Is there a conflict between science and religion?

Science examines the world of matter, how life especially humans existed and finds the divine laws that are valid in this world. Thanks to the application of those laws in the daily life, human beings have the opportunity to make progress in technology and civilization. As for religion, it explains why the universe and the world of matter were created and who the Creator of them is. It especially expresses the privileged position of man among beings, his aim of creation and the nature of his duty in this world.

Then, it can be said that science and religion are two keys that open the chest of the secrets and mysteries of the world of the beings. One explains the beings’ creation form and material qualities; the other explains their reason and aim of creation. In this regard, there is no conflict between them. On the contrary, complementing each other is in question.

Those who thought that religious ideas would die as science made progress turned out to be mistaken. Every forward step that science took and every new invention made the thinking human beings approach religious beliefs and led to understanding the greatness of Allah better:

“Sciences that consist of exploring the laws that the current faultless system is based on and researching the ways of benefiting from those laws” are the strongest proof and evidence for the existence of Allah, who established and who has been running this magnificent system. To deny the existence of that exalted Creator and His matchless power can only be possible through denying that visible magnificent system. If this system is denied, then there remains no science.  On the other hand, sciences find out and reveal the wonders, fine calculations and criteria in the creation and reveal the divine names and attributes that are reflected on beings. In this regard, we can say that sciences are mirrors of Allah’s names and every science depends on a name of Allah and receives its reality from that name.

In fact, it is seen through various examples today that if people do not see or overlook that the realities of science depend on a divine name, then, science will either lead to faithlessness or turn out to be nothing but a useless pastime.

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