselves; new combinations of those recessive characters can also be seen or a structure in the middle of two characters with equal effects in different aspects may emerge. Thus, the diversity occurring in the genetic structure was combined with the manifestation of mercy and wisdom in certain proportions, leading to the formation of colors and races seen in today’s people.


As a necessity of the wisdom of Allah, a number of reproduction laws have been placed in the creation of all living beings. One of them is sexual reproduction. In this reproduction, the chromosomes of a mother and a father, that is, a male and a female, are combined.

There is also asexual reproduction. In this reproduction, new offspring are created from only one individual without the need for the mating of a male and a female. There are many varieties of it in the plant kingdom. For example, the potato plant is obtained by cutting the eyes in the potato and putting them in the soil; similarly, a willow tree is obtained by burying a willow branch in the ground.

According to the normal law of reproduction, a human being is created from 46-chromosome zygote cells, which occurs as a result of the insemination of the mother’s 23-chromosome egg cell by the father’s 23-chromosome sperm.

The creation of Jesus does not comply with this law of reproduction. God Almighty states the following for his creation:

The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: ‘Be’. And he was.1

That is, the creation of Hz. Isa without a father is similar to the creation of Hz. Adam from dust.

Allah created Adam out of dust without a mother and father; similarly, He created Jesus from Mary without a father.

In the verse above, as an answer to the Jews who do not believe in the birth of Jesus without a father and who claim that such a thing is impossible, and to the Christians who deify Jesus acting upon the fact that he was born without a father and who claim that He is Allah’s son, Almighty Allah mentions a more interesting example of creation than that and says that the creation of Jesus is like that of Adam. In other words, Adam was created out of dust without a father and was given life as a result of Allah’s command “kun (be)” and became a human being; The case of Jesus is similar to it. It is stated that the creator who created him without a mother and a father can create Jesus without a father.

Some claim that it is not possible to create a child without a father. Allah who imposes laws that are necessary for the reproduction of human beings can change those laws any time He wishes. As a matter of fact, Allah states that He will create whatever He wishes in whatever way He wishes:

To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills (and plans). He bestows (children) male or female according to His Will (and Plan)”.2

There are many examples resembling the creation of Jesus, that is, creation without a father in the world of the living beings, both in the plant and animal kingdom.

The example of it in the animal kingdom is bees. The queen bee, which is one of the female bees, goes out flying for mating in a certain period. As a result of mating, the sperm are stored in the sperm sac of the queen bee. When she returns to the hive and starts to produce eggs, eggs with X chromosomes pass by the sac in which there are sperms. If the lid of the sperm sac opens, the egg combines with the sperm with Y chromosomes and falls down to the hive as a fertilized egg and female bees are created from it.

If the lid of the sperm sac opens when the egg proceeding in the egg duct passes by the sperm sac, unfertilized eggs with X chromosomes fall down to the hive and male bees are created from those eggs. Thus, male bees are created from the unisexual unfertilized eggs with n chromosomes in bees.

This way of reproduction, which is seen in bees, occurred in humanity too. Allah created Jesus from an unfertilized egg of X character in the womb. Thus, Jesus is not the only person created from an unfertilized egg of X character; Adam was created without a mother and father. Millions of examples of the creation of Christ is seen in the realm of bees.

Recently, God Almighty created a lamb from the unfertilized cell placed in the uterus of a sheep from the nucleus of a cell taken from the body of the sheep.

All this shows that Allah creates whatever He wishes in whatever way He wishes. Therefore, there is nothing strange about the creation of Jesus directly from his mother’s egg because we see countless examples of it in the plant and animal kingdoms.

1.Al-i Imran, verse 59.
2.ash-Shura, verse 49.

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