Who gives the death order and how?

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9.2.6-Who gives the death order and how?

Every living being and cell has a death program in its genetic structure. However, the death program is not activated before its due time. The death program is activated in due course under normal physiological conditions and death occurs according to this schedule. The time of death varies according to each living being and cell. How is the death program activated in living beings? In other words, for what reasons is the death order given and how is the death mechanism operated?

Lack of growth factors, cytokines (monocytes, macrophages and intercellular communication secreted by lymphocytes), increased intracellular calcium content, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), TGF-B (Transforming Growth Factor), activation of p53 gene due to DNA damage, activation of the Fas/FasL system, viral and bacterial infections, and glucocorticoids are used as a means of giving the death order and operating the death mechanism.1

The most prominent feature of programmed cell death is the increased cytoplasm density. However, the mechanisms by which cytoplasmic density is increased is not known. The amount of calcium in the cytoplasm increases before programmed death. Calcium is involved in many activities in the cell, especially in signal transduction. Increased calcium in the cell cytoplasm activates some silent enzymes such as endonuclease and transglutaminase. Activation of these enzymes also causes changes in the structure of the cell.2,3,4

As it is seen, those who give the death order are elements or molecules that are mindless and unconscious. For example, increased intracellular calcium content has been shown to be a reason for operating the programmed mechanism of death. Then, the following question comes to mind: What are the causes of  the increase of the amount of calcium in the cell? In terms of causes, these chained relationships will go longer and longer. That is why, as science progresses, the amount of the unknown increases.

The point that misleads materialist evolutionists here is that the Creator does things by using causes. Those who ignore the meaning and look at only matter will definitely see only matter and causes; they cannot see the truth.

Imagine a person who was shot to death with a gun. The person who killed, planned to kill, and pulled the trigger is a sane person who has will. The weapon, trigger, gunpowder and bullet are causes for the killing. Materialist evolutionists look at only causes, i.e., mindless and unconscious matter, and they attribute the act of killing to matter. However, a being that does wise things cannot be unwise; a being that does conscious things cannot be unconscious and a being that makes right decisions cannot be will-less. We see in programmed cell death that mindless, unconscious and will-less substances do wise, conscious and willed deeds. Then, it is Divine Science, Power and Will that makes the death program and decides when and how the death program should be operated. The mindless and unconscious matter is only a cause or an official.

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