What are some questions for materialist evolutionists about programmed cell death?

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9.2.8-Some questions for materialist evolutionists

Programmed cell death (Apoptosis) occurs in both physiological and pathological conditions. Programmed cell death under physiological conditions is in question in embryo development, tissue modeling, immune cell selection and so on. Programmed death is already planned in the genetic software of the cell. The cells die according to the program when the physiological conditions are appropriate. The following questions come to the mind of everybody who has reason and conscience regarding the issue:

- Is it possible for the programs, especially extremely complex programs, in the living beings to occur without a programmer?

This fact is better understood today, which is the age of software. There are software engineers and labor behind all software.

-Which one of the numerous software programs used today may have occurred by chance?

The answer is very clear. None.

- So, if even the simplest man-made programs cannot happen by chance, is it possible for the complex programs in living beings to be made by mindless and unconscious substances that come together coincidentally?

Is it not a clear evidence for the existence of the Creator who created the program that living beings are programmed to die?

Materialist evolutionists say that in programmed cell death under physiological conditions, cells sacrifice their own lives, that is to say, commit suicide for the health and benefit of the living being. They do not explain how the cells make this decision and why they sacrifice themselves for others. Why should a cell develop and harbor an executioner (death mechanism) that would eliminate it?

- With what natural selection can the programmed mechanism of death in the cell be explained?

- If life is a struggle, why does a cell sacrifice itself for others?

A logical answer to these questions is totally contrary to the philosophies of materialist evolutionists because they are not engaged in meaning but in causes and mechanisms. According to the Darwinist view, life is a struggle and the strong ones survive. However, in programmed cell death, the cell sacrifices itself for the benefit of other cells. This physiological incident is not something that blind coincidence and unconscious substances can do. It is not something that can be done by cells, and tissues, organs or living beings, which are made up of cells, either. For, mindless and unconscious matter cannot do such clever and conscious deeds. Thus, the death program in cells and living beings is a deliberate and wise work of the Supreme Creator. It is a reflection of the program of qadar based on His predestination.

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