What is unprogrammed death (necrosis)?

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9.2.15-Unprogrammed death (Necrosis)

Until the 1970s, the only known type of death was Necrosis. Necrosis is the death caused by physical or chemical factors (hypoxia, hypothermia, low or high salinity, radiation, toxic substances, etc.) that are not in the genetic program of the living organism. The cause of death is usually external factors. External physical or chemical factors cause cell membrane damage. Intracellular and extracellular ions cannot be controlled due to cell membrane damage, that is, homeostasis in the cell is impaired. With the disruption of water and ion balance in the cell, changes occur in the intracellular organelles; the cell swells and the cell membrane disintegrates; the cytoplasm content and lysosomal enzymes are released out of the cell in the cell membrane disintegration.

In cell death with necrosis, nuclear chromatin is dispersed, random DNA fractures form, tissue damage occurs and inflammation takes place.1,2,3,4

Death caused by necrosis is usually caused by external factors and has nothing to do with the genetic program of the organism. Therefore, materialist evolutionists do not attribute death caused by necrosis to the Creator; they attribute it to causes, and see it as a random event. They may be excused to some extent because they do not believe in a Deity as described by the Quran.

The Quran describes the Creator as a supernatural, lofty being under whose command is the whole universe and causes, whose knowledge and power are capable of doing anything, who does not resemble any created being and whose existence is understood from his works.

It is quite normal for materialists, who do not have such a Creator concept, to perceive death caused by necrosis as a natural event based on chance. However, a Muslim who believes in the Creator as described by the Quran, attributes death caused by necrosis to Allah and believes that it is Allah who creates and kills living beings. According to a Muslim both atoms and planets, both cells and living beings consisting of cells, both causes and deeds that occur as a result of causes act with the knowledge and power of Allah. The system remains in balance and continues in this way.

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