What is the wisdom behind the creation of Jesus (pbuh) without a father?

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What is the wisdom behind the creation of Jesus (pbuh) without a father?
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Man has not seen his creation, which is the most interesting event in the history of mankind. Nobody saw the first man, who was created without a mother or father. When so many centuries passed after this event, the wisdom of God willed to display another extraordinary event with the creation of Jesus (pbuh) without a father. This birth is contrary to the rules of reproduction, which have been valid on earth since the creation of man.   

The aim is to make man witness this wonder and to make it exist in the history of man as a remarkable event. God wanted to show man, who was not able to concentrate on the first miracle of creation, a miracle that would never be deleted from his memory.    

According to the law of God that enables the maintenance of the species, all of the species, without any exceptions, reproduce through the insemination of the female by the male. In the living species in which the gender cannot be discerned clearly, we see that there are even cells of both masculinity and femininity together in the same individual. Due to the operation of this law for centuries, man believed that it was the only way of reproduction. Believing like that, man forgot the first creation, the creation out of nothing. For, this event was contrary to the rigid perceptions of the minds. Therefore, God wanted to show man the example of Jesus (pbuh). Through this example, God wanted to show the limitlessness of His power, the freedom of His will and that this power and will cannot be limited with the natural laws that operate based on His own reference.   

Another example like the birth of Jesus (pbuh) was not seen after that because what is normal is the operation of the laws imposed by God and the natural laws preferred by God. This unique incident, whose aim is to prove actually that the freedom of the divine will is not restricted to the natural laws, was seen sufficient as a manifest example that will always be in front of the eyes of people. As a matter of fact, God states the following about the wisdom behind the creation of Jesus (pbuh) without a father:  

He said: ‘So (it will be)’: thy Lord saith `That is easy for Me: and (We wish) to appoint him as a Sign unto men and a Mercy from Us': it is a matter (so) decreed. (Maryam, 19/21)

Since the incident was very astonishing and extraordinary, some people could not understand it as it was and could not perceive the wisdom behind it. Therefore, they attributed some qualities of divinity to Jesus and they invented various superstitions and tales regarding his death. Thus, they reversed the wisdom behind his incredible creation without a father. The wisdom behind his creation without a father was, as we have mentioned above, to prove the limitlessness of the divine power. The people who attributed divinity to him reversed this wisdom and damaged the belief in the oneness of God.

This striking and extraordinary incident is narrated in the verses 16-34 of the chapter of Maryam in the Quran.

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