Can you make some explanations about test-tube baby?

It was July, 1978. The news that a test-tube baby was born, spread all over the world in a very short time. What was the reality about this event?
"The egg cell of a candidate mother is put in a tube together with the sperm of a father. Thus the fertilization of the egg cell is made possible. The egg fertilized outside the body is kept in the tube for 60-70 hours and then placed in the womans womb. That is the essence of the event. That is, an approximately three-day sleep of the candidate baby in the test tube

Why Test Tube Baby?

Why do people need something like that?
This application is used when there is a blockage, inflammation or development disorder in the fallopian tubes that lie between the uterus and the ovaries or due to the removal of these tubes. It is a method which is also used in the infertility due to the presence of antibodies in the mother that kill the sperms, which are the germ cells.

Life in a Tube!

How will this living thing be preserved in the tube even if it is for three days?
In order to provide fertilization in the test tube it is necessary to make sure that the germ cells will live outside the body. In the environment to be prepared, the embryos cells must be able to live, fertilization must take place and then the embryo must develop in the tube. This environment that must not harm the cells needs to be under constant control.

Actually, the reproduction out of the body is very variable. Even if the culture medium, other conditions and environmental conditions are kept constant, the qualities of the egg cell can be continuously changeable. We should add that it has not been possible to prepare an ideal culture medium, which is like in the womans womb so far.
In order to be able to carry out these procedures in a healthy way, there must be an embryo lab equipped with necessary equipment. Surely, it is not enough.
There should also be an operation room in order to get the egg from the mother. The operation will not be complete yet. After being kept in the tube for three days, the egg needs to be transferred to the mother again.

Just before ovulation an operation is carried out under general anaesthesia. The ripe egg cell is removed by entering the abdominal cavity of the woman. The conditions of the body are imitated in a culture medium. Thus, the egg cell from the mother and the sperm from the father are united and fertilized.

The embryo to bring about the baby starts to be fertilized in this outer environment, which is in vitro. In 60 or 70 hours it becomes ripe enough to be nested in the womb.

If the embryo does not die, the development after this phase will take place in safer conditions, and at the end of the pregnancy period a healthy baby will be born.

The Womb and the Tube

It is necessary to have trained experts in various branches, modern laboratories and extraordinary expenses for the embryo to be fertilized in vitro.
During the pregnancy of a healthy mother, these events take place quietly. In this case, the embryo develops in a safer way than the other. The test tube baby that cannot be placed in the womb can only live 8-9 days in spite of the care and elaboration.
The rate of the eggs that are produced by this method to be fertilized out of the body is about 70%; and the rate of pregnancy is 25-30%. Furthermore the rate of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and abnormalities in the baby is quite high.

What the human does!...

Here the human only enables the egg and the sperm that cannot unite due to an obstacle to meet each other. As a matter of fact embryo becomes a 60 trillion-cell human out of only one cell. Most of the phases of the development it undergoes are still unknown by science!...

All of this trouble, hurry, technical preparation is to host the candidate baby for three days.

Do we enable its cells to multiply during that period? No. Do we diversify them in accordance with their places and functions and place them? No. So what we do is nothing more than to take the seeds from the parents – like wheat – and sow them in the tube!...

The Effects of the Conditions and the Factor of Education

The Quran includes the phase in the woman in life. In the hadiths, attention is drawn to this period in terms of education and it is stated that this period will have good or bad effects on the character of the child.

Our Prophet (PBUH) said in a hadith that the fetus would be affected by its mother in all aspects; traits, character, health – illness.

Today science has found out that inheritance is determined and transferred by genes. Thus science has also confirmed that the fetus in the womb is affected by the psychological and physiological state of the mother.

No matter how short it is, the life of the fetus outside the body and its effects on the soul and the body of the fetus is an important matter that should be dealt with.

The egg and the sperm placed in the tube are taken from a married couple and also from people that have no such relation. The studies of artificial fertilization on plants and animals serve to improve the breeds. The same application in the human beings will bring about a lot of problems impossible to overcome in many aspects.

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