What does mindless and unconscious matter’s not being able to make a program on its own show?

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9.2.5-Mindless and unconscious matter cannot make a program on its own

In programmed cell death, it is ensured that the nucleus DNA is regularly and irreversibly broken in the nucleosomal regions. The breakdown of DNA in the cell is based on the activity of nuclear endonucleases (enzymes used to cleave a nucleic acid chain at certain places), whereas the activity of nuclear endonucleases is based on the increase of Mg and Ca elements in the cell. These elements are mindless and unconscious. They can only be officials in the creation and operation of the death program. Letters and numbers cannot write a book or make a computer program on their own; likewise, mindless and unconscious elements cannot produce a living being, which is like a book, and the wonderful programs in the living being.

All these incidents in the cell are made consciously. The cell acts as if it knows what is going to happen beforehand. The programmed death mechanisms are operated flawlessly and the cell is taken to death. The existence of great programs in tiny cells and the timely operation of them and the wise work of all elements cannot be attributed to coincidence by any means, as materialist evolutionists claim. These wonderful works show that there is a creator who uses all elements like the letters of our alphabet, and that He disposes the affairs every moment.

This fact fits the definition of the Creator by Islam. For, in the Islamic religion, the Creator is infinite with His names and attributes (knowledge, power, etc.). He does not need anything. Everything is in need of Him; He is pre-eternal and post-eternal; He is unlike any created being; There is no other being like Him. The creation of the magnificent and orderly universe, the numerous strange creatures in in it, the wonderful systems and programs in each living being, and their operation can only be possible by a Creator with the characteristics that the Quran describes. This is not a hypothetical assumption. It is a fact that is confirmed by reason and conscience based on the works that are done. Otherwise, a sane and conscious person cannot attribute the wonders and perfection in the works to mindless and unconscious substances, and to blind coincidences.

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