What is ibda juz’i?

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What is ibdajuz’i?

The new shapes, patterns, motifs, decorations and qualities that emerge with this insha are called ibdajuz’i.

A nightingale is not a heap of atoms. The divine power created the nightingale from the dough of atoms and produced something very different from that dough. Thus, insha assumed qualities and something very different with its color shape, sound and beauty, life, feelings and emotions emerged in a completely different nature. In this example, all those features created out of nothing in the nightingale is ibda.

In other words, ibdajuz’i occurs with the combination of ibda and andinsha and it takes place in the universe at any moment. For instance, the plan and program of each of the beings that is created now isibda, so to speak. According to this plan and program, the combination of atoms and the emergence of things is insha. Numerous attributes, qualities, and states attached to the beings when they come into being show the reality of ibda. Thus, there is a new insha (construction) in the universe based on the ibda at any moment.

Let us give an example to understand the realities of ibda and insha better: Although the Selimiye Mosque, which is a masterpiece of architecture of art and esthetics famous in the world, is made of stones, no one can call this artwork "stone" or "a pile of stones" and make such a claim. Undoubtedly, the art, dexterity, care, diligence, symmetry, wonderful plan, beautiful embroidery and motifs, fine decorations and meaningful splendor that appear with those stones, in short, all characteristics in this mosque are skills of the architect that arose from his ideas apart from the stones; so to speak, they are new skills like ibda. 

The gradual construction of this mosque from stones is a good example of the reality of insha; its numerous attributes, virtues and characteristics, that is, everything else other than stones, is a good example of the reality of ibda.

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