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5.3.1-Types of Creation

When we look around carefully, we see very different beings. They are sent to the field of existence in different styles.

The Quran attributes all kinds of creation to divine knowledge with the following verse: “He (Allah) is well-versed in every kind of creation”.1 The verse is in a text where resurrection after death is narrated. Hamdi Yazır states the following while explaining the verse:

Allah knows every kind of creation, with matter and without matter, with tools and without tools, with models and without models, first and later.”2

There are two main types of Allah’s creation:


The first one expresses the first creation without any reason matter and means. As a matter of fact, the verse Allah “To Him (Allah) is due the primal origin of the heavens and the earth4is related to this meaning.

Ibda means to create something out of nothing;5 Badi’ means “the one who produces something without based on a previous model”. The word Badi’ is involved with having no model and similar thing and having beauty and extraordinariness.6

The first creation took place entirely with ibda. There was no precedent or model of this world and any being created in this world before the first creation.

If we liken this universe to a big book with countless books, the elements are its alphabet, and each being consisting of the elements is a separate book. There are twenty-six letters in the English alphabet. However, no book written with twenty-six letters is the same as any other book. We can reach the following conclusion:

“Every insha is an ibda in one aspect.” That is, everything that is created (ibda) constructed from existing matter is created with ibda except for its original matter because something the same as that thing did not exist before and will not exist afterwards either. Therefore, ibdais divided into two:

1-Real ibda.
2-Relative ibda.7

There is diversity and coloration in Allah’s creation. For example, the creation of people occurred in three ways:

1- The creation of Hz. Adam directly from soil without a mother and father.
2- The creation of Hz. Isa (Jesus) from his mother without a father.
3- The creation of other people from a mother and a father.

Hz. Adam is an independent, original copy; in fact, every human being is original and independent. A similar case applies to every being. For example, all snowflakes are hexagonal, but none of them has the same pattern. This magnificent fact is expressed as “There is no repetition in manifestation”.8 In other words, Allah creates every being “for the first time” so to speak; He does not create the same being again. Although his creation is very quick, there is no “mass production” in His activity because behind every creation, there is “an infinite knowledge, a will that encompasses everything, and a power capable of doing everything”.


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