Will you explain with examples that all branches of science are based on a name of Allah?

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All sciences are based on a name of Allah and …become… truth

The accumulation of knowledge and culture today’s people have in the field of sciences is a summary and product of the knowledge and experience gained throughout the history of humanity. It is possible to date the beginning of this accumulation of knowledge back to Hz. Adam, the ancestor of all humanity because Allah tells us that He taught Adam names as follows:

“And He taught Adam the names of all things …” (al-Baqara, 31).

It is stated in the interpretation of this verse that each branch of science is based on a name of Allah and is a mirror of it as follows: 

All attainments and perfections, all learning, all progress, and all sciences, have an elevated reality which is based on one of the Divine Names. On being based on the Name, which is concealed under numerous veils and has various manifestations and different spheres, the sciences and arts and attainments find their perfection and become reality. They are not some incomplete and deficient shadow.

For example, engineering is a science; its reality and final point reaches to Almighty God’s Names of All-Just and Determiner, and observes with all their majesty the wise manifestation of those Names in the mirror of engineering.

And, for example, medicine is a science, and also an art; its final point and reality are based on the Absolutely Wise One’s Name of Healer, and through observing that Name’s compassionate manifestations in the vast pharmacy of the earth, medicine finds its perfection and becomes reality.

And, for example, the natural sciences, which discuss the reality of beings; through seeing the regulating, nurturing supreme manifestations of Almighty God’s (May His glory be exalted) Name of All-Wise in things, in their benefits and advantages, and through attaining to the Name, and being based on It, these sciences may contain true wisdom. Otherwise they are either transformed into superstition, or become nonsense, or open up the way to misguidance like Naturalist philosophy”.1

Thus, every science in the universe is based on one and sometimes more than one name of Allah and becomes a mirror to it. Each being becomes a mirror to the names of the Creator, who is the Knower of all and the Absolutely Wise, and reflect the manifestations of those names since the beings are created in a certain measure, system and order, and based on some aims and benefits.

Everything, from the wing of a fly to the stars in the sky, from atoms to galaxies, is so delicate and unique in quantity, shape and structure that they amaze people.

For instance, engineering and geometry show us Allah’s names the All-Just and the Determiner, and become mirrors to the manifestation of those names.

If this delicate measure, which is seen in all beings in the universe, the purposeful, balanced, useful and wise creation, perfect administration, the current laws and the acts obeying those laws and regulations are not attributed to a name, everything will be attributed to coincidence and randomness, so-called nature, mindless and unconscious causes; all of those beauties will be condemned to vanity and chaos.

For instance, if we look at the universe from the viewpoint of the science of medicine, we will see that the universe was created in the form of a large pharmacy and a large hospital. It is seen that the cures for all material and spiritual troubles and needs are stacked and bestowed by the real Healer. All this clearly demonstrates the existence and oneness of the being who is the Healer in a wise way, His compassion for all things, His sacred and vast mercy, His beneficence, His pity, and the manifestation of His name the Healer, which sends cures to all sufferers.

For example, if the universe is viewed from the viewpoint of the sciences that search for the purposes of creation, it will be seen that all beings have a purpose and benefit of creation. Those benefits are either direct or indirect. This shows that Allah’s name the Absolutely Wise is manifest on everything, that everything is in under His administration and control and that everything is created by Him. If those creations are not attributed to Him, superstitions will occur. That is, the occurrence of beings will be attributed to the mindless and unconscious nature, and random coincidence. Neither the mind nor reason can accept it.

In conclusion, the realities of all sciences are connected with the manifestation of a name of God Almighty, depend on that name, rely on it, and is a mirror to it. The more progress is made in science and the more beauties are shown, the more beauty and honor of the name to which it is connected will be shown.

The view of the scientists on the sciences in the universe and the name on which a branch of science relies and that is manifest on that science becomes divine knowledge. All research and studies in that science become meditation. In other words, all sciences are conducive to knowing Allah, seeing and understanding the manifestations of His management, will, power, and knowledge in the universe.

After all, can it be said that a religion that encourages people to explore the beings in the universe, to meditate on their creation, to think, to reason, to know their purpose of creation and the wisdom behind them, and to accept that it is conducive to a better understanding of Allah contradicts science? Can it be said that religion and science are separate? Is it possible to say that a religion that accepts working for science asworship is an obstacle to progression?

 “How can a slave be an enemy of his master, a servant an enemy of his chief and a child an enemy of his father? In fact, Islam is the guide and master of sciences, and the chief and father of the real sciences”.2

However, unfortunately, the generations of Islam were intimidated because the religion of Islam, which is the gate to civilization and science, was shown to be against sciences through wrong understandings and delusions; they tried to instill the philosophy “Science and religion are separate”. This was caused by the atheist and materialist thought of the West, which consisted of imitators and the people who did not know the reality of Islam, and regarded Christianity and Islam to be similar.

Thus, physics and metaphysics must be handled together in order to understand and interpret the universe and man correctly. Such a method is a scientific behavior and thought.

The subjects in this book are handled together with physics and metaphysics and interpreted completely within the measurements of the mind, revelation and reason.

Effort is from us; success is from Allah.                                      

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