For what purposes are programmed cell death used?

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9.2.9-For what purpose is programmed cell death used?

Programmed cell death exists at every stage of life and is an important mechanism of creation (Figure 1).

Let us now consider a few more important purposes of the programmed death mechanism in detail.

The balance in the structure of the living being (homeostasis) is maintained through programmed cell death

Programmed cell death is used in the developmental stages of the living being. Both cell proliferation and death are under control in healthy multicellular organisms. Cells are created by taking into consideration the shape, size and tasks of organs and tissues in living beings; and their numbers are controlled precisely. precise control mechanisms in cell proliferation should also be performed in cell death so that homeostasis would be maintained and life would continue (Figure 2).

Programmed death normally ensures that the content, size and shape of all body parts maintain the desired properties. Homeostasis is not only about keeping the cell number but also water, temperature, pH, sugar, iodine, Na, Cl and so on under control. In this respect, the life of the living being is possible by maintaining all these balances. Death can occur when even only one cell breaks the rules and even only one of the internal balances breaks down.

It is reported in some resources that human body contains approximately 1014 (100 trillion) cells. However, it has been found in a recent study that this number is approximately 3-4x1013 (30-40 trillions). Previously, the number of bacteria in the human body was estimated to be about 10 times the number of cells. This information has also been reported to be inaccurate; it has been determined that the number of cells and the number of bacteria in the human body are approximately the same.1

Figure 1. Programmed cell death is used in all stages of life.

Figure 2. Life continues with homeostasis. Homeostasis in living beings is possible with programmed death. Programmed killing of cells is just as important as their creation for the maintenance of life.

Billions of cells are killed every day to maintain normal physiological functions and to sustain human life. However, body size is maintained. The integrity and the size of tissues and organs are maintained by establishing the balance between cells that are created and cells that die. The rate of programmed cell death (Apoptosis) in living beings is 20 times faster than mitosis, i.e., cell division.2,3

Thus, the maintenance of balance is ensured by killing cells when it is necessary, not arbitrarily. The number of cells that die with programmed cell death in one day is approximately 20-30 billion in a child aged  between 8 and14 years, and 50-70 billion in an adult. If development (Mitosis) continued without programmed cell death (Apoptosis), an 80-year-old man would have about 2 tons of bone marrow and lymph nodes as well as 16 km of intestines.4

On the other hand, erythrocytes are the most common type of cells in humans. The life span of erythrocytes is approximately 100-120 days. Blood erythrocyte regeneration rate is approximately 200-250 billion/day (200-250X109/day). Erythrocytes are cells without nuclei and mitochondria. Therefore, programmed deaths of erythrocytes (suicides) are similar to apoptosis in some aspects, but different in other aspects. The word “Eryptosis” is used for programmed deaths of erythrocytes.5,6

Each living being is like a wonderful palace. Each stone (cell) of these palaces is adorned with inimitable arts. Thus, the existence of the master (Creator) is as clear and definite as the existence of the palace. The fact that millions of stones that are uniquely valuable are changed and replaced with new ones in those magnificent palaces every moment and that the balance (homeostasis) is not disrupted during this rapid change show that the master is always at work. It is understood from the planned and programmed destruction (death) of such countless magnificent palaces after they are built and managed wonderfully for a certain period of time that things do not happen by chance. The Master seems to have important purposes in the careful construction and programmed destruction of those numerous palaces.

Programmed cell death is a mechanism that eliminates unwanted, damaged or abnormal cells and maintains normal tissue and organ development and function.

Materialist evolutionists look at the construction and destruction of palaces. They do not think about the Master and why the Master does so. As they do not have answers to give to those who ask, they get angry, shout, accuse them of being reactionists and despise them. They do not recognize the heavenly religions that explain the purpose of the Master. If you want to show, they will close their eyes; if you want to tell them, they will close their ears. 

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