Some people cannot comprehend Jesus (PBUH) being born without a father. How can we make an explanation for them?

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One of the issues about which most people wonder is Jesus Christ’s having been born without a father. Some people cannot comprehend it.

What misleads us here is our perspective. That is, we usually make a comparison considering that deeds of Allah and those of us are similar. We must know that the word be is enough for Allah to make something happen for the things that are impossible for us to do. It is not only Jesus Christ (PBUH) that was born without a father. There are many examples like this in the world of the living beings. Bees are only one of them.

As it is known, there is a queen bee in each beehive. Only once in her life does she go out flying for mating. During this flying, she mates with the speediest male bee; and the sperm (male reproductive cells) she gets from him is stored in a sac. After she returns to the hive, she starts to produce eggs. Eggs pass by the sac in which there are sperms. During this passing, some eggs are fertilized by the sperm. Some come out of the eggs without being fertilized. Female bees come out from the fertilized eggs and male bees from the ones that are not fertilized. We call this kind of reproduction “Parthenogenesis reproduction” in biology.

If we deny the birth of Jesus Christ without a father by saying we cannot comprehend it, how can we explain the birth of billions of male bees without a father each year?

Another example is aphids. These insects, which live by sucking sap from the leaves and buds of some plants in the spring, produce young ones without mating (namely without father). All of these young ones are female. Insects that mate with males in the autumn do not produce young ones but they produce eggs. In the spring, young female ones come out from these fertilized eggs. Males come into existence only in the autumn.

Daphnis also undergo parthenogenetic (namely without a father) reproduction in a certain season. Young ones come out of the unfertilized eggs.

As seen above, the reproduction of aphids and daphnia without a father is not constant. They occur only in certain seasons. That is to say, Allah Almighty states the following indirectly:

"I can change the law of reproduction based on my wisdom whenever I wish. I can create living beings without a father as well as with a father. Do not let causes mislead you."

It is possible to give more examples. Ants, itch mites, some worms and wooly aphids reproduce asexually by parthenogenesis (without a father).

Our parents are only causes for our coming to the world. Do they have any other role apart from this? For example, is it our mother or father who has given our eyes and hands? Where do we get our spiritual faculties and feelings such as mind, memory, imagination, hate, compassion from? Let us consider our body, which takes its present form by first growing out of a single cell. Who is the owner of power that has made this marvelous building from a single cell?

Since we exist, since we cannot deny ourselves, and since we are created from a single cell, what can prevent the owner of such knowledge and power from creating us without a father and mother? Is it not Him Who created our mother and father too.

The laws of reproduction in the world do not necessarily have to take place by means of a male and a female. Bacteria reproduce so rapidly as to see their grandchildren’s grandchildren within a few hours. Nevertheless, there is neither a father nor a mother in this process. A bacterium divides into two and there appear two bacteria.

On the other hand, one must not forget that the first creation of millions of kinds of plants became without a mother and a father.

There might be an exception to every law. As an exception to the law of coming to the world by means of a mother and a father, Jesus (PBUH) was created. This is a testing for human beings. The Divine Wisdom wished so. Jesus (PBUH) is among the great prophets. The miracles given to prophets by Allah (SWT) were related to the issues about which people living in that age were very knowledgeable. Since medicine was popular at the time of Jesus (PBUH), his miracle became in the form of being born without a father, which astonished and still astonishes medical professionals; and this continued with miracles such as resuscitating the dead.

Jesus Christ’s (PBUH) being born without a father does not reduce Allah Almighty’s power or His knowledge. On the contrary, it shows us that He can create anybody in a way He wishes. With this incident, He warns us not to be deceived by the causes. He shows us that parents are only causes, and that He can create human beings and even all beings without parents as well if His wisdom requires.

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