How are fingers and toes made by programmed cell death?

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9.2.12-Fingers and toes are made by programmed cell death

Atoms, elements, molecules, organelles, cells, tissues, organs and systems are organized to create living beings. In this wonderful organization, life and death are intertwined and balanced. For example, consider the creation of the fingers and toes in the womb: the web between the fingers and between the toes is removed through programmed cell death. At the same time, new cells are created to enable the fingers to take their current shape and become functional.

No organization can be without an organizer. In particular, ignorant, mindless and unconscious matter and cells cannot do purposeful deeds and wonderful organizations on their own. However, we see in front of our eyes that mindless and unconscious substances come together or disperse for important purposes, and arrange wonderful organizations in our own bodies and in all living beings. In that case, these wonderful works are not done by mindless and conscious matter, but the Creator, who has infinite knowledge and power. Otherwise, it will be necessary to attribute mind to the mindless, consciousness to the unconscious, knowledge to the ignorant and will to the will-less. Something like that is impossible.

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