How is programmed death used in the production of reproduction cells?

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9.2.11-Programmed death is used in the production of reproduction cells too

Programmed cell deatha regulatory mechanism in sperm production (Spermatogenesis) and continues throughout life. Programmed cell death in sperm production is used for the following purposes:

a) To limit the number of sperm with the number that Sertoli cells can support,
b) To act selectively in case of abnormally low sperm count,
c) To ensure the repair of sperm with disrupted DNA structure, to prevent faulty genetic information from passing to the embryo by killing them if they cannot be repaired.       

Programmed cell death is also used to eliminate more than 99% of germ cells in the mammal ovaries (the initial state of the egg cell before maturation). Thus, less than 1% of germ cells undergo meiosis to become mature egg cells suitable for fertilization and embryonal development. A five-month-old female fetus ovarium contains approximately 7-8 million immature eggs (oogonium in the primordial follicle); it falls to around 400-500 thousand until puberty. From puberty to menopause, only 400-500 eggs can be thrown. Such a decrease in the number of eggs in ovaries occurs due to atresia, fever, necrosis and usually programmed cell death. Sperm and egg cells are necessary for the existence of man in terms of causes. Programmed cell death mechanism is actively used for the healthy production of these cells.1

1.Tiwari et al.,Apoptosis, 2015, 20, 1019–1025.

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